Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Monday, July 27, 2009



A couple of weeks ago our preacher told this story. It seems a cardiology patient was doing great in his rehab program and decided to drop out for a while. One day he ran into his trainer at the grocery story and was embarrassed about leaving the program.

The trainer said, "I only wish you hadn't left before you learned the single most important exercise."

The heart patient asked, "What is that?".

"The most important exercise is the next one you are willing to do."


We took Slim with us on our Sunday evening drive. We are thinking about taking her with us when we go to California (if Ron can be released medically). We decided to let her out down by the lake to make sure she would stay close to the vehicle and/or come when we called her. We opened the door and she was off like a shot. If we had been near the expressway she would have been run over. I called an she ignored me. Ron called and she returned immediately. We do have some work to do before we consider traveling with her.


Yesterday I cooked a pot roast for my spouse and my son. They enjoyed it a great deal and the strawberry pie that I fixed too. It just seemed that they deserved some reward for all the hard work they had been putting in. My son managed to split the backhoe in half after working weeks and getting no advice from the Case dealership. He and Ron both were celebrating this major victory.


The last of the 12 guinea fowl keets died this weekend. One by one these babies have either disappeared completely or were found dead in the hen house (3). Have they been murdered by black snakes or have they been eliminated by the chickens? Perhaps the jealous guinea fowl have murdered them because I hatched them under a hen. Regardless of my efforts to save them, they are now all gone. The hatched baby chicks are alive and well.


  1. I have not true plans for exercise except laundry and chores!! This is enough for me.

  2. I do have plans to lose a little weight, but tomorrow always come too quickly. I guess never put off til tomorrow what you can do today is the answer.


  3. Hit 40 --
    Yvonne -- I have been attempting to be willing and have completed a couple of rides on my exercise bicycle.

    F.Y.I., I added some more post to my Monday entry.

  4. Exercise always seems such a wonderful idea when sitting on a chair comfortably, less so when you are actually doing it.

  5. What a shame, poor little things.

    I'm still managing to get a swim or two every week but I think it will stop now the children are on holiday. One can't swim so I just have to plod around with her. That means going to the gym instead which I hate. Roll on September!

  6. It's so very nice to catch up with you.

    Why is it that dogs follow one person over the other? It's always been that way in my house.

    Sorry about the loss of the babies...

  7. Sorry about the guinea fowl :(

    I want to go visit you and have strawberry pie!

  8. Exercise? Why mention dirty words on your blog?? I did get my bike out and put air in the tires and I have been riding some. Not much...just some!

    I was wondering how the ear staples that you had put in worked? Do they work at all, or is it mind over matter?

    So sorry about the poor guineas.

  9. Exercise should be a 4 letter word, lol. I hope you get things worked out with your dog. My dogs cling to me all the time, but when they are outside it seems they only want to listen to Hut. Glad your son got the backhoe split. Sorry about your guinea fowl. Wow busy week for you.

  10. Is it wrong that after reading the whole post all I can think of is strawberry pie? ;)

  11. Well, it's a good thing the baby chicks are alive and well.

    Slim sounds a lot like our Misty. She actually got hit (or should I say, ran into a car) when she bolted out the front door a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, she's only missing a bit of fur on her left paw, but that's it. It could've been so much worse (with the kids watching the whole scene).

    PS - Save me a piece of that strawberry pie! Sounds delicious.

  12. I'm ignorant! What's a backhoe?

    To lose 12 guinea fowl after caring for them like that is SO disappointing - but you've got your chicks!

  13. Annie, as much as I love my animals, I will not travel with them....Traveling with a pet sounds like too much work when you are trying to get away for some time off... Have fun whatever you decide..

    Sorry to hear about the last of the group biting the dust.... Good luck with the chickens.

  14. As someone married to a kennel owner/operator... Okay, I'm probably biased.
    Shouldn't the celebration come when the backhoe is back together.

  15. Pot roast, yum.
    Sorry about the loss of the babies.