Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, January 14, 2017


A manuscript of short stories by Grannie Annie (These are stories I wrote for my children in the 80's when they were 10 and 11.  They loved them.)


Her sleep was disturbed by thumping in the house.  She was certain an intruder would appear any second.  Pulling the covers over her head, the thumping grew louder.  The intruder was getting closer.  Suddenly the thumping stopped.  Was he there standing over her bed watching her tremble?  It was time for the covers to be jerked back and she would finally face his glaring,evil eyes and his smiling yellow teeth.


"Gawd!"  She hated squatting by the side of the road.  Her husband had ridiculed her for years about how silly this was and insisted she had led too sheltered a life.

Today he had given in to her whimpering and had driven until he spotted an enclosed toilet behind an abandoned filling station on the desert highway. 

The brambles that covered the path to the outhouse grabbed and pulled at her legs mockingly.  She stared down the path at her husband waiting in the car.  She knew he thought she was crazy to enter this creaky, dirty old structure.  She wasn't thrilled with the idea, but at least she would be shielded from public view for this private act.

Her husband waited five minutes before calling to her.  He waited another five before starting up the path.  He rapped at the door. No response.  He pulled at the rotten wood.  The door stuck tight.  Something seemed to be holding it from the inside.

"Honey, are you okay? Come on open up.  Let me in."

The husband felt a strong mixture of irritation and fear.  He gave a final determined jerk.  The door flew open and the man stared at a dark chasm. Before the startled husband could run, a rushing sucking sensation overcame him and he disappeared into the dark hole.  

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  1. Did he fall in? Bwhahaha!

  2. Yep Birdie, right along with her:-)

  3. Ahh, a bit of the Twilight Zone here.

  4. A.P. by the time I post all of them there will be a lot of Twilight Zone. Just planning to post bits and pieces on Saturdays.

  5. Wowsers.
    Stories from the dark side.
    Squatting beside the road? I can remember only too well squatting on a thistle when we stopped late one night. Not fun. At all.

  6. I've never yet had to give in to squatting on the or night. However, I have laid awake, covers over my head, mouth dry as dust as I listened to what I was sure was a strangers footsteps coming up the stairs. Turned out to be a moth flying in the stairwell and bumping up against the ceiling.

  7. E.C., I actually wrote these sometime in the 80's for my children's bedtime stories. LOL

    OSC, I got that feeling when I was a young child and usually found the culprit was my brother or sister hiding under my bed to scare me.

  8. That's it! I'm squatting behind a bush from now on. No sucking black hole is getting hold of me!
    I remember a story a long time ago about a child scared of a loud thumping so he buried his head under the blankets and the more he got scared the louder the thumping was. Turns out the thumping of his own heart was scaring him.

  9. eeek...u have a talent to scare us :O

  10. Sounds like something from the film "Trainspotting". Being dragged into a hole full of poo would be a nightmare indeed.

  11. There should always be a cover to put over the black hole!!!

    What I hate about outhouses is the draft !

    When I think there's an intruder I always find something to use as a weapon... And get ready to ambush.

  12. You are so good at this!

  13. River, I was afraid of the dark as a child and could have been done in by the pounding of my own heart.

    ashok, that's what my kids said when they were little:-)

    LL Cool Joe, my grandparents had an outhouse at their lake cabin and I just knew that was going to be my fate one day.

    Snaggle Tooth, My parents had a rich relative visit them from Pennsylvania. They only had an outhouse and mother used to laugh at watching her aunt heading up the path in her mink coat.

    Lynn, These Collected Phobias are from years ago. My kids loved them.

  14. I don't care for scary stories, movies, etc. YOurs are good, but too scary for me.

  15. kenju (Judy) then don't read my blog on Saturday because they only get worse. It is quite all right for you not to like them.