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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This is our grandson Ryan with our "computerized" great-grandson Zack. This weekend they both visited and we got to watch this interesting class project unfold. Zack cries loudly when he needs anything and Ryan has to quickly respond. First Ryan identifies himself to the infant by swiping an ID bracelet across the chest (called chiming in). This is to prevent someone else from taking over care of the baby. Next Ryan goes about determining why the baby is crying. It will either need feeding, burping, rocking, or changing. If the baby is tampered with or shaken, etc. Ryan will fail the test. I can tell you that the temptation to throw the fake baby across the room was great, not only for Ryan, but for this pretend great-grandmother:) My son had this same type test when he was in high school only his fake baby was an egg. It was his responsibility to take the egg with him everywhere and keep from breaking it. I'm pretty sure he put the egg away in a safe place and returned it the following Monday, safe and sound. These days of computerized infants will not allow "putting baby in the corner"

Ryan's grade for the project was 98. He forgot the "chime in" the very first time and that was all he missed. Way to go Ryan!

f.y.i. 30 lbs! Thirty pounds! thirty lbs! 3-0 pounds. I have now lost 30 pounds on the Alli Plan. WhooHoo!


  1. I think that is the greatest planned parenthood device ever! :) Seriously - is that what is behind it? So high school kids will be careful about becoming parents too early?

    Good for you with that stellar weight loss! I'm proud of you, GA.

  2. Wow...what is next.....I think you need to go shopping with that much of a loss:)

  3. This is great training for future parenting :)

  4. Congrats to you both!

  5. Lynn – Yes, I believe the whole project is designed to discourage teen pregnancy. I wonder if they have any statistics on how well it works or if any teens deferred having sex because of this project. Thanks for the congrats on my weight loss.. I am very pleased with how it is going.

    Changes in the wind – Thankfully I have clothes saved in all sizes. I will truly need to go shopping when I reach my goal weight of another 54 pounds in a little over a year. I’m afraid it has been a LONG time since I had clothes that size.

    Shionge – It might train the kids to be relieved when they actually have children and learn that they can take a little longer than two minutes to get there when a baby cries.

    Riot Kitty – Thanks my friend.

  6. The good thing is that with a real child, that is related to you, there is that love thing that helps when you get frustrated.

    (RYN it is the photographer, the camera, but in my experience the most important element is the lense...)

  7. Well wasn't this a shock to my eyes...I honestly had to do a double take to realize that this was not a real baby!!! PHEW!!! And congrats on him doing so well on this project!!!

    That is beyond awesome that you've lost 30lbs already!!!! So I ordered the Alli pills on Amazon and just started taking them 2 weeks ago.

    I accidentally ordered the refills instead of the starter packet, but it came with a little intro book so I read it, but nothing new or revealing in it.

    I take one pill with each meal that i eat, unfortunately I don't seem to be eating 3 meals a day though.

    I haven't weighed myself yet to see if I've had any results.

    Luckily the side affects for me haven't been too accidents and it just merely seems to make me go to the bathroom a little more than normal.

    How quickly did you see results? And what else are you doing besides taking the pill??? Exercise and diet?

    I'm also on weight watchers along with it, so I'm hoping it works. The last time i went to WW I was back to my original weight plus 1 pound, I was totally devastated especially as I'd gone to the gym 3 times that week!!! :(

  8. I remember the egg! A much more quiet experiment. :)

    Yes! Congrats on the weight loss - woo hoo!

  9. Oh how things have changed in just a few years. I bet he has learned plenty to deter him from producing a baby at this stage in his life.

  10. Tabor – You are so right about a child that you know you are going to keep and one that is plastic and you know your get to return in a few days. The thought of this little fake baby controlling your life is a bit frustrating for sure.

    Brown English Muffin – On top of taking three Alli capsules a day before each meal, I exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes on my exercise bike. I know you need to have the amount of fat required at each meal and I’m not sure WW allows that. Also, there is another scare out there tonight on Alli brought by a citizens group stating it causes liver failure. Research cannot link the claims to that disease but you can be sure the media will hype it up big. I would definitely say if you have adverse effects you not take the capsules any longer and sell them to me:) I ordered a bunch in case this group gets it off the market. I saw results the end of the first week and I have only had one week that I did not lose anything but throughout my 14 weeks I have not gained, only lost.

    The Story Teller – Oh yes, the egg is much quieter than this computerized baby. You should have seen us all run when Zack squawked.

    Rosaria – I am pretty sure my grandson is not eager for a parenting responsibility after this trial run. LOL

  11. What is the Alli plan? I need to lose some weight too.
    I have heard of these computerized babies. I think it's a great idea.

  12. What a great idea, I don't think this happens in the UK, but it should put youngsters off having babies for life! :D

    Well done on the weight loss!

  13. What will they come up with next? At first I thought it was a real baby! Good Job Ryan-

    I'm amazed at your 30 pounds lost already- Wow! Congrats!

  14. You are rockin' the weight loss Granny!

  15. Mountain Mama – Alli is an FDA approved weight loss medication that blocks your body from absorbing fat. It is a perfect weight loss aid IF you follow their instructions carefully. If you fail to keep your fat grams below the recommended amount for you, you will have what they call Treatment Effects which are rather unpleasant occurrences. I have not had any Treatment Effects in the 14 weeks I have been on Alli because I have followed the plan. I started out to lose 84 pounds now I only have 54 to go. Alli is not recommended for a person who only needs to lose a few pounds. Research Alli Orlistat on the internet.

    LL Cool Joe – Do they have Family Life classes in the UK? That is the class my grandson got his assignment from. I don’t know how it affects the kids but it certainly convinced me that I am not eager to become a Great Grandmother! Thanks for the kudos on my weight loss.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Yes it is a very authentic looking baby, plus it is a very authentic weight for a baby which adds to the reality of lugging it around. Thanks for positive comment on my weight loss.

    Dani – I like the term “rockin’ the weight loss”. Think I shall use that a lot. Thanks.

  16. Thanks for all the info on Alli....I think I need to eat 3 meals a day then so have the desired results...but so far no negative effects so I'm happy.

  17. Congrats to Ryan..and you for the weight loss...sorry about the Pig Cake...maybe double your dose..Lol..!