Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Return to eBay

I have blogged long enough and now I must return to eBay and making some money. It is going to be a difficult task because Spring has sprung and my mind is full of fantasies. (However, I have not sat in a living room chair yet pretending to be swimming......!!! Yes, my grandaughter has a vivid imagination. Hooray!)

I did hear from Travis and he sounds busy and happy. What more would I want to know.

Mother was reading when I talked to her. She was looking forward to seeing Elenore and David tomorrow. Mother was not reading Harlan Coben, and I'm thinking she might like his writing. Elenore introduced me to Coben and I just finished the third novel by him. It was great! Where has this guy been? I'm bidding on two more of his books on eBay. (That's why I have to sell so I can afford to buy!)

The chickens are well. Boss Hog keeps the nine remaining hens close. Last night he let them stay up a little late because I put some new straw in the pen and they had to scratch around. It is funny when he tells them to come in. I need to record his language. Perhaps we should drop the study of Dolphin language and learn fowl.

If you drop by my blog, remember to keep Tandy in your thoughts. He's taking on quite a challenge and we're all praying for fantastic results!

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