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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

"I'm Not Making Excuses"

My title line is a quote by Felicia Pearson. Do you know who she is?

Several months ago my goddaughter recommended THE WIRE. I started watching it on my Netflix and was quickly hooked on the series. One character caught my attention more than the rest. For a while I was not sure if the gangster was a male or female. I certainly knew Snoop was a brilliant actor. Steven King declared this actor "...the most terrifying villain to ever appear in a television series."

The other night I was watching
Anthony Bourdain NO RESERVATIONS Baltimore. One of the residents of Baltimore showing him the around the town was Felicia Pearson who portrayed "Snoop" on THE WIRE. It was from her talk with Bourdain that I learned her first acting job was on THE WIRE and until the moment that she was cast her life had been a life of hustling, drugs, and violence with eventually landed her in prison at the tender age of 14. She recently chronicled her life story in her new autobiography GRACE AFTER MIDNIGHT.

If you haven't watched THE WIRE, I highly recommend it. I think I'm going to go watch it again to view Felicia Pearson knowing that she is portraying her own life.

This is just an F.Y.I. post.

One scene on Youtube from THE WIRE with Pearson

Snoop Pearson from THE WIRE meets Anthony Bourdain

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  1. I've never watched that, but I'll check it out.

  2. I did wish Dana happy birthday! That was so sweet of you.

  3. I did watch some of the episodes...not all. It is a very heavy but well done series and I have been to Baltimore often enough to know that it is a fair reflection of that part of the city.

  4. I've rarely got time for tv, but I'll check this one out. Thanks!

  5. I rented the first series on Net Flex. It really shows the other side of life. Some of the best TV is found in series format.

    I just finished watching season 2 of The Tudors. My only criticism is too much sex and Henry VIII is too good looking; nothing like the portraits of that prissy mouthed, small eyed Henry. Hollywood has a way of distorting history, but other than that it is excellent.

  6. We don't get those programmes here,....Yet.
    Have a nice week-end.


  7. I went to the links. Now I have to start worrying about you GA. :)
    Pretty good acting tho.

  8. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Annie, the first thing I did was visit my friends online. It's kind of weird and very scarey to realize that my "outer space friends" are all I have besides Joe. But at age 60 I can still feel the love, even if it's only blog love. Thank you so much.