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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tammy Faye Baker closeup

Not only have I been exercising every day (two weeks today!) I have also been paying closer attention to my appearance. My husband and the dog, chickens, cats, should not have to always see me at my worst. But most of all I shouldn’t have to look in the mirror and see myself at my worst. Therefore it is makeup time again.

Putting on makeup was a daily routine when I worked in the bank. I celebrated not having to do that anymore when I left banking. Plus Ron told me he didn’t like all that makeup (even though he fell in love with me when I was wearing makeup) and so, unless we are going somewhere besides Wal-Mart, I don’t bother.

The problem now is how much makeup is acceptable these days? I am 63 and have always gone the full gambit. I know there are rules about makeup in the daylight and makeup in the evening but I usually do whatever it takes to cover my flaws, which takes a LOT!

Question 1: What is your gender?

Question 2: What is your age?

Question 3: On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 1 being Ellen and 10 being Tammy Faye Baker) what is your makeup level.

Question 4: Do you wear makeup every day?

Question 5: If you’re a guy, do you like your spouse/girlfriend's appearance best with makeup or without? If you're a gal, what would your significant other say?


  1. Changes -- I would say I'm probably 5 also. Do you wear makeup every day? I think I'm going to add that question.

  2. 1. female
    2. 30
    3. 2-3
    4. No
    5. He prefers not to kiss or touch me when I have lipstick or pancake make up on. Amoeba doesn't like the way it tastes and feels. He also doesn't like it when it transfers to him. However he is okay with mascara and my mineral powder foundation. I still wear a light lipstick or I think I look "unfinished".

  3. 1. female
    2. 68
    3. 1-2
    4. No

    I must say I feel more ready to start the day if I complete myself with some makeup...not a lot though.

  4. I really like eye make up on any gender actually, but don't really like anything else. I strongly dislike lipstick and never feel it improves the look of anyone.

  5. Quill -- My sister and I both wear colorfast base that doesn't rub off. We call it our casket makeup.

    Beverly -- Your comment "to complete" yourself was what it is about for me. It was a habit for so long I just feel more complete with some makeup.

    Joe -- Eye makeup on guys is quite the norm these days I guess. To me lipstick would be the one staple for a woman but no, I don't want to see lipstick on a guy.

  6. 1. F
    2. 33
    3. & 4. : I usually don't wear any, unless I am going to something where photos will be taken. In that case, without eyeliner, my eyes look tiny.
    5. He doesn't care either way. If I put a lot of makeup on, I think he'd ask if I was going to be in the circus :)

    Congrats on two weeks of your new routine! You will LOVE the way you feel.

  7. 1. F
    2. 62
    3-4. 3 (Since I retired I mostly don't bother with it and when I do, I don't use much: base (light) blush and a touch of mascara.)

    5. No man

    Hope your new routine works out well for you!!!!!!!

  8. 1. f
    2. 65
    3. I only wear make up if going anywhere special
    5 alas no man.

    Thanks for a most enteertaing blog.


  9. 1) Female...but after 60 it shows less.
    2) 63 and proud of it.
    3) Probably a 5...if I am going to see anyone or have guests in the house, I do the foundation, eyebrow, eyelash, rouge, and lipstick route.
    4) No
    5) I like to think he notices when I have 'cleaned up' but he does not make a comparison.

  10. Riot Kitty -- Yes men are clever with their remarks about "being in the circus".

    Kay -- Your makeup looks good in your profile photo.

    Yvonne -- Oh and I know how much you miss your man. Did he like for you to wear makeup?

    Tabor -- I think my husband notices too but I still don't know how to correctly interpret all his noises.

  11. Hmmm....

    1, F
    3. 4
    4. Well, if I'm going out, I wear a little foundation and blush, and a bit of color on lips. I often go out just about every day, but not every day. Haha.

    No guy or signifcant other anymore, thank goodness. I'm too used to being my own boss!

  12. I was inspired by this post to write my own about makeup. I hope that was ok?

  13. Renie -- I think I might level out with a little blush and lipstick. One of my bank customers wore quarter size red circles on her cheeks and had bright red hair and was at least 90. I have asked my spouse to advise me if I ever go that far.

    Joe -- That is quite alright. Somehow I knew you would:) I look forward to reading it.

  14. Came here via Joe's post and link. :)

    1. Female

    2. 36

    3. 1 or 0 (does Ellen wear any?)

    4. I never wear the stuff. (I quit cold turkey four years ago, and it's been wonderful, saves lots of $ and time. Now, moisturizer and lip balm are different. Taking care of your skin is essential!)

    5. F. won't even kiss me if I have lip balm on and he dislikes the feel of moisturizer. I once wore the full kit when we were dating and he reacted with horror, saying he felt as if he were looking at a mask, so that pretty much confirmed my decision to go without. ;)

  15. Hi, Grannie Annie. Coming to you from Joe's blog.

    1 - F
    2 - 50
    3 - 1.5
    4 - Nope - mascara and lip stain when out in public and, on rare occasions like dress-up events or weddings, full make-up
    5 - Hubby truly doesn't care - silly man thinks I look good no matter what - lol!

    Like Meredith, it's all about skin care for me, too.

    That's awesome about the exercising, Grannie Annie. You'll love how it makes you feel and your skin will be glowing - with or without makeup!

  16. Female
    My guy says he likes me natural but I will put on a little mascara and some powder if I have to go out in public or have to deal with people in public. Just makes me feel better.

  17. Meredith -- Thanks for stopping by. I didn't think Ellen wore makeup but I see she is doing commercials for Cover Girl or Revlon or something so she must.

    Talon -- Good to meet you. Glad you have a guy who likes you regardless. I think mine does too. (Likes me not you! LOL) Meanwhile the exercise is going great and I immediately began to feel better and know it can only be positive change.

  18. Female
    I'm Ellen with lipstick only!

    I quit wearing foundation, blush and mascara sometime in my 20's and don't miss it at all. It clogged my pores and gave me blackheads.

  19. OGO -- I almost missed your comment. Yep the makeup is for me more than for Ron. It just gives me a lift.

  20. Female
    3-5: 3.5-4:morning 5:evening
    MASCARA is a MUST everyday, makes your eyes stand out!

  21. 1. Female
    2. 49
    3. I am probably an 8. I wore makeup back in the disco error and never managed to figure out how to adjust as I get older.
    4. I do not wear makeup every day. It's an occasional thing.
    5. My husband never says anything either way. My kids make comments sometimes. The ones who notice the most are my co-workers and they wonder why I don't wear makeup more often. Honestly I'm just too lazy to get up a little earlier to put on a face.

  22. Hi There..found you throughLL Kool Joe..My Moms name is Granny Annie too...I wrote funy post about her about 2 weeks ago if you would like to check it out..Its called Granny Annie and her Incredible Need to Know..thought you might like it..!
    Anyway.. about the makeup..I wear it on certain days depending on where Im going..In 48 and I like only lipstick and eye shadow (light colors, pink or beige/white, eye liner, and sometimes some added lashes...if its a party or I want to look hotter..My hubs says not to wear it but also thinks I look good in it..I don't wear foundation and never have..I use some Olay Pro V for helping my skin..and I love it..!love your blog..Ill be around now..Im following you..!

  23. Female
    almost 79
    I guess I am a ZERO!

    I'm at home almost all the time and see no point in wearing any make-up. Sometimes if people are coming over I will put on a light make-up...I never liked the Too Much Make-up
    Incidentally Ellen wears make-up every day on her show...but it is subtle and so she doesn't look 'made-up'...I like that amount, and even less. Back when I was oit in the world, I put on "eyes" and Lipstick, for daytime....Night: Foundation, some rouge..LIGHTLY...and of course my eyes and lipstick.

    Great question Granny Annie.

  24. Annie, thanks for the visit, I did not mean to offend you,or anyone else for that matter. all my followers mean alot to me.


  25. Anonymous3:43 PM

    female, 64, 2 or 3, no I don't wear makeup every day. My friend would say I don't need it but he really likes it. I probably wear more in winter than summer because I tan easily. Winter I seem to look washed out without it. If I go out, I wear foundation, very light eye shadow and a little blush and mascara. That is it. Never heavy.
    Thanks for coming by my place, too.

  26. You know the answer to question 1, right? lol At least I hope you do. :)

    2) I'm 44.

    3) I wear slightly more than Ellen. Eyeliner, mascara and a light lipstick (foundation and blush sometimes)...all subtle, btw.

    4) Yes...if only just the eyes.

    5) My husband like some makeup, not a lot. He's never complained.

  27. 1. Female
    2. 55
    3. 3
    4. No. If I'm going out sometimes I will put on some but lightly. Never heavy.

    5. My husband doesn't care one way or the other, but he'd probably not recognize me if I put as much on as Tammy Baker did!! LOL

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  29. Kenju -- If I had to pick going with one makeup product it would be lipstick.

    Valeria -- Well your eyes are very striking so I guess it works:)

    Bonnie -- I think you were our only 8! I would never have guessed.

    Robin -- I can't wait to read about your Granny Annie.

    Old Lady Of The Hills -- As if you could ever be a zero at anything!

    southernlady -- Yes it does help in summer to get a little more natural color. Winter leaves us all pale.

    Ily -- We all know you are one of those natural beauties!

    Rachel -- Your profile picture is lovely and you have just the right amount of makeup.

  30. 1) Female

    2) 84

    3) 5

    4) Just eye makeup

    5) No significant other.

    Tammy Faye's extreme makeup has always been ghastly, but now that she is older it makes her look like a clown or a demented harridan.

  31. Darlene -- I have learned that Tammy Fay Baker is deceased. She died of cancer and there are pictures of her when she was terribly ill yet still wearing her signature makeup.

  32. I hardly ever do's a chore to get on and a chore to get off...and Tammy Faye has on WAYYY too much makeup.

  33. 1) female
    2) 33
    3) 2 I wear mary kay concealer and a light powder, and just some mascara.
    4) yes

  34. Female
    80 this month
    I don't wear make up everyday. I have a good skin and take care of it so cleansing, refreshing and moisturising are important to me. I've always used a fairly light makeup so you can't see the joins and probably use less eye makeup now - certainly in day time.
    I always ask my husband's opinion if we are going out and - bless him - he's always complimentary.

  35. Tammy Faye puts on too much.

    I say let the flaws show. I like how Brigitte Bardot tackled aging. She aged naturally. Hurray for her.

    I like it when my wife puts on chapstick but that's about it.

  36. Female

    I like to wear lipstick, eye liner and mascara, and leave it at that.

    Foundation and powder always seem so formal to me, something for a serious evening out or wedding.

  37. How interesting Grannie Annie :) Singapore is very hot & humid so sometimes I do know how it looks like when a lady put on too much make-up.

    As for me, I put on sunblock or moisturizer plus pink lipstick all the time :D

  38. I must say that the level of how much make up I needed has waned over the years. I'm at the 'who cares' level.

  39. Female
    He will love me with or without makeup and even if I look like a mudpie.
    I always wear makeup if I am going someplace and sometimes just because. But I like a natural look and never overdo.

  40. Question 1: female

    Question 2: 43

    Question 3: 0 - don't wear it

    Question 4: nope, but I do own make up and wear it on special nights out

    Question 5: He likes it when I get dressed up, but he doesn't complain about regular every day me.