Slim in pillows

Slim in pillows

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


May 4, 2016
WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY  selected from group offered on Elephant Child's each week to write a story or a poem.  Try your way with the words and post on her blog and on your blog if you want.  I have put them on her blog in the comments before but this is my first post shared on my own blog.

I picked the third group of words offered by Mark Koopmans:


Really, a winter vacation ?
What was in my noggin?
It was the middle of summer
And I was riding a toboggan

Smashing through frozen Ice
I was shocked to find a shark
With an orchid in his fin
Swimming in the dark.

The location wasn't marked
By the GPS on my iPod.
Now I needed a Realtor .
To find this a place of God?

The unique frozen land
Had disappeared ever-after.
But, I love to tell the story
And listen to the laughter.

Monday, May 02, 2016


Question Of The Week 5-2-16

What is the last thing that 
you’ve done 
that’s really worth remembering?

Blogger Brite Mist said...
eating an entire meal without spitting the last part up!
7:44 AM
Blogger Lynn said...
I just take it day to day. Yesterday afternoon there was a concert by a choral group from the University of Georgia - voices likes angels. I'm so glad I went. The highlight - "Sometimes I Feel" arrangement by Parker/Shaw. There is a youtube video with someone else performing it. Moving and gorgeous.
8:07 AM
Blogger Changes in the wind said...
Praying for a small boy and his Dad that Mom would be able to carry his baby brother to term.
8:17 AM
Blogger Tabor said...
Honestly so much in my life is worth remembering. Every little precious thing from being able to hold that 9-month-old last week to finding a lime green frog in the hosta at the front door this morning.
8:48 AM

Blogger Jan said...
Watching a mother duck lead all her many babies across a street and all the cars stopped with smiling people inside.
11:10 AM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
Just trying to remember each day to see instead of just look which can turn the ordinary into memorable. A lot of really neat stuff goes unnoticed, especially when studying a smart phone keyboard.
3:47 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
My voluntary work makes me feel worthwhile.
On a more personal level? The trip to Antarctica. Over ten years ago now, but definitely cherished memories.
4:24 PM
Blogger cube said...
I'm one of those people that can see the tiny things that are important in life alongside the very important ones. I'd be here all night trying to report on it all.
4:33 PM
Blogger Lee said...
Waking up this morning...
9:26 PM
Blogger Louvregirl said...
Hugged my son goodbye (and laid my head on his chest) when we moved away.
9:45 PM

Friday, April 29, 2016


Ron's little brother and sil are visiting.  His brother brought me this picture of Ron  from 1957. Hope all the grandchildren will enjoy seeing their Grandpa Ron in his sailor suit, especially the two who are following in his footsteps on sea legs:-)

Ron and little brother Roger

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Enjoy everyone's answers to Question Of The Week 4-25-16.  If other answers come, I will add them.  See your answers on the question page here for who ya gonna call GHOSTBUSTERS

Monday, April 25, 2016


Question Of The Week, 4-25-16

"Who you gonna call?"

Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?

I immediately thought of my sister but then realized that wasn't correct.  It all depends on the cause of the bad day and who will  understand most.  Could be my friend, my sister, my children....OR SLIM!!

Your Answers:-)  Thanks for the comments.

Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
I don't call anyone, I tend to wait until someone arrives home and off load all my crap on them. It could be anyone. :D I try not to do it to my partner though.
5:59 AM
Blogger Olga Hebert said...
I really hate the phone so I would be unlikely to call anyone unless I needed specific help. I would put on some soothing music and do some restorative yoga poses or I would meditate. That's a very interesting question.
6:50 AM
Blogger Changes in the wind said...
If I am in trouble I would call my husband for sure.
9:24 AM
Blogger Lynn said...
I call my sister (the younger one) who I am a little closer to, in general. I was having a really bad work day last week and sent a text to her, saying I needed grandchildren pics. And of course, there were some. It definitely helped. And she followed up later to see if I was OK.

There was an incident, about 10 years ago - that something very upsetting happened to me and I was driving home and meant to call the younger sister, but called the older one instead. When I started talking to her, I burst into tears (unusual for me) and she cried with me. So I should not sell her short - she is there for me, too - I just have to ask.
11:10 AM
Blogger Tabor said...
I am not one to share my troubles. I like to keep everything perfect and would only talk to someone if it was really, really serious. I honestly do not know if I could share a diagnosis of cancer until some time had passed. Not my Blogmates are different. I dump on them all the time.
12:22 PM
Blogger cube said...
Yes, it depends on how bad the day is, but I am more prone to keeping my cards close to my vest.
12:48 PM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
I really don't unload much, mainly because I have a high boiling point. I tend to find if I listen to someone else gripe, it really releases any pressure I am feeling. I am a vicarious griper.
5:56 PM
Blogger Lee said...
Strange as it might seem to some... if I do feel the need to talk with someone, I call my ex.
4:28 AM
Blogger Brite Mist said...
i think slim is a good choice! Me i have a group of different people i can call...thank God for that
2:05 PM
Blogger Barb said...
I don't use the phone much to convey sadness or problems. However, my best friend, Mary, would definitely hear about my heartache someway, somehow, somedayBloggerBlogger

 Jan said...
I hate the phone. I use it only for business so no one.

Blogger Riot Kitty said...
Usually it's text. My Ron ;)
10:58 PM
Blogger Brighid said...
I'm a willing listener for my friends.
But, I don't call it in to them, because I always think I should be able to handle stuff.
11:58 PM

Blogger Jan said...
I hate the phone. I use it only for business so no one.
9:19 AM
Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...
I actually don't call anyone- Never did comment - sorry the library keeps cutting me off!
At a party now instead of sleeping...
11:46 AM

Blogger Sparkling Red said...
When I've had a bad day, I don't want to call anyone, and no one had better call me either! #introvert
5:42 PM