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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, June 18, 2012


Question Of The Week

What are three adjectives that you think friends or family members would use to describe you?

I'm guessing mine might be:

1.) Gullible
2.) Creative
3.) Changing


  1. Warm, friendly, loving. At least I hope that's what they'd say. :)

  2. Lynn -- I would say those are correct and would add "loyal". Oops, it almost sounds like we are describing a dog. LOL Well that's a good thing.

  3. I need to not think about that.
    Is "fully developed" an adjective?

  4. Creative, Reclusive and Open Minded.

    yep, thats what they'd say . I know cause they tell me all the time..

    fun question :-) thanks for always giving us something to think about.

  5. Cliff -- Do you mean physically or mentally?

    Sonny -- "Reclusive"? I did not guess that. I would add "Insightful".

  6. physically. I actually had a suit salesman say "Yes we have sports coats for you 'fully developed' guys."
    I had to deck him.

  7. garrulous
    spontaneous :D

  8. 1. Pain in the arse
    2. Perceptive
    3. Loyal

  9. After a weekend of a house full of relatives while nursing an illness perhaps:

    1. too concerned
    2. loving
    3. straight forward

  10. The three I would love to think they would say would be:
    1. loving
    2. thoughtful
    3. goofy

    I'm sure there may be a few out there who would use words that can't be printed here, lol.

  11. Cliff -- I was pretty sure you didn't mean mentally:)

    Shionge -- "garralous"? Really? I would add "adventurous".

    LL Cool Joe -- Maybe your daughters would call you a "pain in the arse" but they would do so with admiration and respect.

    Tabor -- and expressive!

    Bonnie -- Who would describe you as goofy? I would say "clever" or "witty" but not goofy.

  12. I asked them:
    responsible - me
    loyal - daughter
    loving - hubs

    Lol, sandie

  13. I asked my husband.
    His first answer: What's an adjective?
    After I reminded him what adjectives are he said:
    Smart, sexy, and successful.
    He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

  14. Hmmm...creative, intelligent, and good sense of humor.

  15. 1. A fuss- pot
    2. Overly generous.
    3. I decided to go and ask MTL who is sunning in the garden - he said:
    'Pretty, silly...'
    Me 'It doesn't have to be physical,' I said. ' aren't I good?'
    'Not particularly !' said MTL.
    His eyes were laughing!

  16. Chatty Crone -- So Sandie, when crazy things occur you're the one "responsible"? LOL

    Sparkling Red -- "What's an adjective?" Good one. So what three adjectives would you give him?

    Pat -- Did he mean "pretty" and "silly" or did he mean "pretty silly"? Of course you are "good" because you are overly-generous:)

  17. Friends and family tend to use slightly different ones than colleagues.

    Colleagues say, "You're thoughtful" and "you're weird."

    Friends and family say thoughtful, funny, and "You're bad!" more often than not when I tell a story.

  18. I don't know exactly what they would say but once we were talking about what should be on our gravestone and my daughter pleased me very much with her suggestion.

    She said, I would write "Mom had a very long memory but she only remembered the good things."

  19. Granny Annie: he meant both pretty and silly. I forgot he also said I was artistic.
    He is a bit of a tease I'm afraid.

  20. Three adjectives for my husband... let's see...
    1) He also gets "smart" because according to one online test we have EXACTLY the same I.Q.
    2) "Sweet" because he's such a softie.
    3) "Stubborn" is self-explanatory.
    Hey, I managed to give him three S's too, and I wasn't even trying!

  21. Gullible would work for me too!