Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I worry more about sneezes than heartbeats. I heard once that brain cells die every time we sneeze.

I started writing poetry at age ten and ran out at age 52.

When children outnumber the care givers they need to thrive then there are too many for love to reach.

Gather all the sunsets you can.

Society needs to stop making rules when they replace common sense.

My spouse can trigger that kind of laughter in me very often. It is the blessing of our marriage.

They say jokes are all variations of 720 of the same. I think love songs are all variations of one.

It is a sad fact of nature that good news does not hold our attention the way bad or gory facts call to us.

I have grown far too old when I cannot supervise my own care.

I am like Goldilocks at the last bowl, the last chair, the last bed that are all just right. (I try not to think about the bears coming home.)

Tabor of One Day At A Time has the questions that I have answered above. See what YOU would say in response to her inquiry.

My god daughter Jessi gave me this link to a live streaming video of puppies. Who can ever get enough puppy watching?

Happy, happy Tuesday. Ron and I celebrate the 578th Tuesday since we met.


  1. Who says you ran out of poetry. This post was sweet to my ears!

  2. That is so cute! Happy 578th!

  3. OGO -- You are right. We never run out of poetry.

    Riot Kitty -- We knew when we met we would never celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary so we decided to celebrate weeks from the Tuesday we met.

  4. Weeks, a good plan. Happy, happy.

  5. Most interesting Annie, however the one about everytime one sneeze brain cells die has me somewhat worried you see if I have cause to sneeze I don't stop at one I can sneeze up to a dozen times.
    Ah well make hay while the sun shines. lol


  6. Sneezing, huh? So that's what happened to all my brain cells. Darned allergies!

    Imagine keeping track of the weeks. I had enough trouble keeping track of the years. Do you use the multiplication button on your calculator a lot? ;-)

  7. Geez all those years of hay fever have left me brainless!

  8. Cool. I love lists like this. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I will definitely be back to yours.

  9. And when you sneeze remember to tighten your pelvic floor or brain cells won't be the only thing you lose:)

  10. Hey girl, did ya know that your comments are disabled in your 2/18 blog? I just wanted to pop over and thank you for visitin' and leaving your sweet comment.

    Take care and have a wonderful day. You go girl!!!