Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, February 11, 2017


COLLECTED PHOBIAS manuscript of short stories by Granny Annie
(Written as bedtime stories for my children in the 80's)

LIFE'S PLEASURE (Continued from 2-4-17)

Eric stayed inside all day preparing his new trophy. He would not reset the trap until this one was mounted.  He couldn't let his work get ahead of him.

It was nearly dusk when Eric was startled from his labor by a growling sound outside.  He looked into the eyes of the mongrel's head and said, "Sounds like a friend has come looking for you.  Sorry I cant spare the time or I'd bring him in to share eternity with you on my wall."  Eric laughed.

As he worked the growling persisted.  It sounded like more than one dog.  Eric felt that old familiar lump of fear well up in his throat.  His mother had taught him to beware of dogs.  She told her son all the dreadful stories of what a mean dog could do to a little boy and Eric always knew he had to rid the world of as many of these creatures as he could.

I should have reset the trap, he thought. I'll do it now.

It was dark out.  Eric took his flashlight and a large butcher knife and crept into  his backyard.

The Mayor stood on the steps in front of Eric Newsome's home.  He didn't want to go any closer.  The grocer had said he hadn't seen Eric this week.  Possibly the time they waited for had arrived.

The Mayor was the logical person to go check and see if his uncle's time had run out.

First he shouted "Hello".  There was no answer.  He knocked on the door.  Still no answer.  He turned the knob and slowly pushed open the door.

Uncle Eric Newsome grinned a silly, sickening grin at his nephew from his unique vantage point on the wall of his home...his head neatly mounted with the other trophies.

The End

 EAGHL © 2017


She scrubbed her face in the shower.  She fumbled for the bottle of eye makeup remover.  Her hand bumped something...what?  She rushed to rinse the soap from her eyes.  Her vision was blurred at first.  She could barely discern the figure of a person standing in front of the bathroom door.

"What do you want?" her voice trembled.  She laughed next.  She realized she was speaking to her own clothes hanging on the back of the door.  How silly, she thought, never sensing the yellow eyes that peered at her from the linen closet.

EAGHL © 2017

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  1. Yellow eyes peered at her from the linen closet sounds so spooky. What next ?

  2. you are creeping me out. You have a great flow in your images and I do enjoy reading...if it can be called enjoyment.

  3. Always a treat to read and get a shiver of surprise.

  4. Yes--just what I ordered. Justice was served. Thank you.

  5. What a lovely and loving thing to do for your children. I wish I had.

  6. These are creepy, I can't imagine them being bedtime stories at all.
    My kids got stories about stuffed toy bunnies and teddy bears that I made up.

  7. Your imagination has no limits...and that's just great! :)

  8. Excellent! Ya know, you really should look into self-publishing this collection because it really is good.