Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, February 27, 2010




Don't miss my last post titled: WHAT IS YOUR MAKEUP COMFORT LEVEL?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tammy Faye Baker closeup

Not only have I been exercising every day (two weeks today!) I have also been paying closer attention to my appearance. My husband and the dog, chickens, cats, should not have to always see me at my worst. But most of all I shouldn’t have to look in the mirror and see myself at my worst. Therefore it is makeup time again.

Putting on makeup was a daily routine when I worked in the bank. I celebrated not having to do that anymore when I left banking. Plus Ron told me he didn’t like all that makeup (even though he fell in love with me when I was wearing makeup) and so, unless we are going somewhere besides Wal-Mart, I don’t bother.

The problem now is how much makeup is acceptable these days? I am 63 and have always gone the full gambit. I know there are rules about makeup in the daylight and makeup in the evening but I usually do whatever it takes to cover my flaws, which takes a LOT!

Question 1: What is your gender?

Question 2: What is your age?

Question 3: On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 1 being Ellen and 10 being Tammy Faye Baker) what is your makeup level.

Question 4: Do you wear makeup every day?

Question 5: If you’re a guy, do you like your spouse/girlfriend's appearance best with makeup or without? If you're a gal, what would your significant other say?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


2010 has seen a “first” for the year on NOL-NOC Estates. When you call it a “first” then you know there shall be more to follow and I’m not talking about a pleasant race to win. We lost our first bird of this New Year yesterday.

A strange pack of dogs have been in the neighborhood but they do not appear to have “done the deed”. Our fine young guinea fowl was likely a victim of vehicular homicide. We have a “Chicken Crossing” sign out but we cannot fault the driver. Our birds have an entire ten acres to enjoy but seem to need some shiny morsel in the middle of the inviting black-top road.

And so it begins:(

Friday, February 19, 2010


Slim, our very intelligent BMC (Black Mouth Cur) knows when the table scraps are going out for the chickens. Slim cannot go outside at that time and she makes no effort to get me to let her out, but she will go to Ron when she thinks I’m not aware and let him know she needs out. I have informed him that the chicken’s scraps are out and not to let Slim out.

Yesterday Ron had been out for a drive. I was preparing the bucket for the chickens and Slim was staying away, knowing this was not for her. Ron came inside and went into the bathroom. I yelled at him, “Come talk to me when you’re out of there.”

“Okay, I will.”

Next I heard him in the den so I walked down there and said, “You were supposed to come talk to me”

He said, “I was going to but Slim met me outside the bathroom door and led me down here because she wanted out. I thought maybe you were outside and she wanted to be with you. What did you need?”

“I needed to tell you NOT to let Slim out.”

Would you say the dog worked us right on this one?

Yesterday was the one week anniversary of my fitness program. It has been going great thanks to your encouragement. However flu-like symptoms hit me last night and all through today so I missed my exercise. I SHALL get right back to it as soon as I am well!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Out of the snow I rise, past the computer I walk, onto the launch pad I climb. It is fitness time again and I MUST make some changes in my lifestyle. Exercise is the key element missing from my daily routine. Today I vow to get busy once again and so I shall be taking a sabbatical from my blog in hopes that I can report at a later date that things are under control. Don't wish me "luck" but please do wish me "willpower".

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I worry more about sneezes than heartbeats. I heard once that brain cells die every time we sneeze.

I started writing poetry at age ten and ran out at age 52.

When children outnumber the care givers they need to thrive then there are too many for love to reach.

Gather all the sunsets you can.

Society needs to stop making rules when they replace common sense.

My spouse can trigger that kind of laughter in me very often. It is the blessing of our marriage.

They say jokes are all variations of 720 of the same. I think love songs are all variations of one.

It is a sad fact of nature that good news does not hold our attention the way bad or gory facts call to us.

I have grown far too old when I cannot supervise my own care.

I am like Goldilocks at the last bowl, the last chair, the last bed that are all just right. (I try not to think about the bears coming home.)

Tabor of One Day At A Time has the questions that I have answered above. See what YOU would say in response to her inquiry.

My god daughter Jessi gave me this link to a live streaming video of puppies. Who can ever get enough puppy watching?

Happy, happy Tuesday. Ron and I celebrate the 578th Tuesday since we met.

Friday, February 05, 2010


We are seeing SNOW again! (Most of the previous snow has melted and I don't believe temps will get cold enough for this to stick.) Besides that old worn out story of woe, here are some other things I see on blogs that you might enjoy.

It was an honor a while back to be invited by Monica to post on her blog STRINGS. I failed to make other than a minimal contribution but she has turned it into a delightful place to stop for thoughts on acts of kindness and feeling good. It is a quick and delightful read and you can catch up in no time. She also is the author of Changes In The Wind.

Nancy doesn't have her own blog, but she writes occasionally for THE ELDER STORY TELLING PLACE and today she has a great story that I find in keeping with my recent blog on siblings.

MARILYN'S MONEY is having a nice give-away of a book called WEALTH WATCHERS and you only have to leave her a comment plus add yourself as her follower and then if you mention her post on your blog you will get three more entries. I have followed her for quite a while and she gives many money saving tips, coupons, free products and discounts.

If you are all a follower of 24 you won't want to miss the video Adam of THE JACK SACK made about how Hitler would review Season 8 so far. It is hysterical.

If you are up to an unbelievable number of questions, go to ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE and see if you can attempt to answer. Wine is recommended before beginning.

If you are a follower of BONNIE'S BLOG you will know how exciting it is to welcome Rossi Jean, Bonnie's new grandaughter.

Do you ever search a blogger's sidebar? Judy of IMAGINE has the most interesting link ANSWER TIPS that we all will want to add to our blogs. I would have missed this if Tabor had not pointed it out.

And, in keeping with the mention of sidebar links, do you have one or more on your blog you would like to share with the rest of us? I try to look at each blogger's sidebar information but I don't do a very good job of it. Tell us what you think we might enjoy.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


These are the hijackers of United flight 93 on September 11, 2001.(I have removed the pictures because they are too horrible look at each time I open my blog.) I vowed never to watch any of the movies or dramatizations of 9/11 but yesterday I broke that vow and watched the movie UNITED 93. I don't remember who told me to watch it saying it would not be what I expected but they were right and now I'm glad.

It was my expectation that the movie would get us all deeply, emotionally attached to the characters on the plane. We knew they were going to die and therefore the melodrama would be more than I could take. Actually the movie was about the air traffic controllers and the military scramble and other events swirling around all the confusion and flight activity of that day.

We know a lot about the heroic passengers on the flight because many of them were relaying events as they occurred to their airlines, their friends and their family members by phone. There is no doubt that these passengers caused the hijackers to fail in their mission and by their own sacrifice averted an even greater tragedy that day.

Everyone should watch this movie at least once. It keeps us mindful of the events of that day "lest we forget". Everyone should also go to google images and search the pictures of all the 9/11 hijackers as well at the picture of the shoe bomber and the panty bomber and ask again why we are searching old women and children at the airports.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Ron, Slim and I were standing looking out the front window the other morning and a scene much like the picture above (from google images) unfolded before our eyes. The only difference was the coyote we saw parading itself before us was strolling right down the middle of the main road in front of our house. It was walking as if it owned the place and was enjoying the cleared pavement as opposed to the snow that was everywhere else. This arrogant wild creature seemed to know that Ron did not have his gun, I did not have my camera and we were not going to be able to get the frozen front door open to send Slim. By the time Slim got outside she was following a phantom trail down toward the lake. At least the chickens and guinea fowl were safe and sound in the hen house.

(Hum, I wonder were the term "safe and sound" comes from?)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


There are thousands of new and old television programs and movies on Hulu. Most of the time I share information here and learn that I was the last to know. Forgive me if you are all way ahead of me on this but I must post it in the event you haven't found Hulu yet.

If you miss a show and fail to record it (of you don't have DVR) or if you hear of a new show and want to preview it, simply go to and enter the name of the show and 9 times out of 10 you will find the episode you want and be able to play it free right there.

My son had heard of Hulu but never went there because he thought they charged you for membership. That might be something they plan for later, but right now they do not. I guess they pay for this service with the 30 second commercials in the episode and that barely detracts from watching.

MDS (My Dear Spouse) controls our remote on the satellite television so Hulu allows me to simply open my lap top and watch the most recent episode of THE GOOD WIFE (because I don't get CBS at all on my digital antenna TV) or see TWO AND A HALF MEN that we missed last night watching 24.

As you hear me tell of my television shows, my Netflix movies, my Hulu programs, my audio books (and my chickens of course) you may wonder how I have time for housework. All I can say is, "What's that?"

(Yes I do manage the care and feeding of MDS but only when he can tear himself away from the History Channel)