Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, March 10, 2014


Question Of The Week 03-10-14
Family, dog, cats, chickens, travel, weather, work, supernatural, computers, cyberspace, shopping, writing, drawing, etc.? For me it can change every morning.


  1. places which are beautiful, a clear night sky, warm to hot weather, animals, sometimes people, not as often though

  2. Hey, I'm an ol "lady" and dang near everything gets me excited about another day in Heaven on earth.

  3. I love my grandkids a lot.

  4. Brite Mist
    People are still on my excitement list but some I could do without.

    My little slice of heaven on earth is very exciting too and was especially this weekend when my son here to help again:)

  5. gigihawaii
    I know you get excited about your grandchildren when they show you how smart they are.

  6. I am with you. Every day is a new package to open and enjoy. Some might call it attention deficit, but it works for me.

  7. P.S. I am a Gemini as well.;)

  8. Friends, family, animals, cooking, books, and travel (if I could afford more of it.) :)

  9. Olga
    In my case, many have called it attention deficit. lol Glad to know you are a fellow Gemini:)

    Yes, because you are the spreader of all good things! Just imagine what you would do with unlimited funding.

  10. My grandchildren, definately my grandchildren. And travel, thought I don't get to do that much.

  11. The sound of my children & grandchildren's voices (because I am hearing impaired and can't hear them when they speak too softly)... actually the sound of most anything I can still hear. And then my grandchildren, my dogs, family, flowers, books, anything beautiful in nature, just that I woke up for another day of life.

  12. Ever notice how you ask questions that I can't answer on the internet?
    Okay...I'll throw you a bone. I get excited with news that some of our grandchildren are coming for a visit. Also that they're heading home again.

  13. Lisa
    My grandchildren too bring me much joy. But sometimes it is a treasured delight and excitement to have my kids here. This weekend my son came alone and we worked together and laughed together. I'm afraid both of my children are as crazy as their mom.

    Aunt Betsy
    My dog Slim sure excited me yesterday. She usually only gets cranky about dogs or coyotes or chicken hawks threatening our place but a couple of times she has raised her hackles at some neighbors from down the hill. She did that yesterday and it gives me the creeps. I guess that is a sound I like to hear even though I don't like to hear it. Just sayin'.

    See, it is a good thing I'm not on Facebook or your grandchildren would see the second half of your comment. (But I know what you mean...)They not only don't do the best job cleaning up their messes they have a way of cleaning out the larder...especially now that the majority are in college.

  14. For me it changes multiple times every day. Beauty (in any form), books, the people I love, cats, the sky, the garden. And the list goes on. Not shopping though. Shopping is a negative for me.

  15. I'm easy. I even got excited Sunday watching the time change.
    Wildlife also does it every time.

  16. I'm a Gemini too. I totally get it!

  17. My stuff changes too. I'm a Virgo, so seeing things super organized? :P

  18. A shiny floor or vacuum lines in the carpet. LOL!
    Clean sheets.
    Fresh baking.

  19. I can't pick just one thing, but being alive is great. Beats the alternative.

  20. Music, art - in all its forms - that touches my heart.
    Inspiration to write something and - on a good day - seeing what is round the next bend.
    And coming across a kindred spirit.

  21. Being alive is enough, n singing music is frosting on the cake. The kids. grandkids, n animals do add different frosting. Creating the unexpected is the gumdrop on top...

  22. Elephant's Child
    Online shopping is okay. Going store to store is a big no-no. I am definitely with you on the other stuff.

    Arkansas Patti
    I don't mind the time change but I do not watch it happen. Wildlife thrills me as well.

    Shay, I have known for a long time that you are true Gemini:)

    Riot Kitty
    Organization excites you too, doesn't it. Poor thing.

    Coffee and vacuum lines in the carpet can really do a number on me. Especially the vacuum lines put there by my housekeeper. Certainly NOT if I have to run the sweeper.

    Amen, I say, amen.

    I find so many kindred spirits on blogs but am looking so hard for a local kindred spirit. That is not easy to do.

    Snaggle Tooth
    I know what you mean about creating the unexpected. That is a gumdrop.