Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Sunday, May 16, 2021


 Continued from Part One and Part Two


Fred has learned that there is a new Gnome in town.  He is eager to take Maxine to meet this new guy.  Maxine is eager to come clean with Fred about baby Josh.  She is sure after Fred makes a new friend he will be less angry when he learns about the infant she has adopted. She will tell Fred when they return to the house.

 Fred introduces himself to the Gnome who has ridden in on his own Rooster.  The Gnome is named Douglas and he admires Maxine's beauty as Fred introduces her.  "This is my WIFE" Fred says with strong emphasis on the word "wife".  He doesn't really care for the way Douglas is looking at Maxine.

Douglas tell them that they were knocked down by a bowling ball and his rooster lost his beak.  They will have to stay put until his transportation, rooster Jud, is healed. "Well" Fred said, "You can borrow BYR (Big Yard Rooster) if you need to go any distance while you are here."  "Thanks a million!" Douglas replies.

"Make yourselves at home" Fred says, "we live in the house and only come outside occasionally.  You will be fine here."   

Maxine encourages Fred to stop in a sunny place on the way home.  "I have something to tell you, my dear" Maxine begins.  "I have been keeping a secret from you."  "WHAT" Fred yells.  "We aren't supposed to keep secrets.  What is it?"  

"I have a baby." Maxine says softly.  "You silly woman, I would know if you had a baby." Fred laughs.

"I didn't say I HAD a baby.  I said I HAVE a baby.  I found him two weeks ago in a flower when we moved into the garden. I grabbed him and secreted him into the house. I have named him Josh."


 "Here he is." Maxine says with pride in her voice.  "Isn't he just the cutest thing you every saw?  He loves to play in this little cedar chest with the blocks and the toy horse."  

Fred smiles at the tiny child but has to ask, "What do you plan to do with him?  We can't raise a child in the book shelf garden."

"We can hug him, and squeeze him and cuddle him until we find his family can't we?"

"Yes we can" and Fred reaches to pick up baby Josh.

Meanwhile, in another part of NOL-NOC ESTATES a small child is saying goodbye to his sisters.  He is going on a journey to find their little lost baby brother.

Jody gives kisses to his sisters Julia and Juniper. 


The little sisters wave goodbye to Jody as he heads out on a perilous journey to find their baby brother.

 to be continued


  1. They are so cute, there's no place like Gnome!

  2. The plot thickens. Brian's comment is perfect.

  3. Uh-Oh, Maxine's baby could be the missing little brother. But perhaps there can still be a happy ending.

  4. This is quite the interesting story. Job well done!

  5. You are such a good story teller

  6. Oh oh, if her found baby is the missing one I feel for Maxine when he gets taken from her. Let us know how this turns out.

  7. I can't wait until the next chapter!

  8. Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. I am trying to post a new chapter every Sunday.