Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I wish I could show you this cake unwrapped but it must not be uncovered until tomorrow. It is an Orange Slice fruit cake and it is full of orange slice candy, dates, coconut and nuts. My mother only made this a couple of times when I was a kid, but I loved it and always begged for it.

What is your menu for Thanksgiving? Here is ours:

Appetizers = Chilled jumbo shrimp in Ron's famous seafood sauce.

Dinner = Ribs and Sauerkraut, potatoes, onions, carrots, smoked turkey, baked sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls.

Dessert = Orange cake, Apple/Pineapple sheet cake, Banana pudding, Pecan Pie

We will give thanks for those who plant their feet at our table and all those we love who are celebrating throughout the USA. Also we will give thanks for those who left us our traditions as part of their legacy -- like my mother who would have been 93 years old today.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

R.I.P. CHRIS 1991 - 2008

My son called with the sad news that Chris died yesterday. He found her curled up peacefully with their dog in the utility room. This seventeen year old gal was my son and his children's best friend and she always knew who was sad and needed comforting. Ryan, almost 16, especially adored Chris. It was amazing to read Renie Burghardt's World story about her cat on her blog today. If you can take the tears, you must go read it.
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Monday, November 24, 2008


Football was everywhere this weekend. Most people I know got their adrenaline fix as their team won or lost. My fix came with a sure winner.


Last night my loving spouse turned the TV to Fox and left the den (giving up his history channel for ME!). Slim and I settled in for two hours of 24 REDEMPTION and the return of Jack Bauer.

It was a delicious taste needing only more of one ingredient, more Jack. Now we have to wait until next year, January 11, 2009, to get back in the swing of things. WhooHoo! Huzzah!

Take a minute and go back HERE to see added pictures showing grandsons then and now. But first look at their beautiful sister pictured below.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


A blogger asks, "What is the oldest item you own that has been in continuous use since you got it? Tell us what it is and why you have kept it for so long."

This is what I found. This is a picture box my grandmother gave to me in the 60's and it has always been on my dresser or out in my home somewhere. It contains the old photographs that were in it when I got it and I have added special pictures and other little items of my own treasured memories.

P.S. I heard from my dear daughter yesterday and she was a sick little puppy. She hadn't been in touch because she was trying to stay on track with her responsibilities while battling the YUKS at the same time. She finally needed to hear her mommy say, "Bless it's little heart."
AT&T Cried Wolf:
We cannot have wireless internet. The connect card came (to the wrong address -- they sent to Tulsa) and I installed it today and after five technicians told me it would work and tried to get it to work, the end message was "The profile you have requested requires a channel technology that is not currently available." Am I sad? Somewhat but life goes on -- slowly but better than nothing. tears, tears, drippy, droppy tears.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



My daughter is currently invisible. She is Mighty Mom and her activities take her out of the realm of contact. This morning reading a blog post on mall shopping brought my little girl to mind. We bonded on shopping sprees and as broke as she kept me, I miss those moments.
We did see her last week when she brought the kids for the weekend. She spent the night and I loved catching up on all I could before she was up early the next morning and on her way home. When she picked up the kids our other company was here so my daughter just grabbed her kids and ran.

There is nothing but pride in the knowledge that she is taking care of her family. She works in the public school system and she manages and maintains a beautiful home inside and out. She is dedicated to supporting her spouse in all his endeavors but she does not give up her independent spirit. Of course she is a taxi service for her 14 year old son and her 6 year old daughter and those kids are involved in many church and school activities.

Yes, my son is a busy and devoted parent also but he lives close and comes here almost every weekend to work for Ron so we can keep up with him and the children. My daughter simply becomes so overwhelmed that she goes outside the radar and I miss her lots.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Every day I learn something new about our chickens. They must originate from India because they can walk over hot coals. Actually hot burning brush piles. What they won't do for a bite of food! You would think we never feed them. Ron has been clearing brush and burning it and I have watched out the window as the chickens flock to the fire and climb all over it while it is smoldering. I guess they prefer their bugs toasted. They eat like pigs. I think the expressions should have been "they eat like chickens".

Now, my dear friends, here this bit of news. In 4 to 5 days I shall have (hold onto your hats) HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!! Talking to our friends from Kentucky who live in a rural area near the lake, I wondered how they had high speed. Judy said they have a wireless card from AT&T.

Now most of you know that I have followed up on every piece of marketing mail from AT&T and others telling me that I can't have high speed Internet. The only response has been, "sorry, not where you live."

I called AT&T yesterday and told the tale of my friend having it in Kentucky and why couldn't I have it and the response was a simple, no hassle, "You can".

"WHAT??? Why hasn't anyone ever told me this on my many phone calls to AT&T?"

"I don't know." Mary said. Mary is the AT&T salesperson who signed me up and also reduced my home phone service and if this works well we will transfer our cell phones to AT&T. PLUS, we have Mary's direct line and she will help us when we make changes. Mary is my new best friend!

This service is not cheap but it is not as expensive as Satellite and I will drop my current Internet dial up service plus with my lowered phone bill, it's all good. AND we have 30 days to try it then return it for full refund if it doesn't work in this area.

When I told my sister she was as happy as I am and said, "I feel like you're calling to say you just had a baby -- you've waited so long for this!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008


The Broken Arrow High School Band made it into the Finals at Grand Nationals in Indianapolis!!!

They were thrilled when it was announced that they were in the semi-finals. Then they were hysterical when they learned they made it into the Finals. Out of the twelve bands that placed in the Finals, Broken Arrow won SIXTH Place. Initially I felt a sense of sadness when the adults seemed sorrowful that Broken Arrow didn't get First. Then the kids hit the scene with total bliss that they even made the FINALS among some true quality bands and even placed Sixth to boot. They knew true honor and true sportsmanship. Plus they had a great time. I am even prouder of The Pride:)

Now, let's talk about banana strings. All bananas have strings. Some have more than others. Does anyone know why? Does anyone eat them? Is there anything we can do with them if we save them? Just wait one cotton pickin' minute.....why am I talking about food again?

Saturday, November 15, 2008


First candy and now this recipe. You can tell I've got the hungries. Actually my son is here and I always try to fix my children their favorite things. This is one of his and, believe-you-me, it is not on the healthy food list. However I did use reduced calorie soup and light sour cream. (The real butter probably negated those things:-)

Poppy Seed Chicken
(Recipe stolen from my sister -- Thanks Sis!)

5-6 large boneless chicken breasts
2 cans of cream of chicken soup
16 ounces of sour cream
2 t. Poppy seeds
Salt and Pepper
2 sleeves of Ritz crackers, crushed
2 sticks butter, melted

Cut chicken breasts in half. Boil in water with salt and pepper until chicken is done. Shred chicken and place in large bowl. Mix in soup, sour cream and poppy seeds. Pour into greased casserole dish or 9x13x2 inch cake pan.

Mix crushed crackers with melted butter. Sprinkle cracker mixture evenly on top of chicken mixture. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 30-45 minutes or until hot and bubbly.


Friday, November 14, 2008


What is in your candy dish? What do you wish was in your candy dish? Do you have to hide your candy dish? Who in your family had the best candy dish ever?

My candy dish has fruit slice candy. I wish I had some circus peanuts too. Yes, we have to hide our candy from ourselves. My paternal grandparents had the best candy dish ever and the best cookie jar too.


These are my first born grandsons. Now they are in high school and both successfully were accepted as members of The Pride Of Broken Arrow band. Right now these boys are with their band in Indianapolis competing in National. For family members that might wonder, yes the boys are standing on THE ROCK:)

My son (their proud father) writes:

As most of you know the boys are in the Pride of Broken Arrow Marching Band. They love being in the band and have become important members of the organization. The band has won by a landslide all of the competitions that they have competed in, most recently the 6A Oklahoma Band Masters State Marching Band Competition. This means that in the 6A category they are the top band in the state. The show this year is simply amazing. Two years ago the band won the national championship in Indianapolis. Everyone I have talked to says that the show this year is even better than the show that won the national title. I am very proud of my two sons and all of their friends who make up this outstanding group.

For those of you who would like to see the band online you can find video of past performances on by entering Pride of Broken Arrow in the search field.

Did I mention that I am in The Pride also? The Pride of Grandparents:) The boys are also family pride receiving family support from aunts and uncles and cousins for their trip to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasedena!!!! Be ready to watch for them then.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wayne with Binky
Judy with Bitsy aka Lil' Bit

We have enjoyed six days of guests. The grandchildren arrived first then our friends from Kentucky. Grandchildren left on Sunday and our friends left this morning heading for a two month visit in California. It was totally an exhausting good time.
I was the queen of the kitchen and enjoyed preparing delicious meals for everyone. In return Wayne and Judy took us to the casino last night and bought us a very elegant meal. They played the poker machines and we basically watched, spending only $10 and winning $5 of that back.
Our dogs got along well and Slim was a very good hostess to Bitsy after they both got over the initial jealousy. Binky couldn't play with the dogs because he is in failing health. This is a 19 year old doggy companion of Wayne's and they are planning to have Binky put to sleep when they arrive in California. He will be buried with his siblings. He is the oldest surviving liter mate of nine. I can't think of ever seeing a small dog like this living such a long time. It was very sad to watch them go and know that we would not see Binky on their return trip.
Now Ron and I can once again be creatures of habit and return to Netflix for me and tractoring for him.
It was great to see everyone come -- and great to see everyone go:-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


America's Wars Total *

U.S. Military Service During War................41,891,368
Battle Deaths................................................651,030
Other Deaths (In Theater)...............................308,800
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater).............230,279
Non-mortal Woundings................................1,431,290
Living War Veterans..................................17,456,000
Living Veterans (War & Peacetime)............23,442,000

*Source: Department of Defense (DoD), except living veterans, which are VA estimates as of Sept. 2008.

More Veteran facts

(Two of those honorable Veterans are in this house today and have been talking non-stop for five days. They speak a language only other Veterans can translate.)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


AND THE WINNER IS.................RACHEL of Sliding Through Life.
In case Rachel hasn't seen this post, you might go over to her blog and tell her that she won.
Bonnie, Scarlet, Jessi, Rachel and Marla were the participants. Thank you all for entering the contest and congratulations Rachel. Let me know for what picture you would like a coloring page.

Our grandchildren Michael and Hope handled the drawing. I didn't tell them that Aunt Jessi was in the hat or they might have tried to rig the election:-)

Oh yes, the important part: Here is the post we were guessing. Special thanks to Jamie Dawn for letting me use her blog picture. Here is the contest rules if you missed it.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


You have never seen me without my wig. This is as close as you're gonna get. Here is my grandson's artistic rendering of his Granny Annie at her leisure. Never fear, I do not walk around with a bloody cleaver in my hand. A whip, yes, cleaver, no. Isn't he a fantastic artist?!!!

And, speaking of art, today the November "Color Me Who?" contest will end. At 5:00 PM I will put the names in a hat and the grandchildren will draw out the winner. I will announce the winner on Sunday morning. If you have been unable to email the answers as Marla and Nora have, go ahead and put your answer in the comments today. After all if we can't trust bloggers honesty, who can we trust?


1.) Drawn from a photo of three generations of women. 2.) The photo is in one of the blogger's September posts. 3.) The featured blogger is from Arkansas. 4.) Some people like my art work, some think it is hitonious. If you know who invented the word "hitonious" you are headed for the correct blog. 5.) The blogger is on my Blogger Buddies list between the 30th and the 32nd.)

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Friday, November 07, 2008


Today we were to go to Tulsa for Ron's doctor's appointment and then to the Tulsa Gun Show. At the gun show it was going to be our privilege to meet Monica James of blog Changes In The Wind. The Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa is putting on a special 101 Ranch Exhibit and Monica was to be featured there and she will be signing and selling her book at the gun show. She is the author of BUCKSKIN BESSIE HER LOST LETTERS (101 Ranch Wild West Show Cowgirl). My heart is broken that circumstances developed to cause us to cancel both the doctor trip and the chance to meet this long-time shooting competitor, with "International Fast Draw Champion" as one of her claims to fame. Hopefully she will be back and we can meet her and her husband then.

Meanwhile you can see that my granddaughter Hope is keeping me company as I restock my fleaa market booth. Our grandson Mike is helping Ron around the barn and also helping harvest tunips. We're also looking for the arrival any moment of our friends from Kentucky. a very tiny added footnote, today is Ron's birthday but we're not supposed to make a big deal...Happy Birthday my dear.!!!

Oh yes, the contest winner will be announced on Sunday. So far there will be five names in the hat. My granddaughter Hope will draw out the name of the winner tomorrow and we will announce it on Sunday. This gives more of you a chance to guess the November "Color me who?" contest. The five clues should have let you right to the blogger's front door.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I have not told the story of our pre-Halloween trick-0r-treater. October 30th Slim and I were walking out to the mailbox. The yard was lovely and my precious chickens were dotting the landscape creating a beautiful scene. Suddenly Slim took off like a shot. I watched her go and managed to see the fox spring from it's crouching position, grab one of my girls and take off running. Slim was in hot pursuit. I was hopeful the heavy hen would slow the fox and he might drop her. No such luck. Slim returned home alone.

Hawks have swooped down and grabbed a chicken. Weasels have slunk into the hen house and sucked the blood of my chickens. Snakes have stolen my eggs and some newly hatched chicks. An owl has been caught in the hen house with its prey while the other chickens could only watch the slaughter.

We built our 2008 flock to 53 and it is now at 27. We will rebuild our flock but the predators will continue to come. As sad as I was to witness the fox, it was still an amazing moment in the circle of life.

Now to go back to my November contest click here. Clue #5: The blogger is on my Blogger Buddies list between the 30th and the 32nd. (Marla, that should be a big help for you.) Previous clues were: 1.) Drawn from a photo of three generations of women. 2.) The photo is in one of the blogger's September posts. 3.) The featured blogger is from Arkansas. 4.) Some people like my art work, some think it is hitonious. If you know who invented the word "hitonious" you are headed for the correct blog.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Hopefully today we will rally behind our new President Elect. It is a historic time for our country.

Now back to my November contest. Click here. Today's clue #4. is "Some people like my art work, some think it is hitonious." If you know who invented the word "hitonious" you are headed for the correct blog. The other clues are: 1.) Drawn from a photo of three generations of women. 2.) The photo is in one of the blogger's September posts. 3.) The featured blogger is from Arkansas.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


No, I know it's not Friday. Today T.G.I.F. stands for
Thank God It's FREEDOM.






And while you are awaiting the results, go searching for the answer to my November contest. Click here to see what that's about. Today's clue: This featured blogger is from Arkansas. Previous clues: Picture is showing three generations and you will find the picture in one of their September posts.

Monday, November 03, 2008


As a proper grandmother/artist I keep my mannequins covered for the sake of visiting children, grandchildren and many discriminating adults. Do you like their homemade clothing? Our friends from Kentucky will visit us next week on their way to California. She sent me several pictures she took of their yard. By the time they return home all the trees will be bare.

Last but certainly not least, here is an excellent photo of our Owen (grand nephew) without the pacifier blocking his beautiful and healthy smile. The medication for his SVT is working well and he is on the road to making his mark on the world just like his namesake.

Don't forget the November "Color Me Who?" contest. The second clue is: This photo is in one of the blogger's September posts. (The first clue was: It is a picture of three generations.)

Sunday, November 02, 2008


If you have never been to an auction, you simply must go. We attended a huge auction yesterday. We did not spend much and came home with a van full of goodies. This vintage Imperial Pottery cat was in a box full of stuff that we got for $1.00. We bought a box full of hats for $1.00 and one was a Stetson that only needs cleaning and re blocking. We also came home with a lovely Lane Cedar Chest for the foot of our bed. Ron won the bid at $35.00. I was in shock and tried not to shout.

Two bidders approached us to buy something out of our auction boxes. Both paid more for the individual items than we had paid for the entire box.

You also hear great stories at an auction. I was eavesdropping on a couple of gentlemen discussing whether to bid on the cowboy hats or not. They were trying them on and one was encouraging the other to bid on that hat that looked great on him. The fellow responded, "My grandpa told me never to hire anyone wearing a cowboy hat or smoking a pipe. The one with the had works harder to keep the hat on his head than he does working and the pipe smoker is always wasting time trying to keep the pipe lit."

See, you get great stuff and great advice for little money at an auction. Great entertainment!

Now, don't forget my November "Color Me Who?" contest. First clue: "This is a drawing of three generations, mom, daughter, grandmother."

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Here we go again with another "Color Me Who?" contest. I have the permission of the subjects to use their image in this contest.

DO NOT post your guess in the comments section. You may comment on the "markering" and tell me that you are going to submit a guess (which is probably a good idea), but then go to my profile and click Email, to send (1) the name of the blog this was on, (2) who are these people and (3) what date the photo I drew this from was posted on their blog.
Take a stroll through my Blogger Buddies listed on the sidebar to see if you can find this picture. Remember NOT to put your guess in the comments. This way those who know right away will not take the fun of the search away from others. All with the correct 3 guesses will have their names placed in a hat and one winner will be drawn from the hat. The contest will end Saturday, November 8, 2008. Hopefully this will take our minds off the election for a while. Happy hunting!

The prize? I will draw a coloring page of the winner or of someone they love. (See my sidebar about EAGHL MARKERINGS.)

These are not portraits. They are caricatures that only resemble the subjects. They are for fun and I hope you find them fun.