Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, March 09, 2014

SUNDAY SEVEN 03-03-14 to 03-09-14


  1. My mother would agree with on books, they bring her so much joy.

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. OK now you have to explain the nine.

  3. I am guessing you had your taxes done this week?

  4. LL Cool Joe
    Books do bring me joy but the one I'm reading is probably the reason I cannot sleep. lol THE BURNING MAN by Phillip Margolin. Yet I highly recommend it.

    Today is my 9th anniversary of my blog:)

    Yep, they are done and electronically filed and I saved $150 on preparation because I did it all online with my preparer. Uploaded everything through their portal. So 21st Century of me:)

  5. Congrats on the 9. I am just past 5...wonder if I'll make it to 9.
    Way to go already having your taxes done. I should get my last info this week to be ready to file and, yes, very thankful to be able to give it all to the CPA.

  6. A lot to be grateful for there. And something for us too - nine years of sharing your world is a very generous gesture. Thank you. And here's to the next nine.

  7. You had me at "nap" and "books". Those are all I need for a lovely Sunday.

  8. Books would always make my list and congrats on 9 years but also putting taxes behind you.

  9. Nap is what I have been wanting. Can't seem to get enough sleep.

  10. Yea, to Nine years of blogging. I have enjoyed your blog & comments so much.
    Books, one can never have enough books. I'm sure I would be in The home somewhere with out them... wait... hmmm.
    Have a blessed week!

  11. Jeanie
    I am looking forward to my 10th next March. Five for you is a big deal. Congratulations on that. Isn't it a good feeling once the taxes are done? One more sigh of relief out of the way.

    Elephant's Child
    It has been a great nine. Actually I have been blogging eleven years but the first two were under a different blog that has been deleted. It did not have any comments and when one happened, I was surprised so I changed my blog and actually began inviting comments. It has been a hoot.

    Sparkling Red
    The nap was a big deal. I was sleep deprived for a couple of days and the bit of sleep got me started on the road to rest recovery. I actually decided the book I was reading was possibly the cause of my insomnia because it was such an exciting story.

    Arkansas Patti
    Absolutely three things that filled me with gratitude.

    I know exactly what you mean about the need for sleep. My sleep seems to finally be catching up with me. Hooray.

    This is going to be a great week with both of my siblings and their spouses planning on a visit on Tuesday, my daughter and her family coming next Sunday and with my son having been here this past weekend. I'm starting out with a big smile. Hope you are too my friend.

  12. I've been very book occupied in this cold snap. I'm not feeling much new snow gratitude today- I cancelled what I wanted to do- Just way too cold out there unless you have to be out!
    I need more naps...

  13. Snaggle Tooth
    Our weather is finally warm but I'm not betting that it will last. We have been fooled several times already this year. I sure hope you get a taste of spring soon.