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Slim and Franke
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Monday, February 10, 2014


Question Of The Week 02-10-14


  1. this is an easy one for me. pastrami with melted pepper jack cheese, spicy mustard on texas toast.. I'll take 2 :-)

    love ya

  2. Sonny
    Thought you were making some kind of a Reuben until you put it on Texas Toast. Sounds yummy. Were both for you or were you making one for me?

  3. What an amazing super decked sandwich ! Well I have no favorites - sandwiches are not in my food chain :)

  4. Ram
    That sandwich is a famous Dagwood Sandwich. You should read about it. Meanwhile don't you have something like a sandwich on flat bread or pocket bread?

  5. Anonymous8:16 AM

    A crab cake sandwich would be nice to eat right now.

  6. One of my Dad's hamburgers from years past.

  7. I do like BLTs, French dip and tuna patty melts. But I do not eat sandwiches often.

  8. Grilled pimento cheese sandwich (my mom's "recipe" for the pimento cheese, which I can make, but it never comes out quite the same as hers did.)

  9. gigihawaii
    How do you make a crab cake sandwich?

    Changes in the wind
    There was a cafe in Pryor, OK called Iggy's and they make a hamburger that has never been equaled in my book. That was in 1965.

    Oh a good BLT! Yum. Ron liked a BLOT (the "O" for onion) and I liked a BLAT (the "A" for Avacado).

    I wonder if your mother used the same recipe that my mom used? I absolutely loved my mother's pimento cheese and have never been able to duplicate it. I know she used a lot of sugar and vinegar and she shredded the American cheese herself as well as cutting the pimento.

  10. Since this is a dream sandwich and I'm not actually filling my gut with irritating gluten, A buttery grilled cheese with a crispy brown exterior and dripping cheese in the middle. Served with a nice beef and vegetable soup...Nice dream. I haven't found a gluten free bread that makes a decent grill cheese.

  11. Open face--toasted multi-grain bread spread with hummus and topped with sliced avocado drizzled with a little olive oil, fresh ground pepper and sea salt sprinkled on top. It is an obsession.

  12. Mmmm, Olga's sandwich is close to my ideal - but I would add some home grown heirloom tomato to it too. Yummo.

  13. Something with lobster in it.

  14. Almost every possible lunch meat known to man, plus a few favorite cheeses (American, cheddar, Monterey, Colby, Muenster), plus a few hot sauces, some good veggies and a good footlong sub roll.

  15. Pulled pork with melted mozzarella cheese, jalapeño peppers, red peppers, oil and vinegar and salt and pepper...not that I've ever had anything like this, but I imagine it would taste heavenly.

  16. One of my mom's grilled cheese sandwiches. I miss her.

  17. Hands down, it's the muffulata at the Central Grocery in New Orleans! I'd like to go back there just to have that sandwich again.

  18. I have met it! I have eaten it!

    The VG cheeseburger (vegan) at Veggie Grill with carmelized onions and jalapenos.

  19. Lightly buttered (real butter, non of this fake tastes just like butter stuff) Brown bread - crusts cut off - thinly sliced cucumber.
    Plain and simple - just two slices of bread with cucumber in the middle. Works for me every time lol
    Take care

  20. A BLT with really crisp bacon, a tomato that TASTES like a tomato just picked from the garden, with Miracle Whip, not Mayo, & green ice berg lettuce on the freshest bread available. Thank you. Now I am hungry for a just picked garden tomato but it is February. :)

  21. I like open face sandwiches
    meat loaf with red sauce over italian bread comes to mind

  22. simple egg and cheese!

  23. Since I am eating low carb the thing I miss most is sandwiches. BLTs,Chicken Fried Steak,BBQ,Grilled Cheese,Reuben,they all sound good to me.

  24. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Fried egg sandwich is my go to comfort food.
    I thought I had left a comment on this. The Internet is mocking me.

  25. I love hot pastrami!

    But Arbies Roast Beef with sauce was so good back in the day...

    I'll settle for a grilled ham (ground up) n cheese today!

  26. Vegetables and lots of them in it.

  27. My DIL's tuna and sweetcorn.

  28. Lisa (aka Mollie's mom)
    That was a standard meal at my mother's table. Always with Campbell's vegetable beef soup.

    Okay, I'm going there soon.

    Elephant's Child
    We have a while to wait around here for home grown tomatoes but they make any sandwich perfect. As a matter of fact, I would have to say a tomato sandwich would be my favorite.

    I don't believe I have ever had a lobster sandwich. Good idea.

    G.B. Miller
    You might need one of those yard long sub rolls. lol

    Pretty good sandwich to make up in your imagination without ever having tried it.

    It seems it is always mom's special meals that make us miss her most don't they?

    We had a sandwich shop across the street from one of the places I worked and they served a muffulata that was out of this world. I had forgotten all about it until now. I just might have to go looking for that sandwich shop.

    Riot Kitty
    Yum. That sounds like a pretty good vegan sandwich.

    Some might scoff, but I do like a cucumber sandwich as well.

  29. Aunt Betsy
    I agree about the really crisp bacon. Ron liked the bacon barely cooked and I couldn't stand that so had to be careful to take his out of the pan first. But not about the Miracle Whip. Gotta have Mayo.

    Ooooh good idea. Open faced with meat loaf and red sauce or even brown gravy.

    Yum. Egg and cheese sandwich with just a touch of brown mustard.

    Couldn't you eat the Reuben on the low carb diet? The rye bread would be okay and the sauerkraut plus the cheese and you could use turkey pastrami.

    Yes, ashok liked that also and comfort food is a good description for an egg sandwich. The internet mocks me often as well.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Arby's Roast Beef is still good in this day. Their Horsey Sauce is the best! They were started by the Davis brothers in Tulsa, OK and I knew them through my banking days when Arby's first started.

  30. Triple decker turkey BLT is one of my favorites, but then I love a good Cuban sandwich. Gosh, I'm torn.

  31. I like a BLT, or a Ploughmans which is cheese, pickle and lettuce.

  32. cube
    Never heard of a Cuban sandwich and when I researched it, I found a website for sandwich crafts. Who knew? I like the sound of that sandwich.

    LL Cool Joe
    I love a Ploughman's sandwich but never knew it had a name and actually thought I invented it.