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Frankie and Slim
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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Ron gave me a good luck token when we were dating.  It was a 1918 half dollar and he told me to keep it with me always.  I carried it religiously until a couple of years ago when it suddenly disappeared.  My first thought was that I had accidentally spent it as a quarter.  I tore the house apart looking for it as if I had lost a diamond. Ron thought I was acting crazy but it was precious to me.

This week my most admired 95 year old uncle died.  I said this about him on my Facebook. "A wonderful Uncle, mentor, supportive friend who shared his strength and love with all of us. Our mom's "favorite" (and only) brother:) God bless and keep his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the days ahead. One of the greater of The Greatest Generation."

Not only did I love him, Ron admired him a great deal also because they were both Navy men.  Uncle Jim had many close medical calls but always bounced back and kept moving forward.  Still Ron and I believed the day would come when we would attend my uncle's funeral.  

One of the things I dreaded most about going to the funeral tomorrow was going alone.  I was getting clothes ready and thinking about shoes, dress, purse, etc.  Suddenly I looked in the center of my closet floor and there it was.  The coin Ron had given me.  Ron will be going with me tomorrow to pay tribute to my Uncle Jim.


  1. The hair on my arms just stood up! He is going with you! I'm so thrilled that it showed up like that for you, like a warm hug.

  2. Lynn
    Exactly! "Like a warm hug". I cried so while I was writing the post.

  3. I have heard a number of these stories passing them off as coincidence...but sometimes, they are so is yours...that I know they are real. Ron was a strong personality and there is no doubt in my mind he has your back.

  4. Tabor
    It certainly seems that way. Our lifetime love story is amazing in itself and now these little events that occur assure me he is close.

  5. A special gift....given to you a second time. I'm sorry about your uncle and glad you will have the comfort of Ron's gift with you for the funeral.

  6. Changes in the wind
    Thanks Monica, you are right.

    I hope it will comfort me. There is a chance it will make me cry even worse. I have never been good at any funeral.

  7. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I am so glad you found that coin, because it was given to you by your dear husband, who is still with you in spirit.

  8. Super happy you found it!! I was getting a little sad as I read it.

  9. I'm sorry for your loss, but how precious to have found that coin when you did. Wow...

  10. I am happy that you found it and I think it was meant to cheer you up. Ron made it happen.

  11. I think he had it in his mind all along to go with you - he just had to work out a way to do!
    Take care

  12. Oh, Annie. I am so convinced that our loved ones stay with us, becoming our angels.

  13. Wow! So happy you found it. Ron will be with you. *hugs*

  14. Yes! These things happen for a reason. Glad you have your precious coin, and Ron's spirit will comfort you. Your Uncle sounds like a special person.

  15. How loved you must feel! I don't believe in coincidences, important ones like this are much more than just a coincidence. I think everything happens for a reason ... such as this. What a wonderful husband you have, and you do still have him.

  16. Oh, Annie. I have read two blog posts to my husband over the 10 years I have been blogging because they were just so beautiful. I just read him this one.

  17. Excellent!

    Sometimes the reach from the great beyond is nothing short of amazing, or in this case, comforting.

  18. Oh my gosh, Annie! My life is a little crazy right now and will be for another two weeks until it gets back to normal, but I just had to check in on you. This post really shook me up this morning, touched me, made me smile, made me tear up. I'm sending you all my love and aloha. Ron will always be with you.

  19. Coincidence or more? It's a nice thing to ponder.

  20. Awww! I'm so glad you found the coin and that Ron can go with you. Some would say the coin had been there overlooked, but I'd say Ron made sure you found it just when you needed it the most. Condolences on the passing of your beloved Uncle.

  21. Amazing! I believe it was more than just a coincidence.

  22. That is so neat! He did it on purpose :)

  23. gigihawaii
    I have lost many loved ones, but my sense of Ron's presence is the most vivid.

    The feeling of happiness and sadness are in this story.

    It was so surprising to just see it there in the middle of the closet floor.

    Hard to thing it was anything else.

    You would not believe how strong holding that coin in one of Ron's red bandanas made me.

    Sometimes I think that and then other times I think they deserve something better in the afterlife.

  24. Bonnie BIZ
    It sure seemed like he was.

    My uncle was truly unique. Almost 100 relatives were there to celebrate his wonderful life plus a packed church of friends.

    Aunt Betsy
    I feel him near me often but sometimes not often enough. I guess beggars can't be choosers:)

    I hope your husband appreciated the post. Thanks for sharing it.

    G.B. Miller

    Brite Mist
    Ya think? Me too.

    Aloha to you my friend.

    It is nice to ponder.

    I have no idea if it fell out of a shoe or a purse but it definitely wasn't there before. No doubt I was meant to find it and I clutched it tightly throughout my uncle's service. It brought me a lot of comfort.

    Sparkling Red
    Me too:)

    Riot Kitty
    You bet your sweet bippy he did.

  25. It is so lovely when that sort of thing happens. Just for a moment one feels one isn't really alone.