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Monday, July 27, 2009


Here is poor Hope in Granny Annie's prison.

Our home was "barged" into by police in 1976. An improper address had been reported by a caller to the police and the caller said a man with a gun lived at our address was threatening to kill him. It was 1:00 AM when the police began pounding on the door to our apartment ordering me to open the door or they would break it down.

I established it was the police and allowed them in my home. Two police officers rushed into our apartment to search for the suspect. I assured them a man did not live there. My small children(ages 4 & 5) hid behind me and my son smiled as best he could and repeated over and over,"Hello Mr. Policeman. I like policemen. I'm going to be a policeman someday."

The police were satisfied that there was no clear and present danger and put their weapons away to talk with us. They explained why they had come and then they left. I tried to go back to sleep.

The next day I wrote a lengthy letter (because this is a short version of a very long story) to the Chief Of Police and the Chief wrote me back fairly quickly. I had demanded the police department apologize and he assured me there would NOT be an apology. They received a call of a man with a gun threatening a life and it was their job to respond promptly. Thankfully that was not true but had it been true those police officers were ready to defend innocents. If the situation would occur again, the police would act in the very same manner.

These years later I see the occurrence as something that turned out okay but could have had a different ending had I not cooperated quickly. I still wonder, however, if the police would have acted the same toward a private residence as opposed to our low income housing apartment.

Any opinions? Any similar stories?


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    It basically comes down to percentages. There are higher percentages of problems in that type of area on a daily basis than in the suburbs.

  2. How scary for you guys. I'm glad it turned out OK and there really wasn't someone with a gun at your place.

    If only we lived in a world where people treated others with care and respect...

  3. Annie,

    My husband is Diabetic and sometimes his sugar levels go so low that he goes into a coma like state.

    This doesn't happen often because he has his sugar under control with Insulin, and if he does start to go low I give him some orange juice and he's OK.

    One day I fell asleep in the late afternoon and so did my husband. He went low while we were both napping and I couldn't wake him up so I called 911. They came very quickly and tested his sugar levels and started a IV that gave him sugar.

    What happened next was the police came and stood watching the EMT people and watched Roy come around and be normal again. But they didn't leave. The two cops walked all over the house and looked around and then engaged my husband in conversation. I couldn't figure out why they were there in the first place. Finally, after one hour they left with no explanation as to why they were there.They just left.

    It was about a month later and I was talking to a friend who is a policeman and he told me why they were there. It was because I might have done something to my husband. If he had died it might have been a murder case. He told me they didn't tell me that because they didn't want to upset me if Roy was really just having a diabetic incident,which is common, but it could have been more serious and that's what they were investigating.

    As unnerving as the whole experience was, I never blamed the police because I felt that they were just doing their duty protecting my husband.

  4. I don't think it mattered where you lived they would have responded the same way. Unfortunately, the police are between a rock and a hard place. If they don't respond with urgency and someone kills someone they are blamed and they could not know it was the wrong address. Wonder what really happened to the person that called and gave the wrong address.

  5. Wow, that is scary. Would they have responded differently? I don't know. As a reporter I covered cops in NY, CA and WA, and I think most of them wanted to do the right thing, and about 10% were complete fuckups. Same goes for reporters, I think.

    On a lighter note, my stepmom got pulled over by a sheriff (gray/greenish uniform) a few years ago and my little bro, who was 4 at the time, said, "Be careful, Mommy! He's not a real policeman! He doesn't have a blue suit on!"

  6. Nothing to compare with your problem, but 2 weeks ago the police rang our bell asking if we had heard or seen anyone prowling about that afternoon between the hours of 13-30pm and 17-30pm.
    You see the elderly man below me is in hospital and not expected to live,his wife was visiting him .
    The thieves stole some ivory ornaments, a jewellery box....and a 42inch TV SET. How could anyone not see a large tv set being taken beats me but nobody did.

    Very interesting post to read.
    Take care.


  7. dana -- When we lived in that housing complex, most of the criminals lived there too and went away to commit their crimes so we were fairly safe:)

    PG --I truly believe that day will come.

    Nancy -- Whew, who would have thought such a thing. But I guess that is the job of the police to protect us despite ourselves. There are spouses that attempt to kill each other. It's almost a daily occurence around here:)

    Changes -- Nothing happened to the caller because my listing in the phone book was identical to the name of the man he feared. Yes, I truly knew the police were only doing their job and it was the first time for me to learn that they do not apologize for doing it. I will not be happy if Crowley is made to apologize to Gates. Then I will want my apology too:)

    RK -- Recently Tulsa, OK changed their police uniforms to blue. Now I know why!

    Yvonne -- How sad that your neighbor's had their worry fo a family member's health disturbed by the theft. Those disruptions in our lives cause such distress as we wonder what motivates people to behave badly.

  8. It is very complicated as to what to do. My husband almost was shot when he stepped outside into our back yard to put out garbage and found two police walking around our neighbor's house because they had gotten a call of burglery. Our neighbor was on vacation. The policeman was clearly rattled with his gun drawn and it could have been a terrible incident. You do not mess around with Texas policemen.

  9. I think it is a different experience. Thanks for sharing...

  10. Nancy's story is chilling. I will remember this bit of info. I have also come to find out the hospital never admits some one is dead over the phone. How awful to drive all the way down to hear this then have to drive your self home.

    Did the cops at least figure out who placed this call and why?? They owed you this bit of into.

  11. That wouldbe scary. I have no similiar experiences but hear about them on the news from time to time.

  12. I am sure that it was a scary thing, but I feel when they have a call they have to respond!

  13. I am amazed that 33 years later and that story is still so vivid in your mind. It made quite an impact on you....understandably so.

    I personally believe in apologies...not sure that I understand that policy.

    Take care!

  14. That's the kind of thing that must stay with you. The police walked into our house the other day and I was in the back garden. My older daughter was a bit shocked. They'd seen a white van outside our house and wondered if we were being robbed. It was in fact just a workman. Part of me was cross, the other part, impressed they were keeping an eye out on the property. They can't win really.

  15. Annie,

    I can see where the police were doing their job, but that must have been terrifying for you and the kids. Interesting what happens to one in life. Glad that there were no negative repercussions but I still think they should have apologized for scaring you half to death.


  16. Tabor -- Now THAT was a scary situation.

    Femin Susan -- "different" is an understatement. LOL

    Hit 40 -- It turned out that a local attorney with my same last name and initials was representing the caller's wife in their divorce. The caller simply picked me out of the phone book (because the attorney was smart enought not to be listed) and sent the police. The TPD had to wonder why a local, prominent attorney lived in low income housing.

    Ralph -- When I hear those stories on television and the media acts like such things couldn't possible happen, I can certainly shrug knowing the fact that it does.

    Marla -- You are certainly right. The police respond to emergency calls and never know what they are really walking into. I would not want their job.

    Grammie -- 33 years and seems like yesterday. Too bad we didn't make it to an episode of COPS.

    LL Cool Joe -- I truly believe the police are among us to "protect and serve" and we need to stay clear when they are around.

    Mary -- Yes they should have apologized for the inconvenience and the fear they instilled in me and my children without having to apologize for the tactics they used.

  17. The training always comes through. Just doing their job in the correct order.
    They just respond. AND must react to responses they are met with.