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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I wish I could show you this cake unwrapped but it must not be uncovered until tomorrow. It is an Orange Slice fruit cake and it is full of orange slice candy, dates, coconut and nuts. My mother only made this a couple of times when I was a kid, but I loved it and always begged for it.

What is your menu for Thanksgiving? Here is ours:

Appetizers = Chilled jumbo shrimp in Ron's famous seafood sauce.

Dinner = Ribs and Sauerkraut, potatoes, onions, carrots, smoked turkey, baked sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls.

Dessert = Orange cake, Apple/Pineapple sheet cake, Banana pudding, Pecan Pie

We will give thanks for those who plant their feet at our table and all those we love who are celebrating throughout the USA. Also we will give thanks for those who left us our traditions as part of their legacy -- like my mother who would have been 93 years old today.


  1. I really have no idea what we are having except for what I am bringing (a turkey for deep frying & veggie pizzas for snacking). This is the first time I am joining my friends and her family for the holiday. There is another turkey (for roasting). Plus ... lots of stuff for munching since we are getting together to watch Detroit football at lunchtime and not eating the traditional meal until dinnertime.

  2. That's a lovely feast, GA! We've never had ribs and sauerkraut for Thanksgiving..the mere thought has made my mouth water:)
    We're going to my Daughter's this year. I think my Grandson is making pumpkin soup to be served in miniature pumpkins..something new...
    Traditional roast turkey with oyster stuffing and fresh cooked cranberries plus the usual side dishes..pumpkin pie and a fruit pie or two.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. PS. Are you going to post the recipe for your orange cake? Hint... hint:)

  4. Not sure what all we are having. I know for sure a deep friend turkey and I'm bringing apple pie and cannolis. We are joining my ex-husband and his family for the first time. I'm so glad we all get along. Happy, happy turkey day to you & yours, Annie!

  5. We are all gathering at my daughter's home, and I was told to bring green beans, salad, cranberry sauce and gravy. She is ordering the turkey, someone else is doing potatoes, etc. and bringing pies (apple, pumpkin and pecan) and rolls. We will all be stuffed!! and then I have to go to work the next morning at 8am! ugh.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. there will be turkey, ham,prime rib, salads, mash potatoes, gravy, dressing, veggies and for sure pretzels and dips as that is my contribution. (lol)

  7. I can't believe you can eat the whole thing! The menu sounds wonderful, but I have been on a diet for three weeks (seven pounds down...more to go) and got full just reading your post. I had a bunch of posts to catch up on, so I have been reading all the way to the bottom of the page. Love the idea of your chickens wanting roasted or toasted feed. If they eat the seed and then roast themselves...are they self-basting?

  8. Sounds terrific - and remembering your Mom is nice. What time is dinner? I'll be there.

  9. I love fruitcake but my 'fruity' doctor has taken me off nuts. Mrs. Jim might make me a special on without nuts for Christmas.

    We will have eat with Karen (daughter) and husband at the Black Eyed Pea tomorrow. We couldn't make it in time now to your house. I just know you would invite us.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Sounds absolutely yummy!! Minus the coconut of course. I don't like coconut. It's too far for me to drive in time to get there. Darn!

    I plan to go to my nephew's house and all I have to take is my appetite. She will have ham and turkey with all the trimmings. I have to say my nephew married a woman that can COOK! And loves to cook!!!

  11. Happy Thanks Giving to you and family. Take care.

  12. Your dinner sounds so yummy! Can I come over? I'll bring some Hungarian goulash along. LOL.

    I am doing a bit of visiting while everyone one is still sleeping. Soon, we'll be cooking up a storm.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



  13. Sounds like a wonderful cake...We will be having my dad's famous stuffed jalapenos. He would always make them for us on special occasions and now that he is dead, we make sure that they are still present at our special occasions. My daughter will also be making one of dad's favorites, corn cassarole. The rest of the dinner will be, turkey, ham, dressing, cranberry salad, green bean cassarole, and a squash cassarole. We will have pumpkin pie, apple pie and other pies for desert....Oh yes, the rolls.

    Our house will be full with family and friends and a day of thanking the Lord for our blessings....Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Thank you all for your Thanksgiving wishes and friendship. My heart is full of faith and thanksgiving today. It is never my desire to force my beliefs on others. It is my wish that you too feel the peace that passes all understanding, to hope that you feel in your heart as I feel in my heart -- full of joy and gladness for family, friends, neighbors, bloggers and a world of strangers.. More than sharing God’s blessing today with loved ones, we also share our tables with a communion of Saints. Today we honor the memory of their smiling faces. Happy Thanksgiving again to each of you!

  15. Wow! After that pic and that menu, I'd be embarrassed to share what I'm having. If you only lived closer, I'd be crashing your party and planting my feet at your table!! ;)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  16. Ditto with what Scarlet said! I'm a vegetarian, so:

    - Fake chicken patties
    - Mashed potatoes (made with soy milk)
    - apple cider
    - buttermilk biscuits

    I forgot pie. F$&#!

  17. WHAT? No black eyed peas and possum grits?
    Yeah, us neither.
    I may be foundered. That's why I'm standing in this mudhole.

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog over the busy weekend. I know that I sound like I did a lot, but it really wasn't as crazy as it sounds...well, yes, I guess it was ;-)

  19. I hope you had a fantastic day filled with yummy food and lots of love.

  20. Annie,

    Canadian Thanksgiving was in October, but I was craving turkey all day on Thursday reading about my friend's delicious meals. The cake looks delicious. I bet there wasn't a morsel left.

    Thank you for commenting on my post about the Canadian government. Please drop by for a visit often.

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  21. Anonymous7:11 PM

    All I want is to be a non-diabetic and to get my hands on pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and hot rolls with butter. Waaaaaaaa

  22. I think your momma smiled in heaven when she saw that you made her cake.
    What a treat!
    Your menu was a LOT more elaborate than mine.
    We ate pretty well though.
    My turkey was juicy on the inside and browned nicely on the outside. I was thrilled that it turned out so well.
    I'm sure your feast was scrumptious.