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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008



My daughter is currently invisible. She is Mighty Mom and her activities take her out of the realm of contact. This morning reading a blog post on mall shopping brought my little girl to mind. We bonded on shopping sprees and as broke as she kept me, I miss those moments.
We did see her last week when she brought the kids for the weekend. She spent the night and I loved catching up on all I could before she was up early the next morning and on her way home. When she picked up the kids our other company was here so my daughter just grabbed her kids and ran.

There is nothing but pride in the knowledge that she is taking care of her family. She works in the public school system and she manages and maintains a beautiful home inside and out. She is dedicated to supporting her spouse in all his endeavors but she does not give up her independent spirit. Of course she is a taxi service for her 14 year old son and her 6 year old daughter and those kids are involved in many church and school activities.

Yes, my son is a busy and devoted parent also but he lives close and comes here almost every weekend to work for Ron so we can keep up with him and the children. My daughter simply becomes so overwhelmed that she goes outside the radar and I miss her lots.


  1. Life for everyone is too hectic these days. At least she's not far away.

    My kids are far away so I see them rarely. Travel is expensive.

  2. It is a similar situation for us with our married daughter, who upped her ante by going to nursing school, while having 6 kids at home to care for.

    The baby, not married, can come and go as she pleases - and she pleases often - I am happy to say!!

    Our son is at the whims of his wife, but he manages to come at least once per month.

  3. I see my daughter about once a month and it is usually for over 24 hours, so that is most rewarding. My son visits rarely and briefly althought he lives close. We DO miss him.

  4. Wow, she sounds very accomplished. And busy!!

    Those shopping trips sound like they were really special.

  5. Thankfully I see my daughter most days as I pick up my granddaughter from nursery and have her until they get back from work. On my daughter's day off we often shop and go to cafes. Lovely!

    Different with my son. Seems like the old saying could be true (not in all cases):

    A son's a son 'til he takes a wife, a daughter's a daughter for all of her life.

  6. She's not only beautiful, but driven and family oriented. It's hard to find that balance in life...but she has it!

    Btw, I see a lot of you in her. She has your smile. :)

  7. It seems like our worlds are so hectic that it's easy to "fall off the radar".

    She sounds like a busy busy woman!

  8. Sounds to me like your lil girl has her life pretty well grounded ---and has her act together and keeps it on the road----no wonder your so proud of her.

  9. Yes, I have busy kids too.....I'm glad that you get to see her here and there.

  10. I see my boys as often as they can with their work schedules. No wives or grandbabies yet.

  11. Your daughter is lovely, and is busy, as many young women are, these days. You're lucky you get to see her quite often, even if for a short time. My daughter lives 700 miles away, is accomplished and busy as well, and I can't wait to see her Sunday.

    My sons come and visit as well, especially my younger son, who lives closest to me, and comes and helps me out often. I am so blessed with all my children. I know you feel the same way.

    Have a great evening.


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  13. I can tell that you and your daughter are very close.I have been blessed with an awesome Mom and I cherish every moment with her too!Thanks for visiting my sons blog "Cole" he was tickled and we are friends w/Missy and Bonnie so I will be visiting your blog if thats okay..
    have a great week!

  14. A hectic life she has I feel but she is very energetic. Pretty too.:)