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Slim and Franke
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Monday, August 18, 2014


Question Of The Week 8-18-14

If you HAD to change 
your first name, 
what would  you change it to?

(Ron actually had a shipmate who legally changed his  name to Sugar Bare.) 


  1. This is kind of funny, but when I was way younger, I used to dream up new names for myself, thinking Patricia Lynn was just too pedestrian. So I decided I liked the name Gabriella. :) It was the first name that popped into my head when I read your question.

    But seriously, if I changed it - I would probably go with Lindsey. That was my mom's nickname for me (although it sounded more like Lynsie.) :)

  2. I haven't the faintest idea. I will have to give it thought.
    It isn't that I particularly like my first name (and will not use it unless it has been abbreviated), but it has been a part of me for a loooong time now.

  3. Oooh. Hmmm. My last name is Bliss...I have to be careful or I'll make myself sound like a stripper: Candy Bliss!!!

  4. Interesting to think about. I have never used my real first name and would not mind changing it to something I like better but it is a little late now.

  5. I don't know as I think right now. I have always liked my real name and always thought that names were just labels. I have a BUNCH of names I would NOT want, though.

  6. I like the name Kate.

  7. I would tell you but I know it sounds hippie and nut n' granola so I will keep it a secret and NEVER change my name! :-)

  8. I've always pictured myself as either Victoria or Kathryn.

  9. I never liked my real name, and have used my initials for years. I should have changed it long ago, too late now. Oh, I would have changed it to Brigid.

  10. Jane - I have two of my maternal grandmothers name, this was her third. Also the name of my Gt grandmother and her mother as well. All in the family lol
    But Catherine it is - quite like it as well.

  11. Lynn
    You just got a new name. It's Aunt Wynnie isnt it?

    Elephant's Child
    But the question asks, what if you HAD TO change your name. No choice You have to change it.

    You are too funny!

    I cannot think of a name I would rather have, but I never had a problem finding names for my imaginary friends. Guess I might choose “Princess” as a first name:)

    They are labels. At least we're not just numbers yet.

    Chatty Crone
    Kate would fit you nicely.

    Is your secret name Flower?

    Oh yes Victoria, as in Queen Victoria. Even Kathryn is a bit royal. Figures.

    Dear Brigid....Yes, that fits nicely. Lol

    cranethie Cathy
    Yes Catherine is a nice fit for you....isn't that a good thing? Jane would be quite a change.

  12. Sorry. I wasn't reading carefully enough.

  13. Always liked Lexie. Interesting question that my friends and I recently posed. That is why I was prepared.

  14. though i have enjoyed my first name, i like my middle name also - emile (French)and would use that otherwise britemist would be good for me

  15. Elephant's Child
    Sorry I am so bossy. Guess my first name could be Bossy:)

    Why not go for Ileana? lol

    Arkansas Patti
    Hum? Maybe that's where I got the idea for this question?

    Brite Mist
    Of course your middle name is Emile. It is perfect.

  16. Probably my middle name, Leigh.

  17. To be completely honest...I have no idea whatsoever. I've always liked my first name and believe it depicts me...who I I don't want another name. And I've always like it, too, because it can't be is what it is.

    That's not to say I've not been called other names! I'm sure I have. (I probably wouldn't have like those)! ;)

  18. For years my name was "mom" and whenever any child would call that name, I'd turn to look, thinking they needed me. I guess our names DO change many times over our span of years.

  19. Hmm, having changed my name, although still based on the name I had on my birth certificate, I'm quite happy to keep it. ;)

  20. I'm torn between Erin and Renee for a first name. As a Star Trek fan, it would be Kira for a middle name.

  21. Good question. Wish I had good answer. Never really thought of a good replacement name for mine (hated it while growing up and only slightly less hate it now).

    I think know I would stick with initials, since G.B. could stand for anything (nudge, nudge) clean or non-clean.

    Father Nature's Corner

  22. Been there... Done that! :)

    My mother divorced my real father when I was very young and remarried a few years later. I was adopted by my stepfather but I was a 'Jr.' and had been named after my real father. The plan was to change my entire name and to sweeten the deal, they said I could get my first puppy! (Boy, can parents be sly or what?) Anyway, my new last name was obvious but I had a choice to pick my first name. After several suggestions I went with 'Alan' influenced highly by one of my favorite movie stars at the time... Alan Ladd.

  23. I would change it to Rebecca. It's my middle name and would have been my first name, had my mom kept quiet.

  24. You did say HAD to. I'd change to my second name: Dixon.

  25. Riot Kitty
    Well, hello Leigh:) I would have guessed your chosen name would begin with an “F”.

    But if you HAD to change it, what would you pick?

    I still answer to mom and definitely turn when I hear “grandmother”.

    LL Cool Joe
    Guess that is a big part of your story.

    I like Erin Kira:)

    G.B. Miller
    Goober Butt:)

    Alan Ginocchio
    That has to mean that you are ahead of the crowd.

    We can call you Rebecca if you wish:)

    That's a great name!

  26. People have often called me Kate instead of Kay. And you know what? I like Kate better.

  27. I was here ages ago. but must have been a lightning get off line day, cause the comment didn't stick! Woops-

    That would be "Gale" if I'd done it when young. Some one in a horse story book, I believe.

    Folks call me "Ev" now