Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, March 06, 2014


Yesterday morning I woke up at 3:00 and could not go back to sleep.

Logged out of Facebook and will stay out for 40 days of Lent.

Had my morning meditation and my coffee and banana.  Thought about my grandfather's rule to "never wash the coffee pot". He kept a running battle with my mother who visited and she always insisted on washing their coffee pot.  I also thought about cutting up the banana peel for the chickens.

It was Senior Center day and the eggs were packed up that I donate to the center.  The members purchase the eggs for $2 a dozen and the money goes to the center.  They grab them up as fast and I bring them in the door.

After our lunch, I went to the church to help prepare the newsletter for mailing and then excused myself to go home and nap before the 6:30PM Ash Wednesday service. I could barely keep my eyes open.  But when I got home, no sleep would come.  

My daughter had called and announced they will be moving to Kansas for son-in-law's job promotion.  US Cellular had reared it's ugly head in my direction once again and that war is waging.   The snow and ice is melting rapidly and my drive is turning into a big mud hole.  My brain would not settle down and thus my rest would not come but I was still too weary to leave the house and so I missed the church service.

Finally fell asleep before 7:00PM.  Was awake this morning at 2:00.  Housekeeper is coming at 8:00AM and I have a doctor's appointment at 10:00AM.  Today I am thinking about Sunday being the 9th anniversary of this blog.  The stats say that I have had 346,435 views in that time.  That is highly doubtful but it sure looks impressive.  Looking forward to the big 10th next year and wonder what new blog friends I will meet. Also looking forward to a big nap this afternoon:)


  1. You had a very unsettling day - so sorry. That's neat that you are the egg lady at the senior center though. And I hope you get proper sleep tonight - that happens to my sister in Virginia, kind of intermittent insomnia.

    I almost missed Ash Wednesday service - I kept hanging out at home, not wanting to get there too early and ended up getting caught behind an accident on the expressway, but was only 15 minutes late. This pastor always mixes things up. We've always had the imposition of ashes on the forehead at the end of the service and then we left the service without speaking. This time he started that in the middle of the service - I almost missed it. And everyone was chattering to each other at the end. I still left quietly - was just feeling that last night.

  2. Why is it he didn't want the coffee post washed? Forgot to ask before.

  3. I hope you have a better day today. I haven't been sleeping well, and it makes me feel sorta out of my body, in a sense. I walk around like a zombie, too tired to even nap. I'm curious about the coffee pot deal too.

  4. Now is the time to be a little kinder to yourself.
    If there is anything in particular that is bugging you put it in a box in a drawer till a specific time ahead and leave it be.
    Exactly what I am doing at present.
    Re the coffee pot there is always the fear that it will taste of soap after washing - same with a teapot.

  5. Not being able to sleep is rough. I hope that improves for you. I know it is extra hard when you have a lot on your mind.
    I have a funny image in my head of all the seniors swarming around you when you come in with the eggs. :)

  6. Lynn
    It has been very pleasing the past few weeks to actually sleep until 6AM so this sudden waking too early is not nice. The weather has to be the reason for the disorder. I have hated this yanking back and forth from winter to spring.

    My grandpa was a coal miner most of his life then a supervisor on the Ajax Pipeline. The good old boys were particular about their coffee. At least my mother could only wash the percolator at the house and couldn't clean the one at the shop. lol

    Terri@Backward B Ranch
    My doctor had already told me to take Melatonin to sleep better but I tried that last night and still got up even earlier. I have an appointment today so maybe he can come up with another idea. Glad to have you visit me. Love genealogy and notice the name "Cox" and "Arkansas". My Grandmother was a Cox born in Vesta, Arkansas. Perhaps....

    The things bugging me won't fit in a box. I need a large trunk to put them in. Yep, it was the soap that got to grandpa I am sure. Mother would always wash it when he wasn't around but one sip and he was glaring at her.

  7. Jeanie
    You image of the seniors is probably very accurate. They weren't very happy yesterday when one of the visiting health care workers bought a dozen. After all my girls can only lay so many eggs in a week. At least their production is picking up.

  8. LOL! Net week your friends will be swarming around you in the parking lot to be first in line for your eggs.. won't wait for you to get in the door! My doctor also told me to take Melatonin. Doesn't help me. I haven't slept like a normal person in years. My mind just won't calm down and hush. If I get 4 hours in a row it is something so I am always worn out and like a zombie. I'm sorry to hear your daughter & family will be moving. I understand - my son moved to Seattle last fall. And I would need a trunk, a large one, as well.

  9. insomnia is an on-again/off-again problem in my life. At least I no longer work or have to take care of sick children on 4 hours of sleep! Maybe some yoga or meditation before bed might help?

  10. Aunt Betsy
    It is not a bad thing that they are moving because it is a promotion. they are going to be very close to the place I still own in Kansas. I guess I have to figure out if I want to use visits to them as an opportunity to work on the place but that will take away from the time I need to work on this place plus it will be closer to my sister and take away from time we could all visit with here.....see where I'm going...

    I'm too befuddled to meditate. lol

  11. Thank you. You have broken the last barrier I had about getting chickens-- how to get rid of all the eggs. What a neat idea.
    I have struggled staying asleep more than 6 hours since I quit working. Thank goodness I can nap. It helps. Hope this is just temporary for you.

  12. I miss my chickens, (was in the feed store yesterday and chicks are in...!) My neighbors used to buy my eggs: they would go in get them out of the frig, put the money in the Egg Money jar, and all were happy.
    Having a lot of trouble staying a sleep more than a couple of hours, part weather & part living/caregiving my parents.

  13. It is so frustrating when you aren't able to sleep! I've been waking up and not being able to sleep as well. I get a thought and then off I go and can't get to sleep! I hope you find rest soon.
    I like when you write about the chickens! It brings back memories of my MawMaw and racing to check for eggs with my sister.
    Thanks for the memories! :0)

  14. But you didn't tell us if you washed the coffee pot:) Look forward to many more post from you.

  15. I have had trouble sleeping in the past, but since changing my medication, I am sleeping much better. I am glad that you are helping the center with eggs from your hens.

  16. I can see that you you have a lot of things on your mind and it is always so hard to let go of thoughts. Once the head hits the pillow it can seem as if even more stuff comes rising to the surface.

  17. I go through periods where I just can't sleep, and my mind is working overtime. I hope you get into a better sleep routine very soon. It's so tough to function properly on so little sleep.

  18. I just wrote about napping and the inability to take one in before our big Maryland/DC trip for Districts (youth hockey, of course).

    Since I can't nap I'm having espresso with milk and a little sugar...just like I like it. I made one for hubby, too, and I expect to be flying like a kite anytime now (NOT).

    Hope you get some rest and I can't believe it's been nine years. It's been 8 for me. Where'd the time go??

  19. Annie, I dread when I awake in the middle of the night. It's usually when I have something percolating on my brain. I never nap because then I know I can't sleep throughout the night. As another commenter mentioned, Melatonin is sometimes helpful - it works for me. I use the time-release tablet. Also, my DR says Benedryl is safer than sleep meds to help you sleep. I occasionally take a couple if I've been losing sleep. Hugs from CO.

  20. It is no wonder that so many cultures have used sleep deprivation as a torture. It is.
    And when I am awake in the small hours everything looks blacker, darker and harder.
    I hope you do get some rest and peace soon. Very soon.
    And Congratulations on the time you have been blogging - awesome.

  21. I stayed out of Facebook during Lent and realized I did not even miss it. I closed my account and have never regretted it.

    Enjoy your nap.

    ☆。 ★。☆。★

  22. Happy 9th Blogaversary Annie! That is very, very impressive. I hope I can make it to 9. I thought 6 was a long time.

    Have a peaceful, meditative Lent.

  23. Arkansas Patti
    We have always given our eggs away. Before I gave them to the center, we gave them to friends and family. I learned from Ron that you cannot give anything away to strangers. He always told me if I put a nice piece of furniture or an appliance by the road and wrote “Free” on it, no one would even glance at it. But if I put $5.or $10. price, they would grab it up. They are skeptical of strangers bearing gifts. If they accepted them, then the felt like they owed you a favor in return. Since I placed a $2 donation to the center on a dozen eggs, they can't take them fast enough. FYI, yesterday I had a good nap and did sleep this morning until 4.

    I am happy that I can manage my chickens. It is having goats that I miss. I could not care for them and take care of Ron when he was going for chemo and radiation and all his other medical appointments, so we sold them. If I go away for a while, my neighbors are good to look in on my fowl friends.

    My grandchildren have been raised gathering eggs and I hope they will treasure their memories of Granny Annie like you do of your MawMaw. I will never forget when my youngest Hope, came into the kitchen with such joy staggering under the exceptional wealth of her egg gathering adventure. She had caught the mother hen off her nest and had taken all the eggs. We rushed back and replaced the eggs before the mom knew they were gone. We hoped she would reclaim them and she did.

    Changes in the wind
    Yes Monica, I do wash my coffee pot. It's a Mr. Coffee with a glass carafe. I also clean the internal works with vinegar and water once in a while. I make sure to rinse it very well. My grandpa would hate the idea of vinegar in the coffee;)

    It was a good thing to have a routine doctor's appointment scheduled yesterday and he assured me that I am in good health and not to worry about a couple of days with poor sleep. He assured me that I will get back to a normal routine. One of the ladies at the center told me that the eggs saved her over this last ice and snow because they gave her good protein to eat when her groceries were low. That made me feel very good.

  24. Olga
    Yes, you are so right. It is not pleasant when you head gets so full of worry that instead of finding comfort in your pillow it gives you a headache.

    LL Cool Joe
    I had a nice nap yesterday afternoon and managed to sleep until 4AM today so things are looking up.

    I don't drink a lot of coffee anymore and never drink pop. Your little expresso drink would certainly do a deal on me and not take me in the direction I want to go. I think things are returning to normal now...I hope. Now I am trying to remember if I have known you the entire 8 years you have been here. Will have to go back and check. We've been blog buddies a long time. I had another blog a couple of years before so I've really been here 11 years. Yikes!

    Benedryl works great for me but my doctor didn't want me taking it. I can't remember why and I might break the rules if this happens again. Or, I might try the time release Melatonin. That sounds interesting. I do think I might be over this little bout for now.

    Elephant's Child
    Sleep deprivation would definitely have me telling any security secrets that were left under my care. Well, just twisting my pinky finger would have me giving them up. Let's just say it would not be good to trust me with espionage.

    I am wondering if that will happen to me with Facebook too. Sometimes I wonder why I am there in the first place. My sister never joined FB and my brother is very active there but mainly on his own agenda that I know enough about just because he is my brother so I don't need to hear it on FB. My kids rarely post anything and my grandkids have all given it up for other social media sites. Bet I don't go back.

    Thanks for the Blogaversary greeting. Now I have to start planning for my big 10th next year. How sweet of you my Buddhist friend to wish me a peaceful Lent. I especially wish you peaceful ventures in you daily life. Thank you.

  25. funny about the coffee pot - the oils left behind make the coffee bitter and some think stronger - not my thing, tho i love strong coffee. Giving up facebook for lent? A good idea. I had to keep dropping out last year because of some trouble, which now seems to be in the past. I am more active in our church. It is important for me to be more involved in the community and i love being there.
    Sorry for the remainder of the unsettleness - it comes and goes you know. peace

  26. What a day. No wonder you can't sleep with all of that stuff going on. If you woke up at 2AM Eastern time, that's about when I went to bed on the west coast. We should get some kind of 24 hour shared job together; it would work out perfectly.

    Is your daughter currently living near you?

  27. That would be a nap inducing day for sure. Hang in!

  28. Hoping you get your sleep schedule back. I does seem to snowball doesn't it.
    I just wanted to say that when I was on the board of directors for our senior center that I learned and important lesson. Never 'EGG ON' the seiors citizens.

  29. Not sure about the reasoning behind not washing the coffee pot, but it's actually something that has crossed my mind even though I'd never heard about that before. Still I wash the coffee pot just because.

    Congratulations on 9 years with this blog!

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  30. I stepped away from Facebook and feel like a more productive person because of it.

    Try eliminating all electronic stimulation in the hour or so leading up to bedtime. Dim the lights, do a quiet activity like reading, get into the zone. I have the best sleeps on nights I have a hot bath and clean sheets to swish around in. If all else fails, I take a half a Gravol. LOL!

  31. At work the men keep leaving the glass coffee pot empty on the burner, then putting cold water in it- Crackle!
    The cure is always, hold it above the burner a minute, then turn on the hot water to fill it again. After the water begins, set it back on the burner. It won't fry that way. But we go thru so many. TG I don't drink coffee! I run plain hot water to clean the coffee carafe every day, to clean it while making tea water.

    Happy Blogoversary- That's an enormous amount of hits! Well, I do check here alot...