Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, March 24, 2014


Question Of The Week 3-24-14

What one material possession do you own that you could not survive

What is this?  Can you live without it?

It's a One Touch can opener and any can opener would be hard to live without but we could probably survive.


  1. Hhmmm..... I really like my cell phone, I use my microwave a lot, and the fridge is nice. I love having a vehicle. Oh, I am grateful for a washer & dryer. I probably should say my scriptures or my meds, but I would hate to have to live without indoor plumbing!!!

  2. Aunt Betsy
    But could you "survive" without indoor plumbing? I have actually learned to "blank" in the woods.

  3. I think I need to get more sleep...I will not tell you what I thought that was in the first picture!! I have a lid opener that is a godsend in my kitchen.

  4. the medicines i take...that is simple - the electronics i do with out purposefully every so often (that time is coming this week for two weeks), clothes, TP? Those are tough ones also

  5. It would be hard to get to my job that is 20 miles away without my car, but it could be done (although by public transit, it would take hours, I think. There's no bus that goes by by home or office - so there would be lots of walking, too. This is making me appreciate my car more, now that I think about it.) I can't really think of anything I couldn't positively live without.

    lol at Tabor's comment. :)

  6. I am spoiled and NEED everything:) but I do not have one of the handy can openers so maybe I need to add it to my list.

  7. I had to laugh at Tabor's comment above. :)
    I suppose I could live without it but I sure do miss my computer when it is not working for some reason.

  8. Gadgets can insinuate their way into our lives and make up think that they are indispensable. I really hope never to find out what it is I can actually live without. I never saw a can opener quite like that one!

  9. Believe it or not Granny Annie, I'm not going to type it out here because I refuse to give the Devil a clue. But thanks for the food for thought.

  10. I have never seen such a can opener.

  11. I like a lot of the gadgets which have found their way into my home. Some of them I rely on, others I would miss badly. Indispensible? No, though they would be missed. And my medication too falls into that category. Going without it wouldn't kill me (or not very fast) but life would be a LOT less comfortable.
    A thought provoking post - thank you.

  12. Car could go-- bike or walking would do wonders for me. Cell phone--rarely use.
    Kindle, I'd fight you tooth and nail for. Gotta have it plus my solar charger.
    Sorry but I think I was thinking like Tabor at first:))

  13. My computer, I guess. I'd hate to be without my TV, too. But if I had to be without it, I could always watch what I need on my my computer.

    But then...I'd hate to do without my bed, too.

    And I agree with Granny Annie...I'd hate to do without indoor plumbing.

    I'd hate to have to do without my little car.

    And I'd hate to have to do without my fridge.

    I'm not a "kitchen gadget" person. I never used gadgets when I was cooking professionally. Good quality sharp knives are a must. I'd hate to do without my knives.

    I don't class a blender, a food processor or stick blender as being gadgets; or electric mixers.

    So much useless junk gets forced upon us through advertising at's better not to fall into the traps.

    I don't have a mobile/cell phone or the like. I have no need for one; no desire for one. E-readers I do without because I prefer reading books of the old-fashioned kind.

    And that is enough out of me for a while, I think! :)

  14. Interesting question.

    Currently living way behind the technology wheel (still have an 8 year old flip phone that I use), I can certainly live w/o a cell phone and the internet.

    I probably couldn't live w/o electricity although in a pinch, I could probably wing it.

  15. Ooh, It requires much thinking!! I am out of practice at that. I think I'd be in a bad way without my computer and my is my entertainment and one is my lifeline to others and a tie to emergency services, should we need them. My car, of course. We don't live on a bus line and I can't walk far. Oh, decisions, decisions....Please tell me I don't have to give up any of them. I really like indoor plumbing too.

  16. One of my cameras. It would be hard to pick which one, but I know I'd feel totally naked without it. :)

  17. My antidepressant medication. My pillow.

  18. I always suspected wild bears did it in the woods but....or should I have said 'butt;
    I've worn two openers like that out. We're back to the old hand crank.
    Also: I'd hate to give up my electricity.

  19. Well, nothing really, unless you count a pharmaceutical.

    I won't tell you what I thought that was!

  20. Well reading everyone elses lists I reckon there something in all of them I'd not be able to do without but could also manage without BUT when all is said and done I would find it hard to do without The Golfer.
    Oh and soft tp as they don't issue phone books anymore lol
    Take care

  21. Tabor
    I know what you thought. It was my intention and I wondered who would mention it:) I need a lid opener. My carpal tunnel syndrome is much worse and just opening a water bottle is next to impossible for me. I guess we might list canned goods as items for survival.

    Brite Mist
    Toilet paper.....oh yes, definitely. Who wants to go back to using leaves?

    Without my vehicles I would have to hitch Slim and the chickens to my little red wagon to get to town.
    Oh that Tabor!

    Changes in the wind
    I hope you have some kind of can opener. I have to have the electric one because the hand held ones simply kill me to use.

    Our computers are the information highway we live on. It would be very traumatic to try to live without mine. Isn't Tabor knowledgeable? :)

    Olga Herbert
    Bet you are so happy eating in fancy Florida restaurants that you don't have to bother with opening cans these days.

    What in the world does that mean? If you speak of what you need will the devil take it from you? Yikes! I'm in big trouble then.

    Remember when you were searching for a can opener. I gave you a link to this one.

    Elephant's Child
    It provoked my own thoughts as well. So many things I would miss. But also a lot of things I wish I had like a conveyer belt straight from the grocery store into my cabinets and refrigerator. Also I am most eager for those cars that will drive themselves.

    Arkansas Patti
    Yea, gotta have my Kindle too. I take it everywhere and it occupies my every waiting situation. Yes, Tabor got it:)

    Poor thing, you had quite a time figuring out something didn't you? Are you still at it?

    G.B. Miller
    I think you didn't consider the question enough. To do all the writing you must rely on technology more than you realize.

  22. kenju
    My parents had an outhouse in their first home. My mother's wealthy aunt visited them and her home in Waynesboro, PA had a seven car garage so you know she had fine indoor plumbing. My mom always laughed about watching her aunt cloaked in mink coat walking up the path to the outhouse.

    We would have to allow you your cameras. The world would not be the same if you were without your other eyes.

    Maybe without TV and computers and all the other daily blasting of technology you wouldn't be depressed and wouldn't need the medicine. But I'm with you on the pillow. Gotta have mine too.

    Well, from TV commercials we all know what toilet paper the bears use. Yikes! Speaking of electricity, how are your surveillance cameras working out? Mine are still doing great but some super tech guy told my son they wouldn't last me over a year. They have sure made it through a very harsh winter without a problem.

    Riot Kitty
    Oh I know better than that. You would miss transportation and your computer and your phone to talk to family. Yes several thought the same about the can opener and Tabor was the first to hint about it:) I showed the pics separate to see who might go there:) lol

    cranethie (Cathy)
    Phone book pages would have been a lot gentler than Montgomery Ward catalog pages. That's what I hear they always kept in the outhouses. That or corn cobs..Ey yi yi!

  23. I guess that their ability to last in the inclemencies of our weather crossed my mind but so far so good. We love them but on windy days we need to shut the sound off. Marilyn can look at a customer get out of their car and talk to them with the camera to let them know she'll be right out. Just what we wanted them for. Thanks for the idea.

  24. Right now it is my nabulizer to take my asthma medicine.

  25. I'm going to play it smart and skip this whole post... wouldn't want you to think I had can openers on the brain :-)

  26. That can opener (I have a couple of them) reminds me of a story I read when I was a child about a couple of boy who went camping and took a can of peaches for lunch but no can opener. The title of the story was Peaches for Lunch. I wish I knew who the author was. I guess we could live without just about anything, but I would hate to live without my camera.

  27. Cliff
    That is what I like most about the system. I can inquire why a stranger is at the door before I open it (if I open it.) Most often they want to know if the Allis G's are for sale.

    Ron was also attached to his nebulizer. Guess there were a lot of thing he would have had on the list, like his power chair and his oxygen tanks, etc.

    Smart move. lol

    Pat MacKenzie
    Now I want to find the story Peaches For Lunch. Yes I can see how you would suffer without your camera. We all want you to keep that shutter opening and closing.

  28. I seem to be taking turns going without everything this year-

    I think Mischief n chocolate would be the tough ones- Along with those low-tech books.
    Then there's hot kettle water for tea, n Benedryl to cure allergies.

  29. Snaggle Tooth
    Your tea kettle makes me think of my coffee pot. I would have to have my coffee pot for sure.

  30. I don't have a phone but I do love my computer and would hate to live without it.


  31. My 'no frills' kindle. Essential at bedtime.