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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Pinky was adopted with his brother Simon for our granddaughter Hope's 4th birthday. Hope is now 12. Their family moved to Kansas on May 21st and as soon as the 8  year old cats were allowed to go outside of their new home, they both disappeared in about four days. Simon returned with a limp and was taken to the vet for treatment. Simon would be fine.  The family kept watch for Pinky, to no avail.  They were all crushed especially Hope! 

After two months they had all given up on seeing Pinky again as it has been so long.  On August 8th Hope ran downstairs yelling to come quick. "Pinky is back!" and there he was!  He was super skinny but other than that in good shape and even has his collar on still . The family was so happy to have him back :-)

Don't you wish Pinky could talk so he could tell us his adventures and how he finally found his way home?   

Here is the video of Pinky's welcome home.



  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    The same thing happened to my cat. He disappeared for a month and when he reappeared he was ravenous. We thought he had been trapped and then abused by someone. He died a few years later, though.

  2. Never had a cat be gone that long, but people told stories of my special cat who would be gone days at a time and always return, for they would tell of him being at different places miles away (he was very unique so it was easy to tell and see, a "flame point Siamese"). It took me a long time to get used to his "outings" even though he has fixed...

  3. gigihawaii
    Happy then unhappy ending:(

    Brite Mist
    Simon and Pinky were both fixed but have always tended to enjoy the outdoors, often for a few days at a time but never for two months! Huge cats who believe they can conquer the world.

  4. I have had many cats, but none who disappeared for more than 1-2 days at a time, thank Heavens!! I would have been terribly sad had any of mine been gone for that long.

  5. We had indoor cats, and the thought of them disappearing for so long would be awful and I'd assume they were dead, so Pinky's arrival home must have felt like a mini miracle!

  6. kenju
    Because their cats are indoor and outdoor cats they have disappeared before but never for such a long time. With Simon returning home crippled, they just knew both had been in a fight and Pinky had lost. Regardless, when he did show up he was skinny but not injured.

    LL Cool Joe
    You got that right. They could not believe their eyes and ears. Simon had been crying loudly during the night and must have known Pinky was somewhere close to home. He was glad to seen his brother.

  7. How lovely.
    And how familiar. My mother's cat walked out the door one morning - and came home more than four years later. We opened the door one morning and he marched into the kitchen and demanded breakfast. He had acquired a few scars, but was nearly as glad to be home as we were to see him. And I would love to know where he had been.

  8. I'm glad, for Hope's sake, that Pinky made it home.

    We adopted two feral sister kittens and they were doing great until one got outside and we never saw her again. Her sister stayed with us for about two years and then one day she disappeared as well. It's sad when they don't come back.

  9. Cat tales...there is an encyclopedia there.

  10. I wish that pets could talk too. It will be very interesting.

  11. I'd hazard a guess and say Pinky probably tried to find his previous, poor guy. I'm so happy he's back where he should be, safe and sound :)

  12. Tales of high adventure by Pinky. I too wish they could tell them.

  13. you can write a children's book "adventures of pinky" :)

  14. I wonder where Pinky has been? That's a lovely miracle that he is back and I love that he is marking his girl with the head buts.

  15. Aww! I'm glad they came back.

  16. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Cats are so amazingly hard to get rid of! Lol! I'm kidding! I'm glad the wayward traveller is home.

  17. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Aww! My Norbert ran away for 13 days once and he too came back skinny. He was also dehydrated and very dirty. He was a very good cat for several weeks and grateful to be home.

  18. Aw, Pinky, welcome home!

  19. Love animal stories with happy ending. He is obviously very happy to be home.

  20. alas I can't get the video but can picture the joy.

  21. I love the photo of tiny Hope hugging a huge kitty! Adorable. I'm so glad that Pinky came home.

  22. Elephant's Child
    Four years!!! That is definitely a story worth knowing.

    We had sibling cats and even though the male was fixed he continued to Tom Cat around and would always return home but was usually beaten and battered.

    Do you ever see any cat tails growing in the swamps?

    There is a book called The Abandoned by Paul Galico about a little boy that turns into a cat and goes on a great adventure talking to other cats and being protected by a special cat Jenny.

    I am guessing you are probably right about that.

    He was skinny but not marked by injuries of any kind so that was a good thing about the high adventure.

    It would be an interesting story wouldn't it?

    My daughter has another picture she took a few days ago of Pinky and brother Simon sleeping near each other and holding hands. It is priceless.

    Riot Kitty
    Simon's absence wasn't as long as Pinky's but still he was loved and missed too.

  23. heartinhand
    Not around here. The come and go like vagabonds.

    Know you missed Norbert and were worried sick.

    Jean Mac
    Yep, a big WELCOME!

    Arkansas Patti
    My daughter told me this weekend that Pinky and Simon are staying very close to home these days.

    The video is just Pinky rubbing up next to Hope and purring words of love.

    Sparkling Red
    I am so glad you commented on that picture in particular. I love it too and find it amazing that in only one year Pinky had grown so big! Simon isn't quite as big.

  24. How this is so amazing. It's like Lassie!