Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, April 15, 2019


Question Of The Week 04-15-19

Do you take in your teenage child's friend who claims
 horrible parental abuse?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

WFW 04-10-19



Sheila went to the hill-top hoping to gaze on a pride of lions resting below.
She had taken her dogs because she wasn't feeling all that brave.

She saw the adult male lion rolling in the tall grass as if he were a kitten. He heard
a twig snap under Sheila's foot and his sudden change of stance was very
decisive. This misstep had thrown a wrench in her plans of stealth.

Sheila began to shake as a bad feeling overtook her. She quickly was able
to scribble a note to attach to one of the dog's collars and gave it the
command to return to camp. Hopefully help would arrive to back her up.

The frightened woman held perfectly still and saw the huge king lion distracted by
a lovely flower and she thought of Ferdinand the bull who would rather smell
flowers than attack anyone. She moved away slowly and got back before
members of their party would be alarmed and try to come to her aid.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019


I am a great-grandmother. Our oldest grandson Joey, ( Ron's oldest grandson) is a new daddy. Oh how I wish Ron could see this beautiful great-grandson. Well, I'm betting he can:) Congratulations Joey and Melissa.  Cannot wait for more details.

Joey and Jax

Great Grandson Jaxson Wyatt

Monday, April 08, 2019


Question Of The Week 04-08-19

Do you plan your meals? Daily? Weekly? At all?

Friday, April 05, 2019


messymimi's meanderings gives us a multitude of things to read on her blog every day.  Favorites of mine are the unknown holidays that she lists for the day.  Did you know today is Bell Bottoms Day?  This brought up the memory of why those pants left my wardrobe. 

The incident: My "then" husband dashed through an intersection with me riding on the back of our motorcycle. The sudden jerk (by the jerk) caused me to lose my balance.  My bell bottom trousers got caught in the foot peg.  I was hurled into the road but the bike peg held me and I was dragged for several feet. Many witnesses rushed to my side to make sure I was okay while my "then" husband was busy checking on the bike.

Ah sweet mysteries of life.  LOL



Thursday, April 04, 2019


Our courtship was perfect.  Filled with flowers, jewelry, cards, and candy
Always chocolate candy.  As the years went by, the other gifts may have fallen 
by the wayside but never the candy because we both had a passion for chocolate. 
It was the gift we could give each other on any occasion and know it would be hit. 

It troubled us so to have such chocolate addiction that Ron suggested we should 
try some herbal product that would curb our appetite for chocolate.  My response
was, “Then why go on living?”  We agreed and continued topping all our celebrations
with special chocolate goodness.
I sure miss my Candy Man:-( 


Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Life is good for this single old lady. My two girl pals, Slim and Frankie keep me moving opening and closing the doors to let them in and out.

My most recent excitement came from the 2019 Iditarod. Ron loved this annual race so much. Now it has become a favorite of mine. It is easy to understand his attraction to the 1,000 mile dog sled run.

What would a SOL (Single Old Lady) do without the internet? What would a SOL do without TV? The only reason for me to go out of the house is to take the trash container out to the road on Tuesday evening and bring it back in on Wednesday morning. The cats need food and the guinea fowl need their corn. Once those duties are performed, it is back inside.

Walmart grocery pickup has become a delight.  Orders made from my easy chair at home and then a quick run to town to have it loaded in my truck and then it's back home.

Now it is time to decide what is next. Maybe I will go to the Senior Center for a lunch of meatloaf and mashed potatoes or stay home and eat soup.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019


Can you answer these trivia questions?  I will post answers tomorrow in the comment section.  Have fun.

1. Where did headlight dimmer switches used to be located?

a. On the floor shift knob
b. On the floor, left of the clutch
c. Next to the horn

2. The bottle top of a Royal Crown Cola bottle has holes in it. For what was it used?

a. Capture lightning bugs.
b. To sprinkle clothes before ironing
c. Large salt shaker

3. Why was having milk delivered a problem in northern winters?

a. Cows got cold and wouldn’t produce
b. Ice on highways forced delivery by dog sled
c. Milkmen left deliveries outside doors and milk would freeze, expanding and pushing up the cardboard bottle top.

4. What was the popular chewing gum named for a game of chance?

a. Blackjack
b. Gin
c. Craps

5. What method did women adapt to look as if they were wearing stockings when none was available due to rationing during W.W.II?

a. Suntan
b. Leg painting
c. Wearing slacks

6. What postwar car turned automotive design on its ear when you couldn’t tell whether it was coming or going?

a. Studebaker
b. Nash Metro
c. Tucker

7. Which was a popular candy when you were a kid?

a. Strips of dried peanut butter
b. Chocolate-licorice bars
c. Wax coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside

8. How was Butch wax used?

a. To stiffen hair cut into a flat top so it stood up
b. To make floors shiny and prevent scuffing
c. On the wheels of roller skates to prevent rust