Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Monday, December 04, 2006


Ron and I both had flu shots. Yet he has struggled with some mild, flu-like symptoms, and I acquired a stronger version.

Yes, I am drinking plenty of liquids. Thus, I awakened every two hours during the night last night to get up and pee. Finally at 4:00 this morning I gave up and stayed up.

Viewing me in the bathroom mirror revealed a face even a mother could NOT love. My nose is red and swollen and my lips are dry and cracked. I sound like a cartoon character when I speak and my voice feels like my words are coming out my ears and not my mouth.

I am trying to draw a picture of the flu bug. It has feathers on its feet and the hands are big paddles. The two antennas on a flu bug are very long and one has a pointy end while the other has a hammer on the end. This way the bug can stand at the back of your throat and tickle you with feather feet until you cough madly then the paddle hands are used to push volumes out your nose while the spiked and hammer antennas prod and pound your temples creating a headache to end all headaches. I’m not positive, but I would guess the flu bug is a blended color of green, yellow and brown.

We did shoot the flu bug, but it looks like we missed.

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