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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, October 28, 2013


Question Of The Week 10-28-13

What was your best 
Halloween costume ever 
and did you win 
a prize?
This wasn't my "best" Halloween costume ever but it was my most fun.  I went as a member of the Press and took a ton of pictures of the evening.  This church Halloween party included a hayride for the kids and lovely time around the fire pit for the adults.
My Press Pass design that I wore around my neck.  Plus I had a Press sign on my hat and cameras galore.

This innovative girl won the prize as Sly from Duck Dynasty.


  1. Cool costume, Annie! And I love the duck dynasty one. My most successful costume was when hubby and I went out as a sheik and a harem girl. Behind the scarf, I felt like a different person and tons of my friends didn't recognize in my flowing dress. Was so much fun! Thanks for reminding me how fun Hallowe'en can be!

  2. Talon
    The unrecognizable ones are always the best. One of my friends went as a hobo and no one recognized her. She put Vaseline on her face and coffee grounds to make a beard. YUK!

  3. Yours were nice. I have to be honest - I don't think I ever dressed up for Halloween - sad - right?

  4. We dont have this tradition here :(

  5. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I have dressed as a witch and David has dressed as a clown. No prize for either of us. Lol.

  6. It's not MY favorite costume (I prefer Star Trek, of course), but it seems to be the most popular with adults and feared by the kiddies... Darth Vader.

  7. Oh, I forgot to answer your last question...

    I never won a prize, but when my sister, niece and I went to our local haunted house, the people at the door did cry out, "Get ready. Here comes something scarier than we are".

  8. I've never made an effort on Halloween. Mostly because I'm in 'costume' everyday and no one really knows what I look like. They think I'm a fat farmer. HA!

  9. Oh, I can't pick just one favourite! As an adult, I have made the following costumes from scratch: Po, the red Teletubby; a bee (I made my own wings - black stockings stretched over wire hangers, with gold glitter glue veins); and Toadette ( were all great. I guess my favourite was the glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume.

  10. I dressed as a hippie once and my then husband painted my face with flowers. It was fun. :)

    I love your costume - very innovative with the press pass there. And the duck dynasty girl is a hoot!

  11. I love it! I've never entered a competition.

    So don't ask me why - in seventh grade, my best friend and I decided to go as "cat hookers." I'm sure my parents were trying to figure out whether to snicker or pass out, but fortunately they did neither. So we put on fishnets, miniskirts, and cat ears and tails.
    (Yes, I can hear you laughing from here!)

  12. Oh and I love your press pass!

  13. Chatty Crone
    What? Not even as a child? Yikes!

    Changes in the wind
    It was fun.

    It is a crazy tradition and especially fun to watch the children enjoy it.

    We had so many witches I wanted to get them all together for just one picture. They were all great. Now that I think about it, there was not a single clown.

    Not a single Darth Vader at this party.

  14. Cliff
    I am thinking you should dress as an Opera singer.

    Sparkling Red
    Love the Teletubby idea. You could have had your hubby dress as Pat Robertson and chase you around with a gun or big fly swatter. Lol

    Oh I would have loved to see you as a flower child.

    Riot Kitty
    Of course you were a “cat hooker”. What's new? Reminds me of Ron building a home for his daughter's new kitten and putting it out front by the garage. When he came home she had painted a large sign to hang on it that read CAT HOUSE. lol Glad you liked my Press Pass. I was pretty proud of it.

  15. Ann, You mean like the guy with the horns singing "And You need cash NOW."
    Nope, not going to happen. I'm just going to stay home and later beg a piece of candy from one of my Grandchildren. Then physically steal it when they won't fork it over.

  16. Cliff
    Oh yes, that's a good grandpa... Steal from your grandchildren! Grandmothers manage to coerce the candy from the kids by being sweet and loving and laying on some good guilt trips:)

  17. For a long list of reasons I don't care for Halloween. It scared me as a child. I was far too sensitive! I did have some cool costumes that my mom made!

  18. Birdie
    Were you afraid of Santa Claus too? I fear clowns to this day and I never read IT until I was an adult so it started before then.

  19. I didn't win a prize, but I dressed as my husband at school. My students thought it was hilarious. I even sported a mustache.

  20. I think it is only in recent years that we have made much of Halloween - influenced by yourselves I suspect.
    I remember a 'naughty night' as a child when we would put 'Devil up drainpipe' - lighted newspaper up a neighbours drainpipe. Or tie wto door handles together and then ring the bell.
    We were delightful children:)

  21. OK, I'll be over in a minute...

  22. I once dressed up as Georgia O'Keeffe and absolutely nobody got it. However I looked EXACTLY like her. Exactly.