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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, December 08, 2011


We have always equated our rural postal carrier with the one in the movie FUNNY FARM.  I wrote a post about him in 2008 titled THE POSTMAN DOESN'T RING AT ALL.  Well here is a little update on what the Christmas rush does to Crazy Dave.

The other day I was watching for our mail.  I heard Dave coming.  He still drives a loud truck but this is a new loud truck.  Our mailbox door sticks and rather than take the time to pry it open, Dave threw the mail out on the ground by the mailbox.  Okay, perhaps the wind blew the mail out of his hand, but he didn't even slow down or consider retrieving it to put in the box.  Thankfully this was just junk mail and I like to think he knew that.

If we have a package too big for the box he has to drive up our road and honk for us to come out and get the package and it is best if you don't delay. The last time I was slow getting out there and arrived in time to see him throw out the package from his truck.  There was nothing fragile in the package and I like to think he knew that too.

Why don't I report Dave?  Because he is simply too entertaining.

(And once again let me offer my sincere apologies to dedicated rural postal carriers who do their best to serve society in a normal sane manner. This is NOT about them.)


  1. My father-in-law was a letter carrier in a rural area. My dad told me that one of the people on their route told him about how they used to keep jug wine in a refrigerator on their back porch and (with their permission) my fil used to come in every day and pour himself a large glass and guzzle it!

    I figured either the job was that stressful, or he knew he was about to encounter his crazy wife soon. :) It was definitely out of character for the fil I knew.

  2. Dave sounds like he's tired of his job:)

    We have the best mail carriers. One is a lady and when I get a package she brings it to the porch . If wind blew rain on the porch she put it in my rocker . Last summer she told me I needed to get a waterproof box so they could put any packages in there and they'd stay safe..
    Theirs is one of the postal locations marked to be closed.
    I am going to miss those folks and their good service..
    You must have written this post for Me, Annie.. You've inspired me to give them something nice for Christmas and a Thank You card for all 3, our main guy and his 2 subs..


  3. Lynn -- Perhaps Crazy Dave had already made several such stops before getting here:)

    Sonny -- Maybe I could get our postman a present only I don't think I could catch him to give it to him.

  4. our mailbox and the post it stands on got run over by a car once. Instead of replacing it we stuck it in the post hole. Our mail guy hated it so much he would get out of the truck and take the post and all and actually stick it in our trash can! so funny. one Christmas day the hubster replaced it. We heard the mail guy cheer loudly when he put the mail in the box the next day.

  5. We no longer get rural delivery, but when we did our postman would leave notes like:

    Please get rid of the ants nest in this box!
    Please shovel the snow three feet in front of this box!

    He was a good guy.

  6. Granny you are stretching entertainment:)

  7. lol! Seems Crazy Dave isn't letting anything slow him down in his pursuit to toss mail :)

  8. Annie,

    I have ordered every catalog in the country to be delivered. Not because I need them or want to buy something but for one reason only.

    My mailman looks exactly like Brad Pitt!

  9. My goodness, he threw your mail on the ground?! That's not very nice.

    I get my mail from a mailbox in a common mailroom for my condo complex, except for packages. My husband works from home, so he's usually there all day long. I know for sure that sometimes the postal worker doesn't bother to knock on our door to try to deliver a package - he just sticks a tag on my mailbox door that says "You weren't home when we tried to deliver." Then I have to get my passport out of the safe (for photo ID as I do not drive) and go all the way to the post office to pick up my package. It's a big pain in the rear.

  10. That is funny. Our old mail man use to love to visit. Sometimes he would stand out there for 10 - 15 minutes and we would just chat. He got assigned another route but every once in awhile he still stops by for a visit.
    Crazy Dave might want to consider retirement.

  11. You are too nice. I don't think I would be so tolerant of that behavior. Dave sounds pretty lazy and inconsiderate.

  12. I have mixed feelings about that - it's a little serious and a little funny. sandie♥

  13. I'm laughing for two, because it's freaking hilarious, and two, because my friend's boyfriend who is on psychiatric disability is also named Dave, and nicknamed "Crazy Dave."

  14. Oh PS, lest that sound bad - he agrees w/his nickname, and we all have one diagnosis or another!

  15. I agree.. don't report him. Some people somehow "deserve" to be somewhat exceptional... crazy even. It brings color to our lives.

  16. I'm thinking we better enjoy mailing out those Xmas cards this year, cause they'll take weeks longer next year after the announced cuts. I took the exam n almost worked for them- Now they're cutting alot of the processing centers. where I would've been. They've only been hiring temp/PT, no FT the past 5 years.
    I have a friend who worked 13 years for them, only to still be denied FT w/ benefits when it was finally her turn- yikes!

    I wonder how many miles Dave logs each day in that rural zone! At least he isin't "going Postal" yet...

  17. Seriously Though – Rural mailboxes take a beating every year when high school football season ends. We once had a beautiful, expensive mailbox until the bored vandals hit their mark on dark Friday night. I refused to replace the box with a less decorative one and went weeks with having our rural mail held at the post office. Dave did not like this one bit and constantly badgered me about replacing the box. That is even funnier now since this time he didn’t use the mailbox at all! (By the way this is our third mailbox since we have lived here and I have learned to replace with the cheapest one I can find. But those vandals are a topic of another blog.)

    Tabor – Yes Dave is a “good guy” also, just NEVER tell him I said so.

    Changes in the wind – Good! That makes me happy. I hope others clicked on the link to learn that the mail I was awaiting in 2008 was your book! Still among my most favorites.

    Talon – He is dedicated that’s for sure. LOL

    Nancy – I can’t say that Dave looks anything like Brad Pitt but the catalog idea is a good one just to harass him a little.

    Sparkling Red – Thanks for reminding me. Dave has done that as well. I have seen him leave a pick-up notification without even attempting to deliver the package. At least they know me well enough in the town office that I don’t have to show ID. (Shouldn’t you get an official State ID card to carry so you don't have to go for your passport all the time?)

    Ralph – Dave is at least 10 years away from retirement I would guess. If you drive by our one local restaurant at 5:30 AM you will see Dave with a small group of locals having breakfast and coffee before the cafe officially opens. It is the only time you will see Dave holding still.

    Rae – I’ve never seen Dave’s wife but I’m betting she’s hot and he is in a rush to get home to her every night. Inconsiderate, yes – lazy, no.

    Chatty Crone – You are absolutely right Sandie. And that is another reason I don’t report him. There must be a method to his madness.

    Riot Kitty – Isn’t there a famous “Crazy Dave” somewhere? Somehow that rings a bell. Glad your friend can laugh at his troubles. I would say that is a good sign of recovery.

    Holland – That is exactly what I think. Can you imagine delivering mail on a deadline over a large rural radius six days a week?

    Snaggle Tooth – Bravo my friend. You definitely have spoken for the postal workers. I think I am fascinated by Dave because he acts kind of like I did when I was going through menopause in the workplace. We all need someone to understand us.

  18. Riot Kitty -- I had to google Crazy Dave after responding to your comment. This is what I found:

    — Crazy Dave's trademark phrase.
    Complete Body

    Crazy Dave is one of the main characters and the main deuteragonist in the (online/video ?) game. He wears a saucepan on his head, presumably to protect his brains from being eaten.

  19. Blimey he sounds like a nightmare. I'd have to report him! Think of all my broken bling and dented caps! No I don't want to, it makes me shudder. He must do this to other people too, not just you, surely?

  20. Gosh Granny Annie, he's not crazy. He's lousy! Sheesh! You are awfully nice not to report him. I do love how you wrote this post. It's so well written and full of humor despite the aggravating topic.

    Our postman is too nice. Our neighbor has three dogs on his property who bark like crazy. When our postman has a package for them, he stands out there yelling, "Mail, Mail... I have a package for you" as loud as he can. This can go on for quite a while until somebody comes out. I'm tempted sometimes to help him yell. It's crazy!