Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

SUNDAY SEVEN 3-17-14 TO 3-23-14

Words of gratitude from previous week. (And a few pictures.)

Rooster King Kong is now the cock of the walk.  He has won the ongoing competition for leadership of the NOL-NOC Estates chickens from Rooster Chicklet.  At least Chicklet has been allowed to retire with his life,  his dignity and a few chosen ladies.
Yesterday David gave birth to her kittens in a chicken nest box where she was born in 2009.  She and her brother Goliath had some celebrity at their birth.  See the story published in Countryside Magazine about the hen that tried to become their mother. David has given birth to each of her liters in this nest box.
Here David has lifted her paw to try and give me a better peek at her kittens.  I don't dare touch them yet but I believe there are at least four and maybe five.  I hope I can get a good count before she moves them.


  1. Is this King Kongs hour upon the stage?

  2. Cliff
    And thank you for not stressing that this is "a tale told by an idiot":)

  3. sounds just like a cocky youngster, but at least,as you said, the old guy has his life and some choice chickens to be with. Not a bad transition...the Kitty is cool - i will be down on our farm for a few weeks and can not wait. - will try to post pictures of a varied creatures we have!

  4. King Kong looks very proud....long live the King!

  5. Nice to see a roster who does more than just crow haha....

  6. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Nice to see there are no gender barriers in your coop! :)

  7. It's better than TV!! I wish I had a box of kittens. It would be impossible not to touch!!

    I miss our games!

  8. Aww. And the pain/gain equation has been getting a work out over here too.

  9. Good luck with your kittens.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  10. That box of kittens looks too cute. I bet you can't wait to touch them.

    Hope your weekend was good!

  11. Ah yes, and how many will you keep?NOTHING is cuter that kittens.

  12. How beautiful. The mother and her kittens melt my heart. :)

  13. Ditto what Arkansas Patti and Lee both said! My son's dog just had 9 puppies, but not as cute as kittens. :)

  14. King Kong is a handsome fellow. And those kittens... *dissolves in to a puddle of lovey goo* :-)

  15. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Have you been handling the cards down at the community centre this week ??
    I miss little kittens - watching them play is the biggest but best time waster yet lol

  16. Brite Mist
    King Kong is a very large rooster while Chicklet was a little guy but very feisty. It has been amazing that Chicklet held his position has rooster-in-charge for such a long time. As long as he enjoys his retirement and doesn't attempt a coup to regain power, all should be well. Cannot wait to see pictures of your farm critters.

    We'll see how long he will reign with Rooster Hope and Rooster Jack Bauer, Jr. hot on his heels.

    Changes in the wind
    Oh yes, they crow and fight but don't forget, roosters are lovers too:)

    No gender, racial, ethnic, religious or political barriers in our coop:)

    Checking on new kittens every five minutes is definitely better than TV. I do want to touch them but am resisting temptation because I do not want David to move them out too soon. I miss the games too and am very eager to return to Facebook. I did not know they would send me notices everyday telling me how many messages I am missing. Yikes!

  17. Elephant's Child
    My pain/gain has to do with picking up rocks daily and my back and legs are killing me but the yard is looking better and will be ready to mow when the grass returns.

    Andrew, I am curious about where you have come from. Nice of you to comment and I hope you are not a spammer. I am guessing not because you have been here before.

    LL Cool Joe
    I am so anxious to touch their soft fur. My weekend was very nice with my son visiting again and helping get some more work done.

    Arkansas Patti
    I will try to keep all the kittens. We need barn cats to keep down the mouse and snake population. However our neighbors have a young granddaughter and usually our kittens manage to gravitate to their home once they are weaned. Now that the granddaughter is going into high school I am thinking she will have less time to spoil all the cats and ours might stay here for a change.

    They melt my heart as well and David is a wonderful mother. The father is a black cat who I have named Darth Vader and I learned of him by seeing him sneak in and out of the barn on my surveillance video. One of the kittens looks to be black as well and will probably be named Luke. lol Thanks for visiting me and I see you have me on your sidebar plus we share many mutual friends. This is great!

    Aunt Betsy
    Puppies, kittens, they are all adorable. Are you going to take one of your son's puppies? I hope you will show us pictures.

    Sparkling Red
    King Kong knows that he is a handsome guy and really shows off for the girls. Everyone dissolves over new kittens.

    cranethie (Cathy)
    Not only competition at the center this week, but our church had game night on Friday and it got a little competitive there too. Once the kittens are allowed out by their mother, they will romp and play and then my dog Slim gets in the act too. She befriends all the kittens early and they go around looking like they fell in the lake from all of the dog slobber.

  18. Chicklet had his time in the sun. As do we all.

    David looks like she has a fine, little family. I can't wait to see the kittens in action.