Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Monday, November 24, 2008


Football was everywhere this weekend. Most people I know got their adrenaline fix as their team won or lost. My fix came with a sure winner.


Last night my loving spouse turned the TV to Fox and left the den (giving up his history channel for ME!). Slim and I settled in for two hours of 24 REDEMPTION and the return of Jack Bauer.

It was a delicious taste needing only more of one ingredient, more Jack. Now we have to wait until next year, January 11, 2009, to get back in the swing of things. WhooHoo! Huzzah!

Take a minute and go back HERE to see added pictures showing grandsons then and now. But first look at their beautiful sister pictured below.


  1. The boys they are a changin. Neat pics.
    We used to watch 24. It got a little, well, intense for us. No let up in the plot. I did like Jack however. Probably not the same way you like Jack.

  2. Cute pics. I'm still on Season 5 of 24. I LOVE that show! I'm starting it again tonight so I can hopefully catch up, although I know I won't. Jack Bauer is adorable, btw. I'd love to be his linguist. ;)

  3. They have a way if growing up, don't they? And it's always far too fast!

  4. its obvious good looks run in your family---all in the genes right?(lol)

  5. Cliff, my grandsons are undoubtedly tomorrow's super heros!

    Scarlet, you should apply for that job. Jack would probably hire you.

    Oh yes Kay, they are growing up way too fast. Come back and look at the picture I added of my granddaughter.

    Gary, thanks for the compliment to our pretty little family.

  6. You are blessed and deservedly so! I love the photos of the little boys grown to fine young men. This one's a beauty:)

  7. Annie, she's gorgeous!! No wonder you're proud!

  8. She looks beautiful.

  9. Pretty young lady. Lovely smile.
    Be happy always. God Bless.

  10. We are fans of 24!
    Jack Bauer is one cool dude!!
    I'd like for Bin Laden to spend just a few moments with him.

    You are blessed, and I know you know it.
    Your family is beautiful and marvelous, and you have every reason to be very proud.