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Monday, August 25, 2014


Question Of The Week 8-25-14

Have you ever been pulled 
over by the police and what for?


  1. What a coincidence you asking this particular question! My sister and I were talking about this exact thing yesterday morning.

    I've been pulled over once. Was accused of crossing the center-line while driving in downtown Little Rock. Wasn't ticketed but was put through the humiliation of the 'walk the line' intoxication test. I was out on a 'first date' with a young lady at the time so this just added to my aggravation!


  2. yes I have.
    once I was speeding- ok - I meant, once I got caught speeding:)

    other time, I let my inspection sticker run out:( -btw- I did that same thing again this year on aug,15th.
    deep sigh.
    its always some crap the state here wants you to pay for..
    not sure why I cant just hand the "state officials" caddy or hooker a twenty and be done with it, but NO, I gotta play along with "its a state tax" for yada yada yada reason..
    love you bushels and bunches and then some.

  3. I have to admit I have had a number of speeding tickets. And only for one of them was I going over 50 miles per hour. It is the small town 25 mph that get me.

  4. I was pulled over many times for stupid registration violations. I used to have an attitude about it, but I've grown wiser with the years.

    It doesn't pay to argue with cops.

  5. I went through a little "series" of speeding tickets when I was in my 40's but none since then.

  6. Yes I had just dropped my son at Uni and had driven back south - almost the length of England with the sun in my eyes. I explained this to a copper who said I had driven through a red light and he said 'You can't con a copper!'
    I was fined £30 and was very cross.

  7. Yep. Once. Speeding and I was only 17!! I have managed to avoid them thus far!

  8. In Georgia they will pull you over for almost anything. Once I was pulled over for crossing the yellow line trying to give a cyclist plenty of room. I was fined $169 for that one. Now it is a state law that you must give them at least 2 feet of space. I felt like going to Cobb County and demanding my money back. One time I was pulled over in the day time because my tag light had burned out. I didn't even know I had a tag light, much less than to know to inspect it. If I was a teenage boy, especially a black teenage boy the harassment would be much worse. They actually get pulled out of the car and handcuffed for something as minor as failing to use a blinker.

  9. Oh yeah. Yeah. First time was in the middle of nowhere in Mexico, driving 2 guy friends in a Toyota Corolla that belonged to one of them. I thought the posted 50km per hour sounded like I could go pretty fast. The officer was ON FOOT, blowing a whistle and waving his arms, so I stopped and he demanded 10 dollars. I looked at my passengers and they did not even make eye contact with I forked over 10 bucks and went on my way. Still resent that they didn't help me pay for that dumb ticket. :-)

  10. I know you wouldn't think I would be a speeder, but I used to be. :) I've gotten two speeding tickets and two tickets for not stopping at stop signs long enough (what they call a rolling stop.) I've learned my lesson now.

    The second speeding ticket was on my way to a wedding in Alabama. I had a carload of friends and we were running late. We were on a state highway and the local policeman for the nearby town pulled me over and gave me a ticket for "aggravated speeding." My friend Steven said that sounded like I was leaning out of my car window aggravating other drivers. :) Turns out aggravated speeding means I was going more than 25 mph over the speed limit of 55. Back then, I had a Buick Regal and I don't think it could even get up that high, but he refused to let me see the radar reading.

    We changed clothes at a gas station outside of Enterprise, Alabama and walked in the door of the church just in time to hear them pronounced man and wife.

    I decided to go back to court - turns out it was in Elba, Alabama - a charming little town of just a few people. I had lunch at the local Hardees and heads turned when I walked in, since I was a stranger in town. A man eating alone on a corner booth grinned and nodded at me. He turned out to be the judge. :) I should have plead guilty and thrown myself at the mercy of the court, but being naive, I plead not guilty, which meant the young DA had to make a case against me. Long story short - he made me pay the fine, but took off the points on my record (which is mainly what I wanted.) Long day.

    Long story, huh??? :)

  11. Yes. Once I was pulled over but the cop popped out his car, hid behind his door and leveled his gun at me.
    "Get out with your hands up." he yelled. Seems I had a similar car as a really bad guy that had just committed a crime in the area. Yep, I was scared.

  12. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Never. Not once. For that I am quite proud.

  13. Ummmm ... I once got a letter from the state (I was still married, so mid 1990s) that I was among the worst 6% of drivers due to the points on my license. All of the points were from speeding tickets. Those were just from the times I was ticketed. I got away with a lot of tickets because the vanity plate on my convertible (most of the tickets while driving that) was CMETPLS (See me topless).

  14. Himself has been pulled over for breath testing as part of the 'random check' program. And once (as far as he will admit) for speeding.

  15. Once for a random breath was fairly late at night and I was on my way home from work...I'd been working since about 8 am that in a restaurant; and I'd not even tried the cooking wine or brandy!!!

    And twice for speeding...each time got a ticket. Can't complain because I was driving over the limit each time.

  16. Strangely enough, never got pulled over for speeding (with my lead foot, I should have double digit points on my license), only for going through stop signs, stop lights (got caught with a baseball bat in the back seat after going through on the highway with a cop next lane overt and two cars behind, and a bizarre stop for not having a front license plate (law in CT states you must have two plates on your car). That one ultimately cost me $37.50 and here's how:

    Ticket $174; ticket dropped if I got new plates so new plates $75; used plates for exactly two weeks before I turned them to transfer my original 30 year old plates back to my car, so I got a refund of $37.50.

    Father Nature's Corner

  17. Got a fix it ticket years ago for not having a working lic plate light, and a speeding ticket a couple of years ago. He only dinged me for half the amount I was going over the limit, so I kept my mouth shut.

  18. Alan Ginocchio
    One of my good friends has a warning sound in her car when she crosses any line in the road. It is maddening because it beeps so much it makes her appear to be a drunken driver and makes me very nervous. I believe the police would give her an intoxication test too.

    Oklahoma doesn't have “inspection stickers” anymore. I remember what a pain in the buttooski it was to have to renew every year. LYBBATS too:)

    Olga Hebert
    Our city streets are 25mph and the local constabulary await our errors with glee.

    What does that mean “registration violations”? Were you driving stolen vehicles?

    Guess it took a while but you finally learned the rules. lol

    What happened to your natural charm and beauty to get you out of the ticket? Was the copper a woman?

    I was 16 when stopped for speeding but no ticket because the policeman knew my dad who was the local preacher:) I have never had a ticket and have often bragged about it. Ron told me I was probably the cause of a lot of accidents but never knew it.

    Get over to Cobb county now and get a refund!

  19. Kerry
    A police officer on foot stopped you??? I have never heard of such a thing but then I have never been to Mexico. If you can find those boys today would you demand part of that fine from them? I think you should.

    And just why would we think you would NOT be a speeder? Just because you are nice doesn't mean you're not ornery.

    Arkansas Patti
    Of course that happened to you. No one else in the universe, but it would happen to you. lol

    Well okay, you've got me beat. At least I have never gotten a ticket but I have been pulled over twice.

    Bonnie (BIZ)
    I thought I had a pretty good letter from Blockbuster several years ago stating that I was among the top 2% of movie renters in the nation. I think I like that better than your 6% of worst drivers letter. lol

    Elephant's Child
    So am I correct in guessing that you don't drive?

    Guessing the test turned out okay. When you were stopped for speeding did you confess?

    G.B. Miller
    What happens if you have a baseball bat in the backseat? We used to carry my son's baseball equipment around everywhere and I didn't know it might be against the law. Yikes!

    I took my zippy truck in for a checkup the other day and on the list of work done there was a new light for my tag. I didn't know I had a license plate tag and I sure didn't know it was burned out. Love my automotive guy.

  20. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Blocking the intersection and jaywalking.

  21. Only once about thirty years ago. I had been Christmas shopping after work, pulled out of a well lit multi storey car park & didn't put on my lights.

    I was breathalised which was understandable but it wasn't a problem, hadn'ttouched a drop & they let me off with a warning to be more careful.

    Have to say they were very polite, almost apologetic.

  22. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Have been lax on blog visiting this week so didn't know this was your question of the week. Funny that I would post about the same thing today LOL!
    Yes Annie as you read on my blog I had a 'little chat' with a young policeman just yesterday - first speeding ticket for many years. Lack of concentration so deserved it - going over the limit in a school zone is definitely a no no.
    Take care

  23. Oh...the test was clear, GA...I'd been working all day and night - no time for drinking anything other than lots of water and the odd cup of coffee.

    As for the point trying to deny it or lie about it...the proof was in the pudding! I just apologised; demurely accepted the ticket and in due course paid the fine.

  24. Yep just the once too, I was caught speeding. Actually I always speed, so I count myself very lucky its only been once... so far.

  25. LOL. No! I'm no felon! I was negligent in renewing my tags because I was a poor college student who didn't have any money.

    One day I was pulled over on my way to work and got a ticket. That very night on my way home from work I was pulled over for the same offense.

    I was happy to wave the previous citation in the second cop's face.
    Hey, you can't cite me twice for the same thing.

    I couldn't believe they didn't have anything better to do than pull over college students with expired tags.

  26. Hmmmmm... not yet... because I seldom drive, but my husband has. Don't tell him I told you.

  27. Got many warnings but never a speeding tix!