Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, January 04, 2008


I am awaiting a special package. I bought Changes In The Wind's book BUCKSKIN BESSIE. I cannot wait to read it. I'm pretty sure our rural postal carrier is reading it first. (The book is really not late yet, I'm just too eager.)

We moved here almost two years ago. We rented a P.O. box thinking all our mail would be put in the box. That was the way it was in our previous town, but that was because the rural carrier did not deliver to our address.

Here if the physical address shows anywhere on the package, the carrier is going to grab it up and put it in his pack. Even if the P.O. box is present and even if the 9 digit zip is correct for the P.O. Box. We know he is carrying it around for several days before he drops it off. Since we are getting other people's mail in our box, we're pretty sure they have ours for a few days at a time. We will say: "Guess Dave is watching our movies first; wearing our new clothes; trying our medications; reading our magazines."

This fellow is also a dictator. If you complain about anything regarding the U.S. Postal service, he is very quickly in-your-face. Once I was having a polite discussion with the clerk in the post office and suddenly insane postal carrier Dave came charging out of the back giving me all kinds of stories about why something happened that did not even involve him.

He drives a pickup truck and it is very loud. We can hear him coming and we can hear him going. Sometimes he will slow down, as if he is leaving some mail, and then take off with trail a'blazin. I walk all the way out to the mailbox and there is nothing. I'm pretty sure I can see Crazy Dave peeking from behind a tree down the road and laughing at me.

If any of you have seen the movie FUNNY FARM you know what it is to battle a rural postal carrier. It is a no-win situation. The postal carrier has ALL the power.

(My sincere apologies to dedicated rural postal carriers who do their best to serve society in a normal sane manner.)


  1. That's too funny! My husband says the same thing everytime his sports illustrated is late. The post man's reading my magazine! There are several people I've seen delivering our mail. One guy is super nice-LOVE HIM! The lady is polite enough not ver social. The last guy is the guy I suspect leaves everybody notices that our mailboxes are not at the proper height. Everyone on my block as gotten these!

    I hope you get your book soon!

  2. I was thinking of Funny Farm when I read this!! That was so funny and I think they must be related to each other! Our postal carrier is a woman and she is very nice. She always brings my packages to the door for me and we have some good conversations!

    Hope you get that book soon. Soon as he finishes reading it that is!!!

  3. I have had my battles with the postal service, but in my city, not a rural area. They can be very autocratic!!

  4. I had to LOL at this post! Although, from experience I know how frustrating it can be when mail is unreliable. Hopefully, you'll get a new carrier one of these days..

  5. Our postman is a whiny dork. Always finds something to complain about. Once, we had garbage cans a few feet from the mailbox. Not our fault because the garbage cans end up wherever the garbage truck puts them. We got a whiny note.

    Definitely do a book review when you're done. Love book reviews.