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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, December 01, 2011


Remember when our first baby goat was born?  If not, click HERE to read his birth announcement from July 24, 2010. 

TK grew into a Billy Goat Gruff and sometimes he thought I might be one of the trolls under the bridge.  In other words our 16 month old boy had grown into a bully billy.  He did sire two precious sons, Dr. Cole and Lord Voldemort during his time with us. ( These boys were neutered as soon as possible). Yesterday TK's life with us ended.
There goes TK in the cage in the back of that truck.  He was calling for help from his harem and they were calling back.  It was not a pretty site.  Part of me was very happy to have found him a new home while the other part of me was sad to see this member of our family leave.  However, just like our rooster Jack Bauer, TK is off to greener pastures meaning more ladies for his primary calling in life.

My tears were quickly wiped away as I took a moment to ponder my bruises.  This made his departure a little easier.

For your added viewing amazement, here is a wonderful painting Holland aka Monique Lassooij did of TK as a baby. Indeed a life long treasure from a phenomenal artist.


  1. Oh how sad. He will be very happy though in those greener pastures.

  2. Bring on the ladies!

  3. I am sure that once he meets the new ladies... he will be just fine. And he was such a cute baby...

  4. He was such a cute baby. I'm sure he will be very happy soon.

  5. You raised a beautiful healthy fella and now he'll go on to have a wonderful life. Cant ask for more than that. We often dont get such great results with out human children so wipe your tears, give yourself a pat on the back and Smile.


  6. He sure had a sweet baby face. Sounds like the ladies were missing him already. :)

  7. Isn't it funny - how people and animals change after awhile? Good luck to him. sandie

  8. You know what? I'm really craving to be at your place at the moment. I just love goats. And I'm really so SO happy to have seen your roosters as well. I've always longed to grow them at my home, but Mom won't agree. Dad has made so much room for all such activities at our home, but mom can't tolerate the smell of it she says. Makes me longing for it all the very more.

    I'm so amazed at your love of cattles. And sorry about TK.. Hope he finds an equally loving space to live in.

  9. Looks like goats are just like kittens...much cuter when little.

  10. It's hard to see them go, but I'm glad you won't be battered. :D I love the artwork!

  11. It must be so incredibly hard to let him go, but I'm glad the bruises eased that pain somewhat (and I never in my life thought I'd say something like that!)

  12. TK was a cutie, but his behavior was unacceptable. I'm glad everyone is better off now.

  13. Little babies do grow up into big, aggressive boys. Even goats.

  14. I can't say I have any experience with goats, ut if it involved getting battered, I'd get rid of him too. And you did it in a very humane way - sending him to a brothel to live!!! Oh the life of the randy goat!

  15. More ladies! That'll make him happy.

  16. Wow- Looks like he really turned into a classic Billy Goat gruff! Hard to recognize in the newer pic. n Bet he was a handfull too-
    So does this mean you're halting any new baby goat arrivals?
    I hope Tandy Kid does well in his new place.

  17. Rae – We hope the pastures are greener

    Dani – That’s what TK is saying. LOL

    Holland – I’m so happy to have your painting of TK.

    Judy – Cute baby turns into ugly, stinky, mean billy goat.

    Sonny – The man who took TK did marvel at how sturdy a fellow this goat was and he seemed pleased to have him.

    Lynn – My girls are still a bid sad for the loss but they already look a little more rested. TK did not give them much rest.

    Chatty Crone – What? Change? I’m still the cutest thing, aren’t you?

    Monalisa – Many people have one or two chickens at their home for fresh eggs. A small, contained flock can be entertaining and not very stinky. Maybe you and you dad can talk mom into it, What great nourishment those fresh eggs would be for the baby.

    Changes in the wind – Definitely the boy goats are much cuter as kids but I will say our girls are still quite cute and loveable.

    Oh Great One – He never meant to hurt me, he just got a little too excited when it came to feeding time. Unlike roosters, who stand back until the girls are fed, a billy goat crowds to the front of the line, butting everyone out of the way.

    Talon – You are so right. It was horrible seeing him go off in the back of that truck screaming his lungs out. I know it was best all around but it is never easy to let go of one of our critters.

    Cube – This man who took TK seemed to be able to handle him very well. Ron just hasn’t had the strength and I certainly have not. The nanny goats are sweet and easy to care for, but this guy was a mess.

    Sparkling Red – There is good reason for the males to be aggressive and they just need a home where someone can handle that strength.

    Pat MacKenzie – He should be quite happy and probably would write me a thank you note if he could. LOL

    Riot Kitty – You know we really don’t know where he went. Ron’s barber told this fellow that we needed to find a home for our goat and we trust the barber but we didn’t know this man from Adam. I’m hoping TK won’t end up in some exotic stew.

    Snaggle Tooth – Yes, unless any of our four girls are pregnant already, we should not have any new additions to the goat clan. Our two males are neutered and as sweet as the girls. Six goats will keep our pen behind the barn cleared of brush and serve our needs quite well.


  18. Now THAT is a gorgeous billy goat! Wow!