Slim in pillows

Slim in pillows

Thursday, June 30, 2016


This week I used all the words River provided for the last in June.  She has done a good job supplying us with challenging words for the fun.

virus, business, instrument, special, complex, superhuman, hottest, reconnect, interactive, driftwood, mystery, continental and the phrase, "there is a Prince Charming in all good fairy stories".

JUNGLE FEVER by Granny Annie

Traveling through the Land of the Lost
A virus infected our hiking tour.
It was our business to seek out care
To find some instrument of a cure.

Jungle scenery and animals
Seemed less than special now.
Superhumans we were not
For complex rescue to allow.

What shelter on a hottest day?
Would we ever reconnect?
A burning fever plagued us
As interactive minds reflect.

Was it driftwood that infected us?
What could solve this mystery?
Moving like a continental army
We headed toward a churning sea.

But, “there is a Prince Charming
In all good fairy stories” still.
Kissing was found to be the cure
Ending a need for any medical pill.

A few might go again someday.
The Land of the Lost was in each heart.
We went home healthy and happy.
We had enjoyed the kissing part.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Question Of The Week 6-27-16

What did you do in the summer when you were growing up?

Blogger Changes in the wind said...
I love to roller skate and no we had no rinks just a cement basketball court.
8:40 AM
Blogger Jan said...
A lot of roller skating and a lot of reading
9:26 AM
Blogger Birdie said...
My grandparents didn't believe in leaving money to their children and grandchildren in a will so they gave money to everyone. One time they gave $10,000 so my parents decided to put in a pool. And that is where I spent my summers! It was awesome. My grandma died first and when my grandpa died he didn't have more than a few hundred dollars to his name.
12:28 PM
Blogger cube said...
Because I grew up in NYC, I did lots of reading with weekend trips to the park for running, and riding our bikes down a sinisterly steep hill at Riverside Park and avoiding a concrete water faucet, etc.. Once I turned 11, we moved to Florida and got a pool. It was hard for my mom to get us out of it even to eat. Often, we'd have sandwiches at pool's edge for lunch and tempestual fits over not wanting to come in for dinner.

Reading, running and swimming... that about covers it.
3:06 PM
Blogger Brig said...
Water skied, camped, read a lot, sewed, swam in a neighbors pool, spent time with my granny, and hoed weeds in bean fields for my dad, a lot of bean fields, every summer.
3:27 PM
Blogger Lisa said...
Mostly I played in the backyard with the neighborhood kids. There was a gang of about 15 of us who were the same age. When we weren't playing hide and seek or kick the can, we'd go to the rec center to swim or play volleyball or kickball. Or we'd just ride our bikes or skate on the sidewalks. Occasionally we'd be allowed to go to the skating rink or to the bowling alley. Then on Friday nights somebodies mother would load everyone up in her car and take us to the drive-in theater. If it sounds like Leave-it-to-Beaver-land, it was. Too bad we didn't appreciate it as such when we were young.
3:33 PM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
I spent the summers in Ohio in a bathing suit and in Key West on pony back. Can't ever remember being bored.
4:03 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
Reading, swimming, cycling...
4:54 PM
Blogger Barb said...
I daydreamed, read, rode bike, and went swimming in the public town pool. I was a latchkey kid.
6:45 PM
Blogger Tammie Lee said...
often we would go to the beach for 5 days and stay in a cabana, then home on Mon. and Tues. to wash clothes and get ready to do it again. perhaps all that good fun is why I am always dealing with skin cancer and pre-skin cancers...... What did you do?
9:16 PM

Blogger Lynn said...
Lots of reading. Going to Lake Sinclair with the fam.
5:18 AM
Blogger Louvregirl said...
8:40 AM
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
Tried to avoid being hit or screamed at.
1:32 PM
Blogger Lee said...
Oh, boy! I did so many things...this would turn into a "Gone with the Wind" if I listed them all! :)
9:42 PM

Blogger Pat said...
Played tennis - badly - and enjoyed camping, climbing and boating.
9:24 AM
Blogger River said...
Up at dawn, walk down to the beach, stay all day and come home as the sun was going down. From about age eight. It was a small town where everyone knew everyone else just about, so I was safe and home was five minutes walk away. When I wasn't at the beach I was reading, sometimes up in a tree reading.
1:46 AM

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Yes it was very shocking for both of us. I stepped in the shower and found a visitor there. A little green frog. I picked him up and gently put him outside the door of the house. Needless to say my condition was not one that would have warranted visitors at that moment :-) What the story must this little frog have told his family when he got home?

(I can't help but wonder if Lee's friend Hieronymus  sent him.  LOL)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


It's Wednesday.  Stay tuned and I shall return with my post for Words For Wednesday.  Meanwhile play with these words provided by River Drifting through life for this week. Think about a story or a poem you might write and if you come up with something you can post in my comments section or in River's. If you have time, go to her blog and see what others have written.  As Arnold would say, " Aw'll be baaack".


Here are the words:
1. brew
2. bellicose
3. boxer
4. bitumen
5. reckless
6. smoked-ham
1. jewel
2. plum
3. poach
4. reef
5. canvas
6. puddle
" well, that's annoying!" 

Here is my contribution for this week's WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY.

DRUNKENNESS by Granny Annie

It was the strong brew
That made him bellicose.
He turned into a boxer.
Giving the smoked ham a dose

Of his fists,
His sudden anger showing.
So the patrons yelled
well that's annoying!”

To stop him from being restless
They showed their acumen
By deciding they should
Cover him in bitumen.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Question Of The Week 6-2-16

Have you ever undergone therapy of any sort? 

Blogger Lynn said...
Yes - after my best friend died of breast cancer in 1993 (at age 29) and about the same time, my boyfriend broke up with me in a rather cruel way. I was sort of walking around shell-shocked and another good friend suggested I talk to her father's good friend, who was also a therapist. Because of the personal connection, I got to see him at his home. He was in his mid-70s and still practicing part-time. We would walk his garden and he would make me a cup of tea - it was a gentle therapy that worked for me and I became a much stronger person for it.
5:04 AM
Blogger Changes in the wind said...
Yes, after I broke my ankle.
9:08 AM
Blogger Lisa said...
Many times. I have major depressive episodes, and because of my heart, I can't take most anti-depressives. The first time I was in therapy was after being treated for breast cancer. The woman was young. She was not very nurturing and didn't understand the impact of a stage 3cancer diagnosis. She wasn't much help. The last time I was in therapy, it was with a gentleman who was my age. He picked up on the problem and was very helpful.
9:53 AM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
I did when I tore my rotator cuff. Not fun but I eventually learned enough to do it my self. Also completed Cardiac rehab which was great in making me realize I wasn't as fragile as I thought and could exercise quite a bit.
1:41 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
3:08 PM
Blogger Riot Kitty said...
I did in college and I just started again a few weeks ago. Difficult but necessary.
4:25 PM
Blogger River said...
Physio after a torn rotator cuff at work, like Arkansas Patti says, not fun, but I still do some of the exercises on my own when my shoulders begin to ache.
2:05 AM
Blogger G. B. Miller said...
4:58 AM
Blogger Lee said...
6:22 AM
Blogger cube said...
No, but I think I might need physical therapy in the future. My knees are shot from running in my youth.
11:16 AM
Blogger Kerry said...
Nope. Just lucky I guess.
11:21 PM
Blogger Granny Annie said...
I have had physical therapy before and after my hip replacement and cardiac rehab after heart attacks plus psychotherapy after being a hostage in a bank robbery in '84.
6:01 AM

Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...
After my parents died I did counselling which helped me deal with truama n quit smoking. It does help you think better. Physical not yet- lucky!
3:22 PM
Blogger Vest said...
I survived WW2, but on returning to Sydney from Japan Sept 16 1945, the ship I was serving in at the time was de- Amunitioning (removing Ammo from the Magazines) in order to go into the Dry Dock For repairs. Silly me fell down a Hatch (Unintentionally) Result was Broken left leg and right foot and arm. Fotunately my head was still there when I awoke.
8:15 PM
Blogger Sparkling Red said...
Oh my goodness yes. Hundreds of hours of talk therapy of various sorts. I only ever had one therapist who genuinely helped me, by gently but firmly challenging me. She helped me through leaving my first husband. Then she got cancer and suddenly (understandably) dropped all her clients. I never found anyone else worth the time I spent with them. (And in the end, nothing beats Paxil!) ;-)
4:56 PM