Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Monday, October 28, 2013


Question Of The Week 10-28-13

What was your best 
Halloween costume ever 
and did you win 
a prize?
This wasn't my "best" Halloween costume ever but it was my most fun.  I went as a member of the Press and took a ton of pictures of the evening.  This church Halloween party included a hayride for the kids and lovely time around the fire pit for the adults.
My Press Pass design that I wore around my neck.  Plus I had a Press sign on my hat and cameras galore.

This innovative girl won the prize as Sly from Duck Dynasty.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


What call center would you say this is?  I say US Cellular.
On August 9, 2013 I began what I thought would be a very simple process.  It was time to change from a two phone family plan with US Cellular to a single phone line.  Just cancel Ron's phone, right?  Wrong!

Multiple phone calls to a different agent every time were followed by four trips into town to talk to eight different representatives who ended up putting me on their phones to the call center.  Most of my phone calls mysteriously disconnected just as they would answer after I had been holding for 15 minutes or more.  Never once did I speak to the same person twice.

Ron's phone was not turned off.  Instead they kept the account for him as a single account and opened me a new account as well.  This was after I had taken in proof of death to their office as required.

I had to get a new credit line because they said the other phone was primarily Ron's, though I had originally opened it as a single phone in 1998 and added him in 2000.  Never had one single payment been missed as they debited our checking account monthly. That didn't count for my credit history and I had to start over. 

We have over 12,000 reward points that they were supposed to transfer to my new account.  That was not happening either.

They owed us a refund then they billed us $216 in error when I showed the automatic payments had been made but that didn't keep them from closing my account for several hours before I realized why I wasn't getting any phone calls.  They apologized.

There is not room to list all the problems, but I did finally get "almost" everything resolved by threatening in an email to file an informal complaint with the FCC to then be followed with a formal complaint if matters were not resolved.  Results began to pour in that very day. 

So far they owe me $52 credit balance on our original account.  I can only knock on wood that everything else if finally resolved.  It is time for me to get a new free phone but you can bet your sweet bippy that I'm going to wait at least a year before I contact these people again for any reason.

(Oh, why don't I change carriers you ask?  Well US Cellular is the only cell service that can be accessed in my area.  When my family visits no one can use their phones. Not Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T.)

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Ron loved this 3 piece suit. He wore it on many a special occasion and I'm not sure what this important day was.
Yesterday I mowed for the last time of the season. It was sad to put the mower away because mowing has been a big part of my communion with Ron. It was like I was putting him away too. I know that I really must at some point but I cannot imagine being able to.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Two emotional stories are in the news on Facebook today.  

One is about a young lady from Guthrie,Oklahoma who had her wallet stolen in the grocery store.  She approached the thief and offered him two alternatives.  He could quietly return her billfold and she would buy his groceries or she would call the police.  He took the free food offer and shared his very sad hard luck story with the young girl.

The second story is about a Miami-Dade county sheriff officer who arrested a young mother for stealing groceries, listened to her hard luck tale and saw the woman's starving kids.  She let the mother go and bought her $100 of groceries instead.  The story got out and people donated more money to the thief plus they gave her a job.

Is this the United States of America in the 21st century and not dust bowl times or some third world country.  What town does not have a place where our homeless or those in need can go for help.  What church would ever turn away people in need and what about organizations like the Salvation Army? Plus we do have this thing called Welfare that provides especially for single moms with children.

Tell me what justifies a person stealing and why would we want to assist them breaking the law and be applauded for it?  

(And yes I have been at poverty level with two small children and on government assistance.  And yes, I have had a gun placed to my head by a gun crazed robber who said, when captured, that he was needing to buy Christmas presents for his children.)

Monday, October 21, 2013


Question Of The Week 10-21-13

Tell us a strange, spooky, or eerie event that has occurred in your life and cannot be explained?

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Ron gave me a good luck token when we were dating.  It was a 1918 half dollar and he told me to keep it with me always.  I carried it religiously until a couple of years ago when it suddenly disappeared.  My first thought was that I had accidentally spent it as a quarter.  I tore the house apart looking for it as if I had lost a diamond. Ron thought I was acting crazy but it was precious to me.

This week my most admired 95 year old uncle died.  I said this about him on my Facebook. "A wonderful Uncle, mentor, supportive friend who shared his strength and love with all of us. Our mom's "favorite" (and only) brother:) God bless and keep his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the days ahead. One of the greater of The Greatest Generation."

Not only did I love him, Ron admired him a great deal also because they were both Navy men.  Uncle Jim had many close medical calls but always bounced back and kept moving forward.  Still Ron and I believed the day would come when we would attend my uncle's funeral.  

One of the things I dreaded most about going to the funeral tomorrow was going alone.  I was getting clothes ready and thinking about shoes, dress, purse, etc.  Suddenly I looked in the center of my closet floor and there it was.  The coin Ron had given me.  Ron will be going with me tomorrow to pay tribute to my Uncle Jim.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Did you have a Fall Break when you were in school?  I don't remember having one, but am sure glad my granddaughter does.  Hope is with me this week and it's time for a good spoiling for this youngest grandchild:) 
Hope enjoys noodles at the China Buffet.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Question Of The Week 10-14-13


Ron would never open an envelope unless he was seated and had a knife or a letter opener to slit it open.  My father was the same way.  Dad cut from the top and Ron cut the envelope open at the end.  I rip the mail open as soon as I take it out of the mail box.  Those ragged edges drove my dad and Ron both crazy.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I appears I am going to be dangerous with this new surveillance system.  

My son Tandy "quit" smoking. Plus when he "was" smoking I asked him not to throw the cigarettes in the yard because they are dangerous for the chickens.

My grandson Dillon says, " "That thing's still on fire."

My son's response, "Yea, so?"

(Thanks Judy (kenju) for my new name Sherlock Annie!) 

Friday, October 11, 2013


Not only do I name all my animals, I have a tendency to name inanimate objects as well.  My vehicles are Blue and Zippy.  My bi-pap machine is Tonto (because I am the masked stranger and the machine is my trusted companion) and my tape recorder is Zack.  Now my surveillance system is Cagney and I am Lacy and we are crime fighting partners.  (Does anyone remember Cagney and Lacy?)

It is enjoyable to hear and see what is going on outside when I am in the house.  I don't mean to belabor having this video surveillance but it serves more purposes than simply watching for criminals to invade the estate.  I can finally hear things from outside.  This house is so well insulated that Ron and I could never hear a thing and neighbors, UPS, FedEx or frozen products salesmen were at the door before I could get my wig on.  Plus now I might be able to catch the kids busting my mailbox with ball bats.  We have lost three in the eight years we've been here.  Oh and I might be able to tell what stray dogs are messing with my chickens and prove it in a court of law.

Today I thought I would add what the mounted cameras look like outside.  I hired a local fellow to put the cameras up for me and he was diligent in his efforts to hide the cords as best he could.  Basically having some way to tame the cords that have to reach AC outlets is a concern. Of course he went to Ron's shop and found all kinds of things to aid in his endeavors.

The electric cord runs down the back of this pipe and is fastened with those zip lock thingies.
We had to mount both cameras here to access the electric outlet.  I will have him put one of the new cameras on the barn pointing to our house and the other one on the back of the house pointing toward the field.  Please do not judge me by my much needed paint and repairs to eaves:)
All an intruder would have to do is unplug the cameras but first they would be captured on film.  I will probably place a decorated milk can in front of the outlet.   He used some "U" clips to hold the cord across the bottom.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Because of recent robberies and home invasions in our area I decided to put up some surveillance cameras.  The cameras have audio and night vision.  I like the audio best because I can hear if I'm not watching and someone pulls in my drive. I can also keep close tabs on the wasps as you will see:)  The activity is recorded on a SD 4G in the monitor and so even if the cameras are disabled, the image will be recorded.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Ganglion cyst on my knuckle
By the time I stop listing all my ailments we will be ready for our medical degrees.  This lovely knot appeared overnight on my knuckle much like my Bells Palsy (which is almost gone, I might add).  One of the remedies for a ganglion cyst suggests hitting it with a large book. I think I will pass on that suggestion.  

Worse than the cyst is the bad job painting my nails.  I used "fast drying" nail polish yesterday and could not wait for it to dry so I messed it up big time.  Obviously the polish makers and I have two different thoughts on the meaning of  "fast".

Notice the wall behind my hand.  That is my office color which my daughter painted when she was here last.  I love the new look.

P.S. You have been on many weight loss ventures with me.  Most recently I tried the diet pill Qsymia which was by prescription but insurance would not pay and cost $150 per month. I gave that up and have opted for trying Nutri-systems that is also expensive but includes food so should cut my grocery bill.  I start their 7 day trial period today. The food I received looks a bit frightening.

Monday, October 07, 2013


Question Of The Week 10/7/13

Have you ever broken the law without getting caught?  What law are you tempted to break most often?

(Speeding, failure to yield, no seat belt, jaywalking, shoplifting, bank robbery, murder etc.)

Saturday, October 05, 2013



Awakened yesterday and went about my normal routine.  Did not look in the mirror until 9:00 AM to apply my lipstick.  What a shock to see this sight. My doctor's office told me to come right in.  I feared a stroke.  It is Bells Palsey.  The only medication to treat it is Prednisone and it is better to let nature run its course than to take such powerful medicine.  I believe it is already better today.  Do you know anything about Bells Palsey that will be encouraging to share?  Yikes!  At least I'm ready for Halloween:)

Thursday, October 03, 2013


Everyone knows TLC stands for Tender Loving Care, but it also stands for Talking, Laughing, Crying.  Oops, I better call that second one TLCE for Talking, Laughing, Crying and.......EATING!  (I have already placed an order for Nutrisystems 7 day starter kit.)
You can easily see the pounds that I put on.  It's not just all in my face:(

My childhood friend Janet has returned to Colorado after a wonderful 9 days here.  We made many a beautiful scenic drive as the weather was in our favor almost all week.  We drove highway 10 to Tahlequah,OK which was our childhood stomping ground where we met in the fifth grade. That day we had lunch with two other childhood friends and toured the town.
Our old Junior High
Chapel at UMCH
Janet, Chris, Diane

The one day we were debating three choices of either a trip to Bentonville to the art museum or a trip back to Tahlequah for a blue grass festival or a drive to Grove for the Pelican Festival, it poured down rain and we filled that day with local flea market shopping.
Look closely toward the shore in the back and you can see some of the pelicans.

Of course we made a trip to Pittburg, Kansas to visit my sister and bil.  We were treated to a wonderful lunch at Chatters where Janet and I both ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich.  Oh No!! Oh yes:)

Nice picture of Janet on scenic route to my sister's.
We shopped in unique boutiques as well as numerous flea markets.  We ate in every favorite restaurant in this area but did not go to one casino.

I drove Janet to the airport yesterday and sent her back to Colorado but I cannot remember a time I have enjoyed a friend's visit more.  We took up just where we left off as children and did not miss a beat. She lost her precious husband Victor nine years ago and she was able to give me lots of comfort and hope.
As we entered one Mexican Restaurant we saw this artist signature on the outside mural.  I think Janet was tempted to call the number to see if she could reach Victor.