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Slim and Franke
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Monday, March 03, 2014


Question Of The Week 03-03-14


  1. Because I am a child of God and He has given me gifts to share.

  2. Because... well Just Because.

  3. I thought I didn't and then I got to thinking, my birth mother could have had me aborted rather than adopted, so I felt I was meant to be here for a reason. Just haven't worked out what that reason is yet!

  4. I wish I could agree with all your followers above, but I don't think I matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. It is nice to think of that butterfly wing thing or the ripples of water expanding...but I am okay with mattering just a little perhaps.

  5. Aunt Betsy
    We are all children of God, so do we all have gifts to share?

    Hum, that's what my mother used to tell me any time I ask "why". She gave me every assurance that I mattered in a big way.

    Changes in the wind
    Have you met some of God's children who don't seem to have any gifts to share?

    LL Cool Joe
    Many of us were only a thin line away from making it into this pie of life. I always wonder what ingredient I am or should be.

    I too feel as if any difference I might make is not bigger than a crumb rolled around by an ant into the ant hill. Still that crumb has to matter in some way.

  6. In the scale of things I am not certain that I do matter. Which is fine.

  7. I don't know if I matter, but all the somebodies in my life matter to me. Maybe I should tell them more often! :0)

  8. Perhaps unknown to me I matter. Oddly, that doesn't worry me. Most of us leave only a slight crease in the world fabric for a short time anyway.

  9. Sure, we all have gifts to share. Even if we are not aware of them, and even if we are not aware that we share them. Mary Engelbreit has a card that says "To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you may be the whole world."

  10. Because people's lives would be a tad less livelier and/or meaningful if I didn't.

  11. I matter because the people I care for need me. Before anyone dies they deserve to be cared for in a loving and respectful way. I can give that to them.

  12. I think GB says it best.

    I would say I matter IF I do what I am meant to do.

  13. Elephant's Child
    If left to guess, I would have to say you do.

    Wish you had a blog. Like it when you visit because like what you say.

    Arkansas Patti
    Yes we are only supposed to leave a crease and sometimes I feel like a punch a hole by accident:)

    Aunt Betsy
    This was good. You are right. You made me cry.

    G.B. Miller
    Well, there you go.

    If you know that, what more do you need.? Well said.

    Riot Kitty
    I think you matter because you DON'T do (or say) what you are supposed to:)

  14. That one is tough. I think I have a grounding affect on people in my life that maybe would be missed if there was no me.

  15. Lynn
    That is so true.

  16. I've started to answer this several times Annie but honestly I have no idea whether I matter or not. I'm sure as human beings we all matter in a very minute way - we probably matter to others who don't tell us tho'.

    On the other hand there are others who matter to me so as Mandy said above 'perhaps I should tell them'
    Take care

  17. We all matter! Why doesn't matter, we do. You never know your own impact on the world and the people in it.

  18. My grandchildren have sure helped me feel like I matter lately, nothing like a hug and an "I love you" from the two of them:)

  19. i think we all mater, but i am unsure of all that it means at any given time for any of us .. does every thing some how truly work out for the best.? Does what we do have good effects on people even if are action were not good? Perhaps it is the one thing that i have the most trouble with, it is not what we do or say, it is just is being that we do some thing to all we touch. That is the philosophical, but as a scientist i know every object or thing effects every other thing in existence, so we all do truly matter.

  20. Because I do!
    Also because I fight to survive, n am strong, n hope I am worth remembering by all whose path I cross. I hope some artsy. original things are left in my wake to make stranger folks wonder someday what made me do that...

    Maybe I'll invent the world's greatest gadget someday. Hey, Einstein invented the washing machine! N he mattered alot!

  21. I matter because a wonderful man loved me and believed in me.
    I'm not talking about any man but a very special one.

  22. I think because I matter to those who love me.