Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, March 21, 2014


Don't fail to put this in your day:-)


I have often seen the Starlings in large flocks around here but never such great numbers.


  1. I love the show the starlings are putting on there - so beautiful and a peaceful start to my day. Thanks friend!

  2. Lynn
    Thanks for taking time to look at it. It is almost hypnotic to me.

  3. I love seeing these videos and yes, they are hypnotic. I have seen a few murmurations, but not large ones.

  4. Beautiful! Some starlings have started to show up (I hang suet baskets and they show up to feast with their babies). Won't be long now and they'll be teasing our cats like crazy. :)

    That video is like poetry in motion.

  5. wow, what a sight that would be to see in person.. but the video will hold me till then..

    love ya bunches

  6. Isn't it incredible? Some day, if I am lucky, I will see it for myself.

  7. I have seen these overhead in a canoe, but not in such great numbers. That ballet is phenomenal!

  8. Wow, watching that really takes the rough edges off your day. So soothing. Would love to see it in person.

  9. I have seen this before and I don't know why but it brings tears to my eyes. As he says, it is inexplicable. It is one of those things that bring certainty and calm to the chaos of life.

  10. i watched this about a week ago somewhere. It's truly amazing. I think they have some kind of little bird radios. That's how they all turn at the same time. "Okay up on 3...1,,2,,3 NO I MEANT DOWN. Dive Dive Dive" Probably a bird brain calling the shots.

  11. Not sure if we have any here but if I see them, I won't stand under them!

  12. Astonishing to see such huge swarms flying flawlessly in glorious formations in perfect harmony and symmetry making such fascinating patterns !

  13. kenju
    It is exciting to come upon a hidden bunch and have them take off in front of you. Frightening at first then beautiful to see.

    Yes, you said it. "Poetry in motion".

    It is a sight to behold even on a small scale. Hope all is well in your part of the world. Love you bunches too.

    Elephant's Child
    I would be a wonderful sight for anyone to behold.

    That would be great to watch while floating out on the water.

    Arkansas Patti
    That was exactly what I thought. It took the rough edges off my day.

    It got me in the tear ducts too.

    Maybe it's the spirit of Red Foley calling the square dance:)

    Riot Kitty
    I don't know how to explain it, but I have actually stood under the ones that flock overhead around here and not a drop of poop has fallen on my head. They must be very high up.

    Isn't it fascinating? I could watch them all day. There is no telling what shapes and forms we missed seeing.

  14. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Beautiful to see in a video, I'd literally have a heart attack to see that in real life. Birds freak me out! Lol! My hangup, not theirs!

  15. heartinhand
    My sister and I left the Alfred Hitchcock movie THE BIRDS and viewed a similar scene as we were walking home from the show. It nearly scared both of us for life. lol