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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It all started so simply.  The faith message was basically "play nice".  How could such an easy task become so convoluted?

Every religion has factions within itself that are contradictory.  Take Christianity for example.  First we split by theological definitions that created many different denominations and then came more distention within those different denominations.  Now Christianity is not only divided theologically, we are divided politically.  On top of all the controversy we already have, we now must define ourselves as the Christian Right and/or the Christian Left. 

It never pleases me to have to raise such questions, but today doesn't it all seems a far cry from the simplicity of "play nice"?


  1. Unfortunately I wonder if people miss the bigger picture of religion. sandie

  2. You are right - can't we all just get along?

    I switched from another denomination to Presbyterian (PCUSA) because I was drawn to it for various reasons. We jokingly refer to ourselves as the "frozen chosen." :) As much as possible, I don't get caught up in denominational politics or especially who advocates political office candidates.

    The Presbyterian Brief Statement of Faith begins with: "In life and in death we belong to God." And I just try to live my life by that. That belonging gives me great peace.

  3. I think it started out not so much as fractions but definitions but quickly became fractions as you say. It is just the same old story of man wanted to be in control all in the name of God rather than letting God do what he does best.....lead; he just has trouble finding followers.

  4. I have to admit I choose to bypass religion a very long time ago, in fact I'm not sure I ever got there lol..

    Play Nice- Do unto others - LOVE Thy Neighbor.. what more do we really need. Can I honestly say I always do these things- No I cant, I'm sorry to say. But I know better and so I am always in hopes I will DO better and until such time as I do, I make Mistakes and then I make amends.
    I ask for forgiveness and I am quick to forgive and more on.
    I am neither left nor right- I am headed to the TOP, by grace, where I can shine brightly and offer Light to any who may need it.


  5. If only there wasn't this need to always be the ones who are right and the only ones who are right. That seems to cause so much unhappiness and so much dissension in our world.

  6. Chatty Crone – In as few words as possible, tell me what you see as the “bigger picture of religion”.

    Lynn – Such profound words of Rodney King. LOL

    Changes in the wind – I wonder if there is any religion that is not split in several different directions. Has any religion stayed true to the original premises?

    Sonny – Belonging to organized religion used to play an important part in raising our children so they would be acquainted with ethics and morals. No more.

    Talon – I call that having a “superiority complex”.

  7. It all makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

  8. Brown English Muffin -- Oh gee whiz, I think this isn't the first headache I've given you. Sorry:)

  9. Even families are divided among themselves. The Catholic side doesn't understand the Protestant side and vice versa. For heaven's sake, there is just one God - how many religions are necessary to worship him. Play nice is good advice. Unfortunately some people don't follow advice well.

  10. I don't feel the need to define myself at all. I have a faith in God and that's all that matters to me.

    As for "playing nice"...define nice? That's the issue nowadays, a great many people don't know what that means.

  11. I find labels do nothing but divide people even more
    we should all simply embrace one another as humans

  12. Such a good point. I find most people basically good/nice individuals, but in groups, that tends to fade away, unfortunately.

  13. yeah! Play nice, I still like Dali Lamas words - "My religion is simple - kindness"

  14. I'm Agnostic- I do my best to treat everyone as I want to be treated, but find alot of so-called Christian folks rejoice in seeing those whom they don't like getting messed up.
    Practice n preaching are two different things...

  15. Rae – The divisions in families is the hardest part isn’t it.

    LL Cool Joe – The picture on this post defines “nice” for me.

    Dianne – Labels! Sometimes it is like we couldn’t get through life if someone didn’t attach a “label” to something. You are so right there.

    Riot Kitty – So true my wise friend.

    Whitemist – “Kindness”! Nothing left to say.

    Snaggle Tooth – With all the religious interpretations it is pretty easy to suggest we are all Agnostic. Huge groups of doubters