Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, January 28, 2017


A manuscript of short stories by Granny Annie
(Written as bedtime stories for my children in the 80's)


"Kiss, kiss, kiss." Old Aunt Beulah had begged with outstretched arms.  A putrid odor surrounded her and drool slithered out the corner of her mouth.

"Come on Cherry, give me a buss on the cheek."

Five-year-old Cherry had reluctantly inched toward the elderly woman and paused as if they were separated by an invisible force that only Cherry could see.

Every time the family visited the nursing home it was this same scene.  So far Cherry had managed to escape the grasp of her batty great-aunt, but Cherry sensed that today was the day.  No more excuses would be allowed.

"Poor Aunt Beulah," her parents said.  "She craves attention and loves you so much.  Won't you please give her a little kiss?"

Cherry broke through the imaginary barrier and was standing within reach of the old woman.  The child could hear the cackling sound emitting from the great aunt.  Wrinkled, gnarly hands reached for the child.  Cherry slowly leaned forward, turning her head to receive Aunt Beulah's slobbery kiss. Cherry felt the warmth of her aunt's breath. 

The five-year-old shuddered involuntarily then shrieked as she felt the flesh rip off the side of her face.

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  1. I really liked your story. Having been one of those children reluctant to hug or kiss, it struck a chord!

  2. Thanks Olga. That is exactly where it came from for me. My father was a pastor and all the church people thought they had the right to kiss me and request kisses from me. Ugh!

  3. Oh dear. That had a terrifying ending. I did not expect that. We all have had that experience with adults. That is why I now make sure I am well bathed if I have to sit next to children.

  4. Not only as a child. I am reluctant to hug or kiss relative strangers as an adult too. And I see I am right to be wary...

  5. What I hate are limp-handed both men and women.

    A hug and a peck on the cheek don't bother me, but if anyone hones in on my lips during a casual, polite hug is a definite no-no!!

  6. Dang, that bedtime story would have kept me awake. Didn't see that coming. I think all kids go through the extreme reluctance of a strange seldom seen relative wanting a smooch.

  7. Cherry was right to be wary of Aunt Beaulah. I don't feel comfortable with casual people hugging and kissing either and I'm way past five! I'm just really particular about who I let get close, and like Lee, I can't stand a limp handshake, I remember giving hubby #2 handshake lessons.

  8. Granny Annie; "My father was a pastor..." Ah ha!

    lg :)

  9. Sadly I never grew out of the kissing phobia.

  10. Wow what a squeamish surprise!!! I've kissed my share of nursing home elderly too! My maternal grandfather was in one 12 years with Parkinson's disease. My big sis worked at one for awhile. Really tho, visits n kisses are always the highlife of their day!

  11. Well how did they sleep after hearing that??? :)

  12. Wow! I totally didn't see that coming. Well done, you.