Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


If you have been needing a "kitten fix" here are David's babies 5 days old.  I managed to snap a picture while David was eating yesterday. Only one is named.  The large black father with white socks was seen  creeping in and out of my barn on my surveillance camera and I called him Darth Vader so naturally that darker kitten would be Luke.  You can tell the other three resemble their mother.  We can probably guess from past experience that Luke will turn out to be a girl:)

As an added update, here is Rooster Chicklet who was recently de-throned by Rooster King Kong.  You can tell that he has recovered nicely and is no worse for the wear.  I think he might need to retake the power because last night I came up missing three hens.  We did not lose any hens on Chicklet's watch.  Not looking good for King Kong's initial performance report and I'm hoping the girls will show up this morning.  That has happened before.


  1. If Luke turns out to be a girl, change the name to Lucy. I get momentarily confused every time I read about David giving

    Hope your chickens come home to roost.

  2. How disappointing to be missing hens! If you had snow you could see the footprints! No camera on the hen house I am guessing. The sad thing is that they will be back!!

  3. What a sweet bundle of kitten cuteness. I hope the hens are home safe and sound by now or will be soon.

  4. Kittens!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love kittens. Better get mama David spayed though. She could be pregnant again before summer is over.
    I hope that wild dog didn't pay your chickens a visit

  5. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Cute photos. Your commentary made me chuckle.

  6. Love kittens. But prefer cats.
    It seems that King Kong needs to do less posturing and more protecting. I do hope those hens return.

  7. I like your quote about faith very much:~)

    The kitten pictures are wonderful. If I sit for a minute, I can hear the sweet mewing as they wonder where David is. By the way, I like the mama cat is named David. It must make for some interesting conversations with people. "Oh, yes, David just had babies." I love to see the faces after that comment:~)

    Good luck with the hens. I liked what Elephant's Child said about King Kong.


  8. You don't think the three girls went over to visit Jack Bauer, do you?

    If so, the age old question has finally been answered..

    We now know why the chickens crossed the road!

  9. Those kittens are sch sweet little things. I love watching their growth, look forward to further pics of them. :)

    I hope the girls come back, too. Perhaps they were having a hen's night, and over-celebrated!

  10. I tried to correct my typo on "such" - but I was too late as I'd already clicked on "Publish"

    U will understand what I meant, I'm sure. ;)

  11. Gender neutral names are safe for kittens but a wrong sex name don't seem to faze them. Sure didn't hurt David's love life.

  12. Love the kitten pic! And tell King Kong to shape up or ship out!

  13. I want a kitten! Soon, I hope.

  14. King Kong is definitely not living up to his name! Hopefully he smartens up. And kittens!!! Sweetness!!!

  15. Awwww! Those are adorable!! Glad all is right in the...roost?

  16. Luke looks like a "tortoise shell" coloring, n they are always female- but if a tiger striped can be either. Congrats to David again! She seems to have lovely kits.
    Can't blame the Hens to be upset at losing their seasoned leader. Poor Chicklet- It sucks getting old...

  17. It always cracks me up that David is a girl. :) I love your kitties - thanks for posting pics.

    I read this yesterday and then got interrupted at work. (Darn it.)

  18. kenju
    It confuses me too but once they are named, the deed is done. Only one of the hens returned home last night. I am not giving up on the other two completely.

    The cameras don't help when the chickens cross the road in front of the house. For some reason the “grass is always greener”....One had returned last night.

    The kittens are so cute that I can barely keep my hands off of them. One hen did return.

    This is actually David's third litter. She only shows up for breakfast and when she has her kittens. The rest of the time she is very elusive. My cats are feral barn cats and very difficult to catch. One of her oldest from her last litter is named Olive and has become very friendly. It was my intention to try and capture Olive and have her spayed but it appears she is already pregnant. Our farm neighbors all compete for cats to keep our barns free of mice and so we feed them a little every day in hopes they will stay with us. It was not a dog that got my hens because dogs leave the evidence. It would have to have been a fox or hawk because they whisk away the entire bird. One hen has returned home.

    Happy to make you smile Gigi.

  19. Elephant's Child
    The kittens are entertainers and the cats are workers. It is fun to see the kittens play with my dog Slim. You are so right about King Kong posturing. He reminds me of my nephew when he played football in elementary school. He was in it for the uniform and would lean against the wall all decked out in his outfit while the girls flocked around him. He never made much of a player but he sure looked good.

    Thank you for visiting me and I am glad you like the quote. David had only left her children so she could go eat. And yes, it does make interesting conversation as did my rooster named Britney and my hen named Mr. Gibson.

    I do think they crossed the road Nancy but they went in a different direction. The went toward the other neighbors and either mixed in with their flock or were captured by a predator hidden in their field. One of the girls was back home last night and I am hoping the other two might find their way back today. Poor old Jack Bauer is really getting old. He is no longer the rooster in charge but he gets very special attention from his caregivers.

    I will soon lose sight of the kittens. David will hide them and it will be a while before she will bring them out in public again. I always worry when that happens and sometimes the mom doesn't return with all of the kittens. Never worry about a typo. Usually it can be figured out and no one judges you because we all do it. I am loving your comments and loving your blog. Will comment soon.

    Arkansas Patti
    Oh yes, David has had a very active love life. However, I am going to make every effort to catch David and try to avoid her having another litter. A friend has suggested feeding her and Olive in a cat carrier so they will get used to it and when it is time, I can close the carrier and get them to the vet for spaying. I can't afford to do this with all my barn cats but David has sure done her part and Olive is fairly domestic and loving so I want to try.

    Susan Adcox
    Aren't the kittens cute all intertwined with each other! I shall give King Kong your message. Lol

    Wish I could ship you one of these when they are old enough.

    If you remember correctly, King Kong wasn't really very bright. Yes, kittens are sweetness.

    Riot Kitty
    There was an egg in the kitten nest box yesterday so one of the hens got in there and laid an egg. Wish I could have seen how David reacted to that:)

    Snaggle Tooth
    Yes Luke does look a little tortoise shell doesn't he/she. At first he looked very black. I wish I could get a good picture of Rooster Chicklet's legs and Rooster King Kong's legs. That is where you can really tell the age. Poor Chicklet looks like he should not even be able to walk on his bumpy and gnarled little legs.

  20. Lynn
    Better late than never. Glad you like the precious little kitties.

  21. Turns out King Kong instead of being a chicken might just be chicken.

  22. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Why did the chickens cross the road? :)

    If one is Luke, should one also be Leia? What about Han and Chewy?

  23. Cliff
    Yes, I fear he is a great big chicken!

    Looks like you have covered naming all four. Luke, Leia, Han and Chewy it is. Now I will just have to find some identifiable markers for the other three.

  24. They are such adorable babies!! Only a few days old here.....That is a darling picture!

    And Mr. Rooster is quite elegant! A very Handsome fellow....!

    I hope your chickens do get back home....!

  25. Thank you! I did need a kitten fix. Especially cuddly, interlocking kittens.

    King Kong had better pull his socks up. With great power comes great responsibility.

  26. Old Lady Of The Hills
    Naomi, first three hens disappeared, then one returned. Next two more disappeared, then one returned. Still I am down a net 3 hens. I am hoping they have mixed into a neighbor's free range flock and still might find their way home.

    I have finally taken the liberty to pet the kittens and they are as soft as silk. Their mama did not seem to mind.

    Sparkling Red
    Don't they look like they fit together like little puzzle pieces? I love the way they seem to have an order to their square. And you are so right about King Kong. He has got a lot to learn about this major responsibility.