Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Friday, December 22, 2006


Tomorrow, December 23, is our seventh wedding anniversary. If we are itching, we’re only itching for more.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Germany, be kind.

Jessi and Travis are in Germany visiting Christiane and her family. They have been gone eight days. I am starting to pace.


We started letting Slim in the house at night when everything was snow covered. She got in the habit of coming to the door around 8 or 9 o'clock in the evening asking to come in. We allowed her in but she has to remain in a very confined space.

Last night Slim appeared at the door at her given time, but when we opened the door, she would not come in. She would run off toward the barn. She kept repeating this process and for a while we thought she might be trying to tell us that "Timmy was in the well."

Needless to say, we tired of this game and went to bed, leaving Slim outside for the night. This morning everything was fine -- Slim was happy -- no Timmy was found in peril. We have decided that Slim was inviting us to spend the night with her in the wide open spaces she loves so much.

Monday, December 18, 2006


I have just read my journal and blog entries from this date in the past. It seems I have failed to comment on this day, December 18.

December 18, 2003 was a month after my near fatal heart attack. The first stent had been implanted to unblock 100% blockage. This surgery was to implant second stent to unblock 80% blockage. I told my family, other than Ron, not to bother coming for this procedure because this would be routine and a piece of cake after the more crucial episode in November.

My death occurred on the operating table. I learned of it when I was awakened in recovery. Apparently my heart had stopped for 30 seconds as the stent was being inserted. They gave me a good jump-start and brought me back. (From that evolved the leg injury that took six months to heal, but that is an entirely different story.)

December 18, 1984 was almost my dying day as well. That Dec. 18, I had a drug crazed bank robber hold me hostage with a loaded gun pressed to my head as he demanded money.

Today is December 18, 2006 and I shall celebrate it as my day of blessings. :-)

From Today’s Upper Room Devotional
Cast all your anxiety on God, because he cares for you.
-1 Peter 5:7 (NRSV)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yard Sale Booty

Lookie, lookie what Ron got us at a yard sale! Merry Christmas to us:-)

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I am a Y.O.T. (Youngest Of Three). Regardless of my age or theirs, I find much in common with other YOTs. To view my life from afar, you would say I was a spoiled child. To view my life from inside my head, you would say I was pitiful and spent too much time in the garden eating worms. To view my childhood as it actually was, you will know that I was left to my own devises and basically ran amok.

There is an unspoken empathy that automatically forms when encountering another YOT. My cousin David was a YOT. My brothers-in-law, David and Mike are YOTs. My niece, Melinda is a YOT. My nephew Mike is a YOT. My granddaughters Beth and Jasmine are YOTs.

If you are a youngest child of three, tell me about yourself. If you are an older sibling of a YOT, tell me about him or her. Maybe, with your help, I can write THE GUIDEBOOK TO YOTS. Heaven knows that my husband needs that guidebook!

Friday, December 15, 2006


I am sixty years old and have suffered with intermittent lower back pain all my life. After a while you finally accept the pain and move forward, knowing it will eventually subside. Recently my sister said, “I didn’t know you had lower back pain. I have just the cure for you.” And, she did.

A video tape of a six week program of back exercises seems to have cured me and I am only on the fourth week. It is unbelievable!

It is not like I couldn’t have learned this sooner. I can remember at least two doctors recommending back exercises. I just could not imagine that a problem that practically immobilized me could actually be cured by mobilization.

If only I had told my sister earlier. I’ve never listened to doctors but I’ve always listened to Elenore – whether I wanted to or not :-)

I found the name of the tape. It is a program developed by Dr. Hans Kraus and is published by Westwood Productions called SAY GOODBYE TO BACKPAIN, The Y's Way to a Healthy Back, used by the YMCA and developed to benefit JFK.

Friday, December 08, 2006


We were coming home yesterday afternoon down the country road. It is still very snowy and cold, but the sun was shining and we were toasty and comfortable in the car. I daydream more than I view the sights plus I was still feeling lousy. Thankfully I can depend on Ron to point out anything of interest.

Suddenly Ron slammed on the brakes and exclaimed, “I think that was a bald eagle!” He shifted into reverse and began to back up as I craned my neck looking for the tree where Ron had indicated the bird would be. Ron had to watch where he was going so I got to watch for the eagle.

Sure enough, I was able to view this beautiful creature up-close and personal, as it rose from its perched position into a full and graceful winged lift into the sky. It was an awesome sight. God gives us the beauty of the earth and Ron gives me the gift of bringing nature’s beauty to my attention.

We watched it move through the sky until it was a dot. Ron said by the size, coloring and full white head it was probably at least five years old. Why was it here, where was it going? What a blessing to catch a glimpse of this majestic creature on its journey.


I am "IT" and I am alive. After another night of 20 minute sleep segments, I finally was able to get two complete one hour segments and I actually feel on road to staying alive this morning.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The Word of the Day for December 6 is:

cybrarian \sye-BRAIR-ee-un\ noun
: a person whose job is to find, collect, and manage information that is available on the World Wide Web

Example sentence: The library provided an e-mail address to submit inquiries to the cybrarian.

Did you know? We've been using "librarian" for the people who manage libraries since at least the beginning of the 18th century, and the word was used for scribes and copyists even earlier than that. "Cybrarian," on the other hand, is much newer; its earliest documented use is from 1992. "Librarian" combines "library" (itself from "liber," the Latin word for book) and the noun suffix "-an," meaning "one specializing in." When people wanted a word for a person who performed duties similar to those of a librarian by using information from the Internet, they went a step further and combined "cyber-," meaning "of, relating to, or involving computers or a computer network," with "librarian" to produce the new "cybrarian."

Subscribe to Merriam-Webster Online word of the day here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December 5, 1914

Today is a very special Tuesday as we remember Dad's Birthday and celebrate his memory. He would be 92 years old today. We think of him lovingly. We all miss him so much.

Monday, December 04, 2006


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Everyone knows how smart we believe Slim to be. It is important to convince ourselves that she is a smart dog to justify keeping her and spending so much money on her care and feeding.

With all this snow and very cold temperatures we have allowed Slim to come in the house at night. She is smart, so she stays on her pallet by the front door with her chew bones and water and does not move out of her assigned area. In the morning Slim is right where she is supposed to be.

Ron and I are courteous sleepers as well as very sound sleepers. We touch in the night or brush against one another, but we do not push or shove. The other night Ron kept pushing me and when I woke up Ron was accusing me of pushing him. Actually our smart dog Slim was in the middle of our bed pushing both of us so she could get more comfortable. We guess she had been sleeping with us every night.

Well, you still have to say she is smart.


Ron and I both had flu shots. Yet he has struggled with some mild, flu-like symptoms, and I acquired a stronger version.

Yes, I am drinking plenty of liquids. Thus, I awakened every two hours during the night last night to get up and pee. Finally at 4:00 this morning I gave up and stayed up.

Viewing me in the bathroom mirror revealed a face even a mother could NOT love. My nose is red and swollen and my lips are dry and cracked. I sound like a cartoon character when I speak and my voice feels like my words are coming out my ears and not my mouth.

I am trying to draw a picture of the flu bug. It has feathers on its feet and the hands are big paddles. The two antennas on a flu bug are very long and one has a pointy end while the other has a hammer on the end. This way the bug can stand at the back of your throat and tickle you with feather feet until you cough madly then the paddle hands are used to push volumes out your nose while the spiked and hammer antennas prod and pound your temples creating a headache to end all headaches. I’m not positive, but I would guess the flu bug is a blended color of green, yellow and brown.

We did shoot the flu bug, but it looks like we missed.


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Sunday, November 26, 2006


What a birthday celebration we had! It was a Thanksgiving Day gathering that combined Mother's 91st, which is officially today. It was a great celebration and would have been perfect if everyone could have been there.

These days it is impossible to get mother to leave the Manor unless she has a doctor's appointment or something. If we want to celebrate with her, we must go to her and so we did. Mother could watch and enjoy family and then go to her room when she had enough. In her room she had Print and Elaine's doggies who fight for space on mother's lap. She loves her granddogs a bunch.

Another highlight of this Thanksgiving was meeting Mike's fiance Leslie. She is a beautiful woman both inside and out and we believe she is a prize as we know Mike is a prize for her. Mike is not just Elenore and David's baby, he is mother's baby grandson -- the youngest of the batch. Whew, we hope Leslie know's to handle him with care!

Anyway, today is the day --

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Happy 13th Birthday Jasmine!
We love you!

Grandpa Ron and Granny Annie


Today people seem to be getting into controversy because of their perceived:

Cultural superiority
Political superiority
Blue Collar superiority
White collar superiority
Religious superiority
Educational superiority
Ethnic superiority
Racial superiority
Gender superiority....and on and on.

It seems we suffer more from superiority complexes than we ever could from inferiority complexes.

Monday, November 20, 2006


We are entering Thanksgiving week. Our focus is on Thursday. Our goal is family fellowship. Our challenge is to feed our hearts, minds, souls and .......mother.

Mother isn't going to pigout like the rest of us, but she is going to get to taste many homemade dishes. She gets good, nourshing food daily but it is rare for her to have a homecooked meal.

We're having potluck and everyone is bringing something to share. It will be a kind of family communion to gather together, celebrate those many November, December birthdays (including mother's 91st) and celebrate Thanksgiving by giving thanks.

I guess I'll start by giving thanks for my brother who led and organized the charge toward Thanksgiving 2006.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


This morning I shared a poem with Ron. It was one that I made up when I was still a teenager. Ron said it explains a lot about me because you can never lead until you learn first to follow and he believes I never learned to follow:-)

To lead
Is my greatest need
Not to follow.

For a follower
Is a swallower
Of life.

hum? Ya think? LOL

Friday, November 17, 2006


We took this picture today as we were headed west bound on the Will Rogers Turnpike. It was placed at the Big Cabin exit.
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Monday, November 13, 2006


Boo Hoo – Jasmine’s First Place cheerleading troupe does not get to go to Regionals. One of the girls broke an arm in practice and because their routine was geared for twelve girls and there were exactly twelve girls on the team, none can go. There is not enough time to teach a new routine before the competition on Thanksgiving (even though Grandpa did volunteer this Granny Annie to learn their gig and fill in. LOL) (Oh yes, and there is proper sympathy for the poor girl who broke her arm)

We have a new refrigerator. It is a huge Samsung, stainless magnificent refrigerator/freezer from Lowe's and Ron is practically remodeling the entire kitchen to get it in the space where the old refrigerator sits. The new appliance looks like a pagan idol sitting in my vintage kitchen. It was a hoot seeing the two of us simply getting the new refrigerator inside the house. Thankfully Ron was a pyramid builder in his first life and can use brains rather than brawn to overcome huge obstacles.

Ron is a bit miffed at me for being as excited about the box the refrigerator came in. He just doesn’t understand the importance of a jail for the Williams boys or a fortune teller’s booth for Elenore.

Speaking of Elenore – Ron and I went to their cabin in Tahlequah on Saturday and after we were served a delicious feast of chili, we took a pitcher of bloody Mary’s and headed for the boat dock to go for a tour on their new boat. The boys did the driving while Elenore and I and the pitcher sat in the warm cuddy cabin and visited and laughed and quietly feared for our lives. We had a great time, of course. Is there ever such thing as a “bad time” with Elenore and David?

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Steps for preparing for 08 elections:

1. Lock evangelicals inside their churches
2. Lock actors inside their studios
3. Quiet the media.............................


It is Veteran's Day, so I can't go there. All the men and women who served and are serving now in the military would not let me quiet any voices -- even the ones that speak against our Veterans. The job of our military is to maintain our right to freedom which includes free speech. Isn't that just the toughest job you can think of? They get up everyday, getting dressed, go to work and go into harms way ...... for me.

It is their day. Honor a Veteran today. Thank a Veteran today.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This may surprise some of you, but today Ron is 47. You probably were not aware that I married such a young man. ( He subtracts the years he was in the Navy).

Since today is also election day, you can probably guess what his birthday wish is :-) (Read this article before you vote)

I love you Ron and truly celebrate sharing your life!

Monday, November 06, 2006


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Here is our sweet grandson Michael on his way home after four days with us. We hope he is exhausted from having a nice time and not from bring bored to death! He sure made us happy.
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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences -- AMPAS -- that's where Jessi is working now. Read all about it on her blog. CONGRATULATIONS! Yep, it does sound impressive.


Tomorrow is an important election day. Go to google and get a sample of your ballot for your state and precint for candidates and questions. It helps to review them before you enter the voting booth so you have more confidence in your decisions.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This is the article under the photograph below:

"Air Force Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt, of the 332nd Expeditionary Medical Group at Balad, Iraq, cradles a young girl as they both sleep in the hospital. The girl's entire family was executed by insurgents; the killers shot her in the head as well. The girl received treatment at the U.S. military hospital in Balad, but cries and moans often. According to nurses at the facility, Gebhardt is the only one who can calm the girl, so he has spent the last several nights holding her while they both sleep in a chair."


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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Jasmine's team won first place in their division and will compete in Regionals over Thanksgiving. WooHoo!! No wonder we haven't heard from Terri in a while. We're glad to hear and we're so proud of Jasmine.
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy IVGLDSW Day!

Rhonda sent this. It's great!

Today is International Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman's Day, so please send this message to someone you think fits this description. Please do not send it back to me as I have already received it from a Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman! And remember this motto to live by: Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!" Have a wonderful day


C.A.C.K.L.E. (Chicken Annie's Collectable Kool Little Everything) Here is my flea market booth in the beginning stages. I only have 40 items there right now to see how this goes. Supposedly this place gets a lot of traffic and is near the lake, but this time of year probably isn't the best to start. Who knows. I'll still eBay too. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

HOORAY StL!!!!!!!!

Our grandson Dillon is crazy about the St. Louis cardinals. He has gotten us hooked on this year's World Series and we are totally enthusiastic about the current 2-1 wins. I worry that my passion may have jinxed the Cardinals on Sunday night because I didn't miss a play and they lost to Detroit. Last night every time I left the room to get something, the Cardinals scored. Tonight I think I'll sit in another room and just listen.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Slim, our intelligent dog, has dragged the garden hose into the front yard. She has also piled up several rags near the hose. We're not sure if she is getting ready to water the lawn or wash the van! LOL

Oh yes, Happy Birthday Greetings to Rhonda Annette, One-L Michele and Precious niece Melissa! I always think of you three on the 24th.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Our worms arrived yesterday. They are in the den this morning. Ron has moved them from their box into a large bucket. There are two pounds of wiggly, squiggly, slimy worms (about 2000 worms) and I have named each one.......FISH FOOD! It looks lke I won't be having to dig worms for our future fishing expeditions.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Click here to see Christy's latest with Cherub Shoes. FANTASTIC!


Yesterday I was listening to a talk show and the host said the following: "The only things the Republicans have going for them is that they are not Democrats." Neal Boortz, Oct. 17, 2006


Ron and I have been planning to go fishing together. Sunday I dug worms for bait, but we didn't get to go, so I fed the worms to the chickens. Yesterday looked like a good time to go. I dug some more worms. This makes me quite popular with the chickens as they figure out what I'm doing and follow me around.

My spouse and I found a nice quiet bank on the lake and I carefully watched my bobber. Finally it happened. I caught the first fish I've caught in about 50 year! It was a small bluegill and I threw it back, but progress is made.

Meanwhile, it was fun just to be fishing with Ron. It was like going on a date. The next time I think I'll do a little more preparation and pack some sandwiches for a longer stay.

Retirement is not so much about what you do every day, as it is about what you don't do -- like go to work. It's wonderful!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well, well, I was surprised. Flipping channels the other evening, I stopped briefly at a show I think is called Close To Home. Two women were having a discussion. I think they are both playing roles of ADAs. One was wanting to start smoking again and was holding a cigarette. The other was trying to disuade her friend and she said, "I'm so glad that I never engaged in those kinds of deviant behavior."

I do not smoke but I used to. I know and love many people who still smoke, though I wish they would quit. Meanwhile, I would never call their smoking or my past smoking as deviant behavior!

deviant - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior Synonyms: pervert, deviate, degenerate Adj.


My sister writes: "I woke up this morning and thought......I want a poached egg. Don't know how to poach an egg so ask google. I got such a kick out of the first website and wanted to share."

Click here to see for yourself.

My sister also says, "There's God and then there's Google." She is so wise :-)


First Ron had to repair the monkey's broken arm and paint over the repairs. Next Ron had to climb up and down the ladder to trim the tree so the monkey could swing freely. Next Ron had to secure the rope........and now the monkey is swinging at our new home and I am smiling because my sweet husband is soooooooooooo sweet to go to so much trouble for me :-) Posted by Picasa


She is not only supposed to be the most loving, caring, nurturing hen, she is also decked out in Elenore's favorite colors.
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Saturday, October 14, 2006


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This morning we attended a Poultry Swap Meet near Grove. We were looking for a couple of Silkies. We came home with one Silky Rooster and two silky hens, plus seven Silky mixes. As I was asking about the nurturing aspect of Silkies the man pointed out a beauty that he said was a Silky mix and a very good, caring, nurturing hen. About that time Elenore called to see what we were doing. Thus, it was fate to name this sweet hen Elenore. One of the white Silky mixes has pink comb, so her name is Pinkie. Since I was inspired to get Silkies because of one of the illustrations in my preacher's sermon recently, I think I'll name the Silky Rooster Mouzon. That only leaves seven others to name.........hum???

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Peace in the valley -- today.

The Wahoo champion of this generation remained undefeated.

He can forever taunt me for being his "older" cousin. I am 60 but he is forever 59. I will always see the twinkle in his eye.

This dear cousin was the epitome of "good family".

Monday, October 09, 2006


Tandy, Ryan, Dillon and Beth were here this weekend. They came to help with the christening and launching of the US 2 Maru. It sure turned out to be a weekend full of much more than a boat launching.

First, it was a weekend of food. I was so pleased to be able to cook for my family and serve us some new and delightful treats. They consumed two casseroles, one pot of soup, bacon and eggs, 30 deviled eggs and 6 1/2 dozen homemade cookies, all the pop in the house, a few beers (not the children). It wasn't consumption of the adults as much as the children. It is utterly amazing how much food 12 and 14 year old boys can put away!

Second it was a weekend of unexpected injury. See the photos of the fish hook through Ryan's ear. Dillon cast the fateful hook and will probably hear about it the rest of his life. Ryan had recently had his ears pierced and the mis-cast hook went right into the piercing hole. Call it "Catch Of The Day" or call it "A Hole In One".

Third it was a weekend of preparation for launch. We retrieved our boat from the shop where it has been since Sept 8th. Supposedly the engine was repaired. Next we had the talents of Tandy, graphic designer, to place the boat numbers on straight and to put the name of the boat.

The launching was spectacular as was the quick trip back home. There was a problem with the motor, however about the time they figured it out and wanted to re-launch, the hook incident occurred so we will wait for another day. Meanwhile, it was formally launched and took a quick spin on the lake and we have a suitable boat for family and friends.

Fourth, we did manage some fishing at Twin Bridges with no catches there but lots of fun and I got to try out my new fishing rod. I can't wait to truly get the hang of this fishing stuff. I love it already.

Now we're getting ready for Iowa trip and will be off and running tomorrow. Bye for now.