Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, April 30, 2005


We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Missouri! That would be Mike. We'll see a Munchkin too -- that would be Hope. We might catch a glimpse of Kit and Chelle, but our primary task will be to guard the castle gate. Find us on cell if you need us.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Okay, the times they are a'changin'. Look at the bloggers. See the bloggers misspell, make typos, fail to capitalize, fail to punctuate. It is a personal journal for goodness sake and they are letting us look. The old, non-managers should not criticize or even consult for that matter. Enjoy the content and move on. I am old and old school. Perhaps I will change to be more "in". Forgive me all ye who have been offended by my unsolicited judgement.

Look at this big boy and his girlfriends. Isn't the Boss a pretty boy? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Ron saw Pauline today and she commented on my new chickens. It seems she read about them on my blog. I am glad she reads my blog and I wish she had a blog so I could keep up on her too.

Today I was able to meet Chelle's request to add links to her blog. At first I did not think I was going to accomplish the task, but it pays to perservere and it is done. I hope she likes it.

My grocery list is ready for trip to town. That is an important factor in my day-to-day life. I never know when Ron will rush in the door and say "Let's go to town". This is where I'm also glad for wigs because I can catch the bus (our mini van) before it flys down the old dirt road without me.

It was good to finally hear from Jim Print yesterday. Just because he has 56 preachers and appointments to prepare for Annual Conference is not really a reason to be out of it? Anyway, it's good to know he and Elaine are fine.

I was at Elenore's yesterday eating oatmeal coconut cookies (which I am allergic to and paid for dearly last night by the way) while Ron was visiting our favorite dentist when cousin David C. called and opened our hearts up wide. What an upbeat, wonderful, marvelous example our search for meaning David is.

I am glad that our garden can live without me today. I could go out and weed the strawberries but it isn't vital. We can see the new berries forming and I laugh to remember Ryan last year. He said, "Wow, these look just like the real strawberries you buy in the store!"

Jessi takes blogging seriously and taught me the same. I'm really happy she put me onto this and I wonder if I would know she is moving if she didn't blog. It's certainly a good way to stay in the loop.

The other day on one of the morning shows I heard a review of a book about Uncommon Sense Parenting. The author talked about our being managers for our children until they reach their teenage years. That is when our children fire us and we become consultants. I wonder if that applies to over age 30 children? I am glad to be able to trust in God to be Tandy's manager since I'm only a consultant now and I think that doesn't even apply unless I am invited to consult.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday, Monday.

Last night I heard Ivan yelling and went outside to look. He was standing right in front of the old school house and was fanning his tail feathers. I ran inside and got my camera and took several very nice pictures. I have added the best one here.

It was great to get out and mow yesterday. My primary responsibility will be to keep the garden area mowed down where we can see the berry bushes and the plants. It will be nice to have a specific job to keep up with all summer. I'm sure Ron invented it to keep me out of his way :-)

I am trying not to get too excited about my new house, but it does look like we will eventually move in. If Ron can keep workmen all summer, we just might be there by Fall. Cross your fingers for me. I went over to the new house last night to watch a TV show on channel 12 abc. For some reason we can't get that channel in this house 320. I sat in 321 house and just imagined all the wonderful decorating we will do when the time comes.

Are we all in our places this rainy Monday with sunshine faces? Can't wait to read other family blogs.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rush to Chelle's Blog

Chelle has learned to add pictures. Please enjoy catching up on my blog, then rush over to Chelle's to see Hope riding a chicken :-)

Friday, April 22, 2005


(by Jasmine E.J., May, 2004)

“These are the best Spaghetti seeds” the farmer promised me

and “Each of them will grow up to be a fine Spaghetti Tree”

I planted them a year ago

The farmer is a phony

I’ve got not one spaghetti tree, but a field of macaroni.

It is garden planting time once again. I found Jasmine's poem she wrote last year about Spagetti Seeds and thought it was time to share with the world! Isn't it great!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


He did not look like the deranged, drunken, pot-smoking, ragged, rank, stumbling, staggering and pityful person that is depicted in all the movies. That is why she did not recognize this veteran. He looked normal, he was well groomed and clean cut and he spoke well. He only spit on her because she had been spitting on him for 37 years. The happy fact is he represented a whole lot of veterans who want to do what he did. The sad fact is she will sell more books and get more attention because of this incident.


Hello. You can call me Elmo from now on. My beloved spouse is Charlie Brown. We took Jessi's test to determine what cartoon character we are. Did you take the test? Who are you?

As I watch the young man working for Ron take advantage of him on a daily basis and leave him standing in the cold with work to be done, I see why Ron is Charlie Brown. He believes the fellow's promises that he will hold the football for him to kick. It is yanked away everytime.

I'm glad he's Charlie Brown though. This way he keeps believing in me too......Sweet, Loveable, Daydreaming Elmo :-)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Saving The World

I have been reading other blogs. Am I the only person who has time to read blogs? Shame should be felt as time flits away, however I can attest that work was accomplished and more will be accomplished before nightfall.

The primary thing of importance I learned today while spying into other people's lives was: EVERYONE LOVES NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! I'm not kidding. I read three blogs from people who were as different as night and day in their faith in their ages in their lifestyles and they all loved that movie. Of course, I loved it too.

Now it is time for me to use some of my valuable free time and get to work saving the world :-)


Here is a photo of two of the Black Australorps. Don't you think they look like little penguins? You will be surprised to know that the part that looks white is actually a very, very pale green and becomes a darker green as they grow.

Would you believe that there is finally a floor for my new bathroom at the house across the street. Ron has a fairly good work crew going finally and maybe they will at least get the bathroom done and we can get some running water over there.

I talked to Elenore this morning as she sat at the airport awaiting her flight to Chicago. She had talked to Karen and Nora was a lot better today. Yesterday it looked like Elenore would be arriving just in time to catch another wonderful childhood illness :-)

My eBay sales are going well and picking up steam. That always feels good to see that I am making a little money for my efforts. Christy and I made some eBay efforts together and the story is much too long to blog about it. Christy learned a side of her Aunt Ann she never knew before......

It is a beautiful, sunny, cool morning and all is well in our part of the world.

Two Twylas Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

I Wonder

When I glance in the mirror and see myself in a wig, I wonder what Grandfather Mc thought when he looked at Grandmother in her wigs? Ron doesn't ever seem to notice mine, but I think he must.

When we go for long drives in the evening, I wonder what Grandma Myrtle said or did when she and Grandpa took long drives and she had to pee.

Sometimes I wonder.


Great weekend. Mike was here. He is a good visitor. Grandpa managed to finally locate the perfect fishin' hole ready for all who come! So come on ya'll. Mike caught seven keepers and we took them with us when we took Mike home. This way Kit got to clean them. Is that dirty pool or what?

Hope could not stop clapping her hands with glee over the fish. Oh Thank you for the fish! she said. No, don't touch the fish! she ordered. The Fish are sleeping, she cried. These are my fish, she announced.

Don't you wonder how Kit managed to clean the fish without Hope knowing it?

We stopped in Nevada on the way back to Stark and bought ten new chicks. The black and white ones look like penguins. They are called Black Australorps. I have named them each Twyla. The red chicks are Rhode Island Reds and I have named each of them June. This way, when they grow up and begin to disappear, as often happens, I will still most likely have one Twyla and June.

Last night I went to put the big chickens to bed and tell them about the new arrivals. Before I could begin my bedtime tale, I was halted in my tracks as Phoebe did battle with a black snake! I was trying to watch the snake when Boss Hog made an appearance in an effort to rescue Phoebe and when my attention returned to the fight, the snake was no where to be seen and Phoebe and Boss Hog were on their way into the hen house. Perhaps now we know why egg production has dropped. Ron now is devising a trap to catch the snakes that might be stealing our eggs. Meanwhile, I forgot to tell the others about the new chicks so that story will remain for tonight...unless there's another snake. Oh dread and drat!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Heeeeeeeeeeeee's Baaa-ck

Now that ODD is unemployed, he has time to blog again. It's good to hear how well he is. If you could look at him, you would rejoice to see the stress lines gone and hear that hearty laughter once more. Oh, if only he could just go through life being a busy papa and not having to worry about things like food and shelter.

Meanwhile, his sister is not letting grass grow. She has led the charge with Turning Point and designed a prayer nitch in their church. You can just imagine how elegant and spiritual a setting she has created. I can't wait to see it. You'll have to read her blog to catch up on all her recent activities.

We've got Mike for the weekend and he and Grandpa Ron are behaving badly. I will state that Mike started it but I've ended up with two gross guys licking their left over food to keep the other one from eating it. No telling what they will think of next. Aren't grandparents supposed to set good examples?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dear Mother

Good Thursday Morning to you!

We went to visit your favorite dentist-son-in-law yesterday. David has been working on Ron's teeth and called us to run over yesterday to put on a crown. Elenore, in the midst of payroll time, tax time, house catch-up time, still managed to provide us a pot of fresh coffee and fresh baked cookies. They are an amazing couple, always acting like they are thrilled for us to disrupt their daily routine. Anyway, there is never a way to repay their warm and helpful kindnesses. You can be proud of your two Pittsburg kids.

Your Twilight Zone kids are glad for nice weather and are hoping to begin mowing our rapidly greening eight acres. We're enjoying fresh asparagus these days and are seeing lettuce and onions beginning to pop up in the garden.

Boss Hog is growing some interesting tail feathers. I guess he get's plummage like the peacock does to attract the ladies. He really has some beautiful and colorful tailfeathers. I'll have to take a photo to send you.

Ron has gone out on his morning prowl so I'm needing to dig into my house work. Chelle, Mike and Hope will come visit us tomorrow and I want my housework all done so we can play.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Quiet Sunday

Ron and hired worker are in the field tilling and turning and digging. I'm in the house working on eBay. Sirrius is on Bluegrass channel. I turned the volume up all the way for Man of Constant Sorrow. Tomorrow we head for Tulsa because, yes, the lien release on the Dodge finally arrived. We hope to have lunch with mother and maybe Tandy will be able to join us.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


I started out my day yesterday calling Print at 7:30 a.m. to find out what I needed to do for mother while I was in Tulsa. I’m happy to report details were taken care of and mother was very happy.

I drove to Tulsa and mother and I had lunch and a wonderful visit.

While in Tulsa, I drove to Promenade Mall, parked the car, went inside and walked around drinking in all the wonderful sights, smells, sounds of mall memories and raising kids, and buying all Chelle’s clothes at Express and my clothes at The Avenue. The Avenue is no longer there. I cried.

I called my friend Rhonda as I passed Owasso on my way to Tulsa and on my way out and missed her both times. I could only wave at her home from the bypass. I do that a lot now that I know right where her house it.

I am selling a few things on eBay buy not making any huge amounts of money these days.

I found bulgar wheat and pesto at Wild Oats in Tulsa. Made the pilaf recipe today with the bulgar wheat – after I spilled half the wheat on the floor. Guess I’m killing snakes too. Ask Elenore about scattering glass all over her kitchen.

I went to bed last night and FORGOT to put my chickens up. We awakened to Boss Hog crowing outside our window this morning. Luckily all ten of my chicken chlidren were alive even though one of the neighbor’s pit bulls was wandering around with them. What kind of a fowl farmer goes to bed without tucking in her livestock? Guess I'm just a bad flocker :-)

Last night we went for a drive and saw multiple herds of beautiful deer on the run.

Elenore and I paid for long distance breathing time this morning as we pondered all the work we should be doing.

Chelle called last night and has been having a most rewarding time at her workshop.

Tandy is shouting at the top of his lungs today, “Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!”

Friday, April 08, 2005


If you're looking for me, I've gone to Tulsa. Got up this morning rested and refreshed and it's beautiful day, so Ron said why don't you go to Tulsa and see your mother and I said, I think I will. Bye!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Beth's Annual Photo Arrangement -- Great job Beth! Posted by Hello


Chelle, as you head out for the three day Emergent Worship Workshop remember the ole 1-2-3. This mom is quite proud of your efforts to stay deeply involved and active in the church. Chelle has had to make a place for herself in a community of "This-is-the-way-we've-always-done-it" politics and she seems to manage well without rocking the boat too much:-) This ancient and tired mother gave up on trying to squeeze in between the tight kissing cousins of our community. The "If-you-weren't-born-here" crowd won. So, I shall simply remain proud of Chelle and live vicariously through her. You go girl!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Does anyone have an opinion on pesto? I prepared a recipe that called for pesto and it said I could substitute tomato paste. I did not have pesto, so I used tomato paste. Now, it was an okay meal but I wonder if pesto would have been better. Even looking on google I can't find a real description of pesto. Hello out!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


We had a fun phone call tonight from Terri. Joey was working on Physics homework and Jasmine and Ian were both working on a school project concerning China. Grandpa's face really lit up to get to talk to his daughter aka "The Kid" and to Joey and Jasmine. Ian was too busy with his project to take a break. Their teacup Poodle, Penny had a baby. Arrangements had been made prior to the pup's birth for a friend (?) to take the pup. Things did not work out and so now they have a new addition to their family. Rumor has it that Jasmine thinks this little puppy is way too labor intensive. We're sure missing them and hope to get to visit soon. Meanwhile, Jasmine is talking about wanting to make a trip out here by herself. Can anyone imagine Ron surviving a wait for his baby granddaughter to travel here alone from California? I'm actually doubting if either one of us could.

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Paul #1 in Series Farmer's of Neosho County Eaghl/05 Posted by Hello

Lookie Lookie First Asparagus 2005 Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Return to eBay

I have blogged long enough and now I must return to eBay and making some money. It is going to be a difficult task because Spring has sprung and my mind is full of fantasies. (However, I have not sat in a living room chair yet pretending to be swimming......!!! Yes, my grandaughter has a vivid imagination. Hooray!)

I did hear from Travis and he sounds busy and happy. What more would I want to know.

Mother was reading when I talked to her. She was looking forward to seeing Elenore and David tomorrow. Mother was not reading Harlan Coben, and I'm thinking she might like his writing. Elenore introduced me to Coben and I just finished the third novel by him. It was great! Where has this guy been? I'm bidding on two more of his books on eBay. (That's why I have to sell so I can afford to buy!)

The chickens are well. Boss Hog keeps the nine remaining hens close. Last night he let them stay up a little late because I put some new straw in the pen and they had to scratch around. It is funny when he tells them to come in. I need to record his language. Perhaps we should drop the study of Dolphin language and learn fowl.

If you drop by my blog, remember to keep Tandy in your thoughts. He's taking on quite a challenge and we're all praying for fantastic results!