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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


By now most of you know that I can have some pretty weird dreams.  Here's a doozy for you.

Last night I dreamed that my Aunt  (deceased) called me.  She was in Michigan and had learned that she had some illness that required her to have a vasectomy. (Not a clue)  My sister came to my house to await our Aunt's  arrival because she believed our mother (also deceased) would want us to be supportive of this Aunt.

My sister arrived in a big flat bed truck with her yellow lab chained up on the back.  The neighnbor's dog jumped on the truck and got tangled in my sister's dog's chain.  My sister and the neighbor were going to free the dogs and Sis asked me to hold her cell phone and warned me to watch out for snakes. (?)  

There was immediately a call from the operator saying Sis had  200 incoming calls.  Did we want to accept them because doing so would cost $200. Sis said to accept them because she was curious. I tried to discourage her from taking the calls believing they were from prisoners or some kind of spammers but she insisted. 
Meanwhile my back yard was filling with baby snakes, fat and only about 2 inches long while the house was filled with square spiders that changed shapes and made all sorts of patterns as they moved across the floor.  Plus there was a long black snake on the neighbor's porch.  She told us it was called a Pit Bull Snake. I ran away and the snake followed me so I held up a pillow to ward off the attack.  

The End

Without going to a dream interpretation site, feel free to explain this dream if you wish.   I might add that I am currently reading ODD THOMAS by Dean Koontz which could explain a lot.


  1. Hmmm - I couldn't even begin to guess what that all means, but it was very entertaining to read!

    I hope I never encounter anything remotely resembling a pit bull snake. I don't like snakes, GA.

    I do enjoy a Dean Koontz book now and then, as well. :)

  2. I'm the last person to ask because since I stopped having my nightly libation I have been having the queerest dreams. Last night I was breast- feeding and running out of milk! But the baby was a darling.

  3. I love your pillow sword, Annie! lol!
    Dreams are fascinating, aren't they? Sometimes the symbolism is so easy to grasp, other times it just seems purely bizarre.

    Your current reading might explain some of it! :)

  4. Lynn – I had to battle a black snake in the hen house once and had the hardest time chopping off his head. Once I went to pick up an egg that was surrounded by the strangest substance. Suddenly I realized it was in the mouth of a snake staring right up at me. Luckily none of my snake encounters have been with poisonous ones.

    Pat – Was your darling baby a boy or girl? I have lots of dreams about Ron and I having a baby. I think that is because I regret our having met so late in life that we never had a child together. But oh how we love all the kids and grandkids that we share.

    Talon – I’m surprised Ron didn’t wake up with a pillow over his head. That would have been hard to explain. From your last comment I must assume you have read ODD THOMAS. lol

  5. Oh My..
    I wouldnt even consider interpreting this dream Here ..
    however I will say- thats a gemini full moon dream if I ever heard one.

  6. Sonny -- That cracked me up. You are so right! LOL

  7. I am totally amazed that you remember all these details! I am lucky if I can remember the place and people in my dreams.

  8. I have very weird dreams,too, Annie.

    Last night I dreamt that I ate a 25pound marshmellow and when I woke up my pillow was gone.

  9. Tabor -- Usually I cannot remember so many things but I was barely awake when I emailed the details of my dream to my sister while it was still fresh in my mind. The only problem that remains is the myth that if you tell your dream before breakfast, it will come true. I don't want that for sure.

    Dani -- "wowzers" is right. LOL

    Nancy -- So, I'm betting you looked like you had swallowed a basketball?

  10. I'm impressed that you can recall your dream in such detail! I can usually only remember a few sketchy bits.

  11. I'm impressed with the detail too. I have no idea at all what it all means.

  12. Wow. I thought *I* had weird dreams.

  13. OH my goodness! That's amazing! I think it's even more amazing that you were able to remember so much detail. It must have really traumatized you. I hope you'll have a more pleasant dream tonight.

  14. But I always look elements up in case they totally mean something else I wouldn't have imagined...

    My on the spot interp...
    Your Nephew has ordered Viagra n is having an affair. The ghosts are making sure you do something to stop it!
    Your neighbors wild dogs will soon be on the loose again.
    You will recieve a call from an unscrupulous telemarketer selling special oil, which your sister may desparately need. Once you order the free sample for her, you will get stuck with a huge bill the court will make you pay or go to jail where the bed will not be soft!

    btw- I already know the snake stands for deception, n you got alot of snakes there! Beware

  15. kitty moore -- there was a time i had such interesting dreams i would wake up and write down what happened. in the morning i could not rear my writing.

    ll cool joe -- you don't remember dreams because you have such an interesting life.

    riot kitty -- you dream about cats. what's to know?

    kay -- guess my dream quota is filled because i can't remember dreaming last night at all.

    snaggle tooth -- n0 need for you to have wierd dreams. your imagination works well on its own. snakes also can represent sexual undertones in a dream...

    why all the lower case typing? just painted my nails'

  16. oops kitty moore i could not 'read' my writing, not 'rear' my writing.

  17. Annie, I have read three of the Odd Thomas books :) I put "Odd Hours" on my Christmas wish list.

    I enjoy Koontz. Have you read his "A Big Little Life" about his golden retriever? I think you'd love it if you haven't...

  18. Talon -- I haven't read A BIG LITTLE LIFE but I think my mom did. She kept talking about some book she was reading with a golden retriever in it. Some of Koontz writing is difficult for me to follow. I am going to try to read all the Odd Thomas adventures.

  19. Not really a dream interpreter and the only thing I know is that growing up in New England is dreaming of snakes is supposed to be good luck. Of course when I have strange dreams like that it's usually caused by something I ate. And that something is usually pineapple.

  20. btw, I heard vitamen B12 is a vivid dream inducer.
    I do have a few doozies occasionally.

  21. No more Pizza or mixed nuts before bedtime! What a strange dream.