Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Ron saw Pauline today and she commented on my new chickens. It seems she read about them on my blog. I am glad she reads my blog and I wish she had a blog so I could keep up on her too.

Today I was able to meet Chelle's request to add links to her blog. At first I did not think I was going to accomplish the task, but it pays to perservere and it is done. I hope she likes it.

My grocery list is ready for trip to town. That is an important factor in my day-to-day life. I never know when Ron will rush in the door and say "Let's go to town". This is where I'm also glad for wigs because I can catch the bus (our mini van) before it flys down the old dirt road without me.

It was good to finally hear from Jim Print yesterday. Just because he has 56 preachers and appointments to prepare for Annual Conference is not really a reason to be out of it? Anyway, it's good to know he and Elaine are fine.

I was at Elenore's yesterday eating oatmeal coconut cookies (which I am allergic to and paid for dearly last night by the way) while Ron was visiting our favorite dentist when cousin David C. called and opened our hearts up wide. What an upbeat, wonderful, marvelous example our search for meaning David is.

I am glad that our garden can live without me today. I could go out and weed the strawberries but it isn't vital. We can see the new berries forming and I laugh to remember Ryan last year. He said, "Wow, these look just like the real strawberries you buy in the store!"

Jessi takes blogging seriously and taught me the same. I'm really happy she put me onto this and I wonder if I would know she is moving if she didn't blog. It's certainly a good way to stay in the loop.

The other day on one of the morning shows I heard a review of a book about Uncommon Sense Parenting. The author talked about our being managers for our children until they reach their teenage years. That is when our children fire us and we become consultants. I wonder if that applies to over age 30 children? I am glad to be able to trust in God to be Tandy's manager since I'm only a consultant now and I think that doesn't even apply unless I am invited to consult.

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  1. I need two more links added are you up to it?
    I guess you are still managing me just a little huh? Love you!