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Monday, December 12, 2011

QOTW 12-12-11 SAY WHAT?

Question Of The Week 12-12-11

What kind of comments do you like on your blog?

Do you want your blog followers to comment on what you said and how you said it or do you want them to share their own story that relates to your post?  Would  you prefer they agree with you?  Do you mind if they contradict something you have said? Do you want their comments to be short? Do you like for them to end up writing their own post in your comment section?  Do you delete comments that might invite controversy? Can you tell when a commenter hasn't read your entire post? Do you immediately follow a new commenter or do you wait and read their blog a while first? Do you write responses to your comments from others? Do the individual comments matter or do you just want a lot of them regardless?  Does it matter to you at all if bloggers even leave comments?


  1. Ha ha, there are a lot of questions here! I have my blog now on comment moderation as I do occasionally get offensive comments. Being what I am, doesn't always go down with some people and they feel it's necessary to make insulting remarks. I don't publish them. It is my blog after all, and I want it to be a nice place to visit, not one full of hatred.

    I love to receive comments, just so I know someone has read my post, but I also love to leave them, for the same reason.

    The only comments that piss me off a bit are things like this:

    "Great post!"

    I just think it smacks of someone who hasn't read it, but wants me to go on their blog and comment back. :D

  2. That's a lot of questions! I want my blog followers to leave whatever comment they would like - I don't mind them sharing their own stories. And their comments can be long or short - their choice. I don't do opinionated or controversial posts so there's not much to disagree with, but I have the occasional semi-rude comment. When that happens, I just ignore it.

    Most of the time I know the bloggers that put something like "great post" and they have massive blogs to visit, so I chalk it up to that. But yes, I can tell when someone hasn't read my post carefully enough by their misunderstanding displayed in the comment.

    I always write responses and I love when I get comments.

  3. I forgot to say that I delete comments that are of a sexual nature - most of them are spammers anyway. But I had a series of comments like that from a man other bloggers seem to admire. Thankfully he doesn't visit anymore - it's a live and let live situation.

  4. i like when i get different views or perspectives - i get to learn something

  5. I appreciate about 99% of the comments I get on my blog. People who comment means that they actually read all or part of my post.

    I moderate my comments because early on in my blogging career I had people from the chat rooms stalk/harass me on my blogs by leaving nasty/disgusting comments.

    Which means I will ocassionally nuke the nasty/disugusting comments as well as the irrelevant comments and spam comments.

    I'm sure you got the irrelevant here, which starts, "This is my first time commenting and I don't know what to say..."

    As for following/reading blogs from new commenters, I used to do that right off the bat, especially if they followed mine. Now I'm a bit more judicious in that if their blog really interests me, I'll follow and subscribe. If not, I might just follow to reciprocate.

    If, however, the person who is following me is simply doing the networking thing (and I got a few followers who do that), then I don't reciprocate.

  6. That is alot of questions and I'm sure I won't answer them all. I do like to know if someone has visited my blog, but I also know that sometimes I visit a blog and don't leave a comment because at the time I really don't have anything to say. I will usually go back that blog later and reread it and then I can usually have a comment. I am one who doesn't care if you leave one word or a book. The only comments I have ever had to delete are from spammers and I really thought I had that fixed until I got an ugly comment left this past weekend that I had to delete. I do not always follow new people who leave comments. I do go check out their blogs a few times at first to see if they are my cup of tea. And like LL Cool Joe, if you don't like who I am don't leave hateful comments. I don't have a problem with people disagreeing about what I'm blogging about, but don't make it personal.

  7. It does matter if bloggers leave a comment...I love to hear from all. Yes, sometimes you can tell that a person hasn't read all of the post but it is their perogetive. I am happy to have them post whatever they want except for things that do not have anything to do with the post and those....are deleted.

  8. I love comments (and commenting). I know attention spans these days seem much shorter than ever so I don't tend to do lengthy posts so if someone comments and it's completely evident they didn't read my post, I find that strange. Why bother commenting at all?

    I've only deleted one comment in my years of blogging. It was inflammatory and rude.

    I don't immediately follow a blog, but check them out and see what they're about. Blogging time is limited for me and I like to spend it really enjoying it and not feeling obligated or overwhelmed.

  9. I love comments, and I don't mind ones that disagree with me as long as they are polite. A thoughtful comment is always appreciated, and I prefer comments that range from one sentence to a short paragraph or two. Personal narratives are welcome. The only comments I ever delete are spam, although I do sometimes edit them if the commenter has clearly made a typo or an embarrassing grammatical error. When I get a new commenter, I usually click on the link and leave a comment in return, but I don't always follow right away. I don't respond to very many comments because I haven't had good functionality with threaded comments on my site. Did you like this comment?

  10. LL Cool Joe – Basically there is one question and that is “What kind of comments do you like on your blog?” The rest is simply to give some food for your thoughts. I thought you had not always used “comment moderation” and always hate when people have to go to that. Thankfully (and knock on wood) I have not had any hate comments on mine. I do get the occasional spam comment but delete it and report it to blogger so I don’t get any from that person again.

    Lynn – Same as I said to Joey – it’s basically just one question. LOL I love it that you respond to comments and am always anxious to see what you may have said back to me. I cannot imagine how anyone could make a rude remark to all the “good things” you always share. Oops, sometimes I might leave a “racy” remark.

    Whitemist – It is obvious that you love anything that adds to your education process. You like to inform as well as be informed.

    G – It is still difficult to determine which of your blogs I should follow on a regular basis. I am happy now to be able to see your published items and look forward to settling on one of your blogs soon.

    Bonnie – Lots of times a favorite blogger will write an unusually long post and I mark it to go back when I have time to digest it. I know it will be good and can’t wait to leisurely enjoy what they have written. However once in a while I will forget to go back and I hate it when that happens.

    Changes in the wind – It is easy to spot a spammer, especially when the post is a very sad one and they tell you how funny your post was. I saw one of those stupid comments in a post when the blogger had lost a family member and I wished I had the power to delete it before they had to look at it.

    Talon – I hope you don’t mind short comments because sometimes “Bravo” just covers it all for your posts when I’ve run out of appropriate adjectives.

    Susan Adcox – “A thoughtful comment is always appreciated” is a great statement and my feelings exactly. And yes, I did like this comment:)

  11. I am happy with most of the comments on my blog. I have only ever deleted spambot comments. (What is up with Boycott American Women?!) However, I do get excited when I see that my post has inspired people to write a lengthy response. That means I have struck a chord in people and made them think or feel something that they wouldn't have otherwise encountered that day. It feels like a real interaction, and I like that.

  12. Granny Annie -

    I don't mind "racy" at all - you are always fine, my friend. The man I mentioned left really sexually suggestive comments, thinking he was so funny. One of my regular commenters finally asked me why I let him get away with that, so I started deleting them and he got offended!

  13. I like any kind of comment on my blog except the spam that filters through. I just wish more people who stop by and read would take the time to leave a comment - even a word or two. Yes, I can tell in comments when people have just skimmed my post without paying attention to what I wrote. It tends to happen when I've been long-winded and wrote too much. I'm still working on keeping my posts short
    One thing I would change if I were blogger would be adding an icon box for the blog owner to respond as feedback to the comment - e.g. Thanks, Like, Etc.

  14. I love comments. I don't get spam on them Blogger filters it out for me somehow. If I got a mean one - I'd delete it and be sad - and move on. What about you??


  15. I like any comments, except mean ones. I've only had one or two of those.

  16. I like any comment unless its in a language I don't understand.

  17. I love comments. I just wish I was better at responding to some of them.

  18. I sometimes don't read blogs who ask too many questions. :)
    Okay, I only delete comments that are controversial if they are anonymous. You're not going to stir up trouble on my blog and not own it.
    Yeah I can tell who just 'reports in' and doesn't actually read the blog.
    I think it's funny that some folks will not bother reading anything that is more than 3 lines long.
    Most of all I like the comments that have some humor or thought. We all know who we connect with and the ones who don't.
    Yeah Grannie, I can tell you read every word. You're what blogging is all about.

  19. Whew, that's allot to ponder girl!

    If I take the time to visit and read a post I always comment on it.

    Yes, I have deleted some spam comments and one very freaky weird guy that sent chills up my spine.

    You can usually tell those who don't really read the post.

    I have limited those I follow 'cause I try to comment on each and every post of theirs. It's darn near impossible to keep up. I'm an all or nothin' kinda chick.

    I covet comments but I want 'em real baby!

    God bless and have a wonderful day sweetie!

    BYW: place..please drop in. I'll leave a light on and throw out a platter of fudge! Heeheehehe!!! :o)

  20. Granny Annie:


    However, to make it easier for you, the one that I publish with any regularity is my main one called "Cedar's Mountain". The others have a very erratic publishing schedule, which is usually due to the whims of me.

  21. Sparkling Red – Aren’t you feeling the effects of the “Boycott” yet? LOL It is always great to get your comments because I know you’re still feeling better:)

    Lynn – Yikes! Did you bother to tell that commenter how little you appreciated his remarks? I guess deleting his comments should have gotten the message across. Glad to know “racy” is okay:)

    Rae – Sometimes I wish there was a “like” button but I’m afraid too many would use it instead of leaving these great comments.

    Chatty Crone – Blogger does a great job of filtering out spam for me too. The only one that manages to get through occasionally is that Boycott guy. I would have to answer this with how much I love all comments, long comments or short comments, personal stories, etc. There have been a few times I have deleted one or two.

    Riot Kitty –Who would be mean to you??? Give me their names and I’ll go beat them up!

    Ancient one – I used to get those that were not in English and so before blogger had this great spam blocker I would go to the google translate and read what they were saying. It was all porn or ads for that little blue pill.

    Bonnie (BIZ) – I am very happy that you are posting so much these days and love to comment on updates of your three best friends. Your family Christmas portraits are awesome!

    Cliff – Because of your opening remark I’m afraid I’m going to have to delete your comment! LOL Who could not read every word of your posts?

    Nezzy – I did enter your drawing and thanks for the heads up. I will have to say here what I said there, “I had to stand in line to get in.” By the time I arrived there to comment there were 71 ahead of me. It reminded me of another question I should have added to my post and that would be, “Do you ever skip making a comment because you believe the blogger already has enough?”

    G – Okay…Thanks! Cedar’s Mountain is now in my google reader. WooHoo!

  22. How could anyone ignore that face?!?

    Any comments are better than zilch! I appreciate all of them but the few lewd/spammy ones I've deleted.

    They are like instant gratification n proof that folks are paying attention.

    I really like it when interesting info n discussion is more in the comment section than the orig post.

  23. I LOVE all comments, long, short, whatever so long as they are polite and kind. They can disagree, but respectfully please. I just wish those friends and relatives who read the blog would leave a comment so I don't feel like they're breathing there, but not letting me know how they feel about it.