Slim in pillows

Slim in pillows

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hannah BananaFace has again offered us lots of inspiration for the Words For Wednesday challenge. She says, "However the prompts move you to write, it's a-okay with us! The rules are, "Write, baby, write." Whether it's poems, plays, short stories, prompts, lyrics, or more, whatever you like-just write!"

Words for this week: 
Fireflies (or lightning bugs, per your dialect)

Picture for this week;

My composition:

TIME ERASED by Granny Annie

Standing guard with only
The company of the fireflies,
He yearned for his grandfather
As he gazed into the skies.

The young boy knew Pappy
Would eventually come there.
He closed his eyes.
He said a special prayer.

Others taunted the boy about
His granddad's checkered past
Leaving the youngster
With eyes and heart downcast.

He tried not to let it matter.
He spent this time
Whistling the happy tune
Pappy taught about sunshine.

Perhaps the song would
Lead his grandfather to him.
This waiting a solemn time
As the park lights grew dim.

The anxious boy opened the thermos
Pausing before taking a sip.
A silver haired man approached.
You could sense the kinship.

Pappy gently reached out
To wipe the boys tears.
He embraced his grandson.
He erased the missing years.


Monday, August 22, 2016


Question Of The Week 8-22-16

If you could be any age again for one week, what age would  you be and what would  you do that week?
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
I'm not sure I'd want to go back, although if I did I'd see my Dad again, as I miss him terribly. Maybe when we all used to go as a family at Centre Parcs, so not too far back really. Maybe when I was 35.
10:10 AM
Blogger Lisa said...
I'd be 17, and I'd tell that boy that, hell no! I didn't want to go on a date with him, and I didn't want to follow him down to that expensive private college. I'd stay home and go to the local community college and marry someone capable of loving me. That's what I'd do.
10:16 AM
Blogger Jan said...
I'd be around 2 weeks old and everyone would obey my every command because they would be loud.
11:23 AM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
I'd opt for 11. We were living in Key West with my much loved grandmother. I enjoyed a tropical paradise, had a pony, a steady boy friend and enjoyed my only period of complete popularity. Sign.
11:35 AM
Blogger Kailani said...
18...and even if I fell in love with him again, I'd make sure to stay for my Bachelor's degree, and not drop out after 2 years. :)
11:41 AM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
Now is just fine. And I wouldn't be a teenager again for anyone. Way too much anxt.
3:01 PM
Blogger Brig said...
I'd be in my late twenties, and the kids, the Cowman, and I would again be living in the back of beyond of Oregon. Riding through cattle every day, fishing, building a teepee on the lawn, and just loving life.
8:10 PM
Blogger Lee said...
40....have a ball!
8:50 PM
Blogger River said...
Seventeen, floating on the river in a giant inner tube with a bunch of friends. Best summer ever!
10:26 PM
Blogger Ellymae said...
Never my Freshman year of college again.
6:35 AM

Thursday, August 18, 2016


My housekeeper has been bringing her 7 year old daughter Lindsey with her to work this summer.  Wednesday was the last day for her little girl to come along before school starts this week.  As a parting gift and a thank you for letting her come, Lindsey made me this card and then added the 26 cents.  Her mother said Lindsey had insisted on including the money.  How sweet is this?  It made me very happy.  The inside drawing if of Slim, Frankie, Lindsey and ME!! 

The quarter and penny that were inside the card.
Slim, Lindsey, Me and Frankie.  I need to ask why Frankie has a purple nose. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Once more six great Words For Wednesday furnished by Hannah BananaFace with another inspiring photo to accompany our creativity.

Ice cubes

FRAGMENTED by Granny Annie

The beautiful pendant was made of spiraling stained glass,
to be worn on a silk ribbon, a creation of whimsy and class.
It glittered in the shadows displayed with pride
Until, fluttering ever so slightly, the ribbon became untied
and like crushed ice cubes the pendant tiles shattered.
Hastening to catch each piece still they scattered.
and drifted to the floor while lingering sunbeams
bounced off the pieces releasing sorrowful screams.

Monday, August 15, 2016


Question Of The Week 8-15-16

Have you ever had  your cell phone ring at an embarrassing moment?  When/where?

Blogger Changes in the wind said...
During a funeral...
8:34 AM
Blogger Kailani said...
If I have, and I probably have, for the life of me right at this moment, I can't recall it. Probably just faulty memory, not phone sainthood. LOL
10:07 AM
Blogger cube said...
During class, at the doctor's office during an examination, but the public library was the worst.
12:00 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
Mine spends most of its life turned off, so no. No virtue, I just like to be out of contact with the world from time to time.
5:02 PM
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
I don't have a mobile phone,so no!!
5:17 PM
Blogger Winifred said...
I'm not too bad at switching the sound down when I need to the problem is I forget to switch it back on. That's OK as long as I can remember where the phone is. No chance then of ringing to find it!
5:50 PM
Blogger Birdie said...
I don't have a cell phone.
10:30 PM
Blogger River said...
No. If I remember to take it with me at all, I'll turn it off when entering the cinema.
11:51 PM
Blogger Brig said...
Not that I can remember, I have it turned down or off most of the time...
12:24 AM
Blogger Lee said...
I don't have a cell/mobile phone. I have no need for one. My landline is more than enough for me.
12:55 AM

Blogger Barb said...
I like these comments! Half the time, I turn my sound off and forget to put it back on!
2:13 PM
Blogger Lynn said...
I keep it on silent so much that I miss most calls because of that. I don't think I've had an embarrassing moment like that. But I truly hate it when people's phones go off at the movie theater. One guy never would switch it off - it had that Lone Ranger music when it rang. He was behind me when exiting the building and it went off. I did the slow turn to give him an evil look, but he was cheerfully telling someone how he had just been at a movie and that was why he hadn't answered before. :)
2:24 PM
Blogger Lisa said...
At a company event. I was standing by the CCO while the CEO was speaking. The CCO heard my phone, I did not.
4:31 PM
 Blogger G. B. Miller said...
I've been fortunate over the years that it never happened to me. I've gone entire work days though, without realizing that my phone was off until it was time to go home.

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