Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dear Mother

Good Thursday Morning to you!

We went to visit your favorite dentist-son-in-law yesterday. David has been working on Ron's teeth and called us to run over yesterday to put on a crown. Elenore, in the midst of payroll time, tax time, house catch-up time, still managed to provide us a pot of fresh coffee and fresh baked cookies. They are an amazing couple, always acting like they are thrilled for us to disrupt their daily routine. Anyway, there is never a way to repay their warm and helpful kindnesses. You can be proud of your two Pittsburg kids.

Your Twilight Zone kids are glad for nice weather and are hoping to begin mowing our rapidly greening eight acres. We're enjoying fresh asparagus these days and are seeing lettuce and onions beginning to pop up in the garden.

Boss Hog is growing some interesting tail feathers. I guess he get's plummage like the peacock does to attract the ladies. He really has some beautiful and colorful tailfeathers. I'll have to take a photo to send you.

Ron has gone out on his morning prowl so I'm needing to dig into my house work. Chelle, Mike and Hope will come visit us tomorrow and I want my housework all done so we can play.

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  1. you and your glowing comments are too generous. you and ron always make our day!!!