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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, December 15, 2006


I am sixty years old and have suffered with intermittent lower back pain all my life. After a while you finally accept the pain and move forward, knowing it will eventually subside. Recently my sister said, “I didn’t know you had lower back pain. I have just the cure for you.” And, she did.

A video tape of a six week program of back exercises seems to have cured me and I am only on the fourth week. It is unbelievable!

It is not like I couldn’t have learned this sooner. I can remember at least two doctors recommending back exercises. I just could not imagine that a problem that practically immobilized me could actually be cured by mobilization.

If only I had told my sister earlier. I’ve never listened to doctors but I’ve always listened to Elenore – whether I wanted to or not :-)

I found the name of the tape. It is a program developed by Dr. Hans Kraus and is published by Westwood Productions called SAY GOODBYE TO BACKPAIN, The Y's Way to a Healthy Back, used by the YMCA and developed to benefit JFK.


  1. Ok what is this video tape? I pulled out my lower back this week and it has been hell!!!!

  2. Monica, I can't find a name of the tape I'm using because it is a copy of a copy, etc. However, these exercises I found online are very similar to the ones I'm doing and might afford you some fast relief. Bless your heart. Hope you feel better soon. Just be sure you can keep shopping because you might run out of stuff. LOL Wait til you see the new wardrobe Ron bought me at yard sale this weekend. I'll post picture soon. Here is link to back exercises:

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Back Pain is a pain in my… well… back!
    I was hit by a car a few years ago and since then I have suffered a lot of lower back pain and back ache! I was on strong painkillers for awhile but then I was getting addicted to them so had to drop them before it got too bad. That was about a year ago now and since then I have been looking for alternate ways of relieving the pain and aching until a month ago I was struggling to find anything that helped but I managed to get hold of some Cheap Sleepeezee Beds and I finally got a good nights sleep! It was great!
    Upon waking from my beautiful bed the relief only lasted until I got to work then the suffering began once more.
    Can anyone give me any advice to ease my pain?