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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Last week our temperatures were in the 0's.  I was facing the bitter cold to feed my chickens and to try to stay warm in a small section of my home while the rest was sealed off to save on propane. My sister, visiting her daughter's family in Florida, sent me a text saying, "Could u Fed X some sunscreen? We're running out!"  Isn't she a funny one?

Well guess what...our temperatures have been climbing and wonder of wonders, they are supposed to actually reach 55 today!!!!!  I did not believe I would live to see it.  The snow and ice were bad but the cold temps were the worst part of it all.  I am so very sad for those in the northeast who are still facing the wrath of this winter's blast.

Then we have our Aussie friends who are battling extreme  heat and wildfires.  It is under nature's control  "one day at a time" no matter where on earth we live.


  1. Glad you are warming up. Gives me hope that we will soon also. Ummmm...your sister needs to choose her choice of shipping more carefully. Just sayin'. Yes, Big Brown has been good to me.

  2. So happy that you guys are getting warmed up.
    We are about to get at least eight inches of snow today. Then freezing rain and then two inches tomorrow.

    Snow cones any one?

  3. and over here in Hawaii, the temperature ranges from 55 to 85.

  4. Isn't it funny how good the 50s feel after hanging out around 0 for a while?
    I would like to have seen your response to your sister's text.

  5. We are still getting the Gulf stream from you which warms over the atlantic and turns to relentless rain so most of England is flooded. This has been going on since before Christmas and the sufferers have had enough.


  6. send those 55 temps my way please:-)

    I'm sittin by the fire with 9 inches of snow and ice on the ground and it just started sleeting again.

    we are so very blessed to be virtual workers and that our power is still on, so no leaving home for us. I feel so bad for those who MUST be out in this weather and on the roads.
    say a prayer for them all, please.

    do they have Snow screen I can put on, giggle.

    love ya bunches and bushels

  7. We must be an adaptable species, both physically and mentally if we are to survive the changes in this planet ahead.

  8. Lisa (aka Mollie's mom)
    Oops, and yes here they gave you the day off. That was yesterday wasn't it. Did you get today off too?

    Well that is looking on the bright side. Serving up snow cones are you? lol

    Uh Oh, salt in the wound.

    You are used to this though. Doesn't Colorado do this often? No, you wouldn't want to see my reply to my sister.

    Oh my yes, I saw the news about all your rain and the suffering and loss there. So sad.

    Snow screen!!! Oh if only there was such a thing and we could screen out the cold.

    I think we have proven to be adaptable throughout the ages. Guess it will continue either on this planet or the next:)

  9. I'm sure if we rescinded all Al's funding we would have a more temperate climate...

  10. Last week we had wind chills in the negatives, -15 to -30 but this weekend temperatures are suppose to be 76 and 78! I can hardly wait! It is in the 50's today and I have been outside soaking up the sun.

  11. Sisters can be so their own minds. I know that the northeast is getting hammered again.

  12. I know - the weather has been crazy all over. I got a second day off. Loving that.

    I have worried about your heating situation - I am so glad it has warmed up some for you.

  13. and for us today we have more snow - 6 snow storms in 1 week - too much!

  14. I am so glad to hear that you are warming up a bit - and that text made me smile.
    In this part of Oz we are finally getting a little (very welcome) rain. I hope it is bucketting down on the fires, and has left the areas which have been flooded.
    A bit of weather moderation (world-wide) would be nice wouldn't it?

  15. So glad your temps are gradually growing warmer. We feel for our northern and some southern neighbors during this series of horrible storms.

  16. I'll be in the deep freeze forever it feels like! It's warmed up a bit here but you still get snotsicles when you are outside longer than 15 minutes. Winter in central Alberta is lovely.
    Sunscreen. Pffffft.

  17. It was 5 with the windchill in Portland a few days ago, and then 51 today when I left. Now I'm in MN and it's -15 with the windchill. Go figure!

    My great aunt in Illinois says it was 0, and is supposed to be 58, and "people will not know what to do!" True.

  18. 55 sounds pretty nice. I love the Winter, but it needs to end on February 10 and go straight to May.

  19. Like Pat said, here in the UK we are having terrible rain storms. The damage to properties is awful. Loads of roads around me are closed, and I've never experienced anything like it before. I live on the top of a hill so I'm okay with the flooding but the wind has caused £8,000 worth of damage to our roof.

  20. Everyplace seems to be getting tested with extremes this year!

    Sad how quickly we re-define "warm" after a week like that- Been every week almost since Xmas here. My heat is set to 50. Glad you were able to to close off part of the house to stay warm- I always close off half my apartment. But use the small elec heater when showering n changing to be warm enough.
    Here without issues when using Lynn;s sidebar link-

  21. 55? No kidding? That's great. It's still a whole lot colder in Illinois according to my daughter. Enjoy the warmth while you can. :-)

  22. Hi Annie - What a sis you have! Hope you've thawed out and are looking toward spring. Still much snow here in the mountains of CO - which is just what we expect.

  23. Brighid
    You just may have something there.

    Aunt Betsy
    We have been in the 50's as promised and will hit high 60's and 70's this week. WooHoo!

    I love that “Sisters can be so their own minds.” Believe me I shall use that on her sometime. Yes the northeast is getting it now, at least they were at the last check.

    Glad you enjoyed your days off. I don't remember the bank ever closing for snow days. My heating situations got better when I closed off the upper level of my home and basically shut off the central heat, using only the small heater in my den for the lower level and have lived there. Guess I will find out when they come to deliver propane again.

    Brite Mist
    Oh yes, too, too much! Bless your heats.

    Elephant's Child
    Weather moderation world about an impossible dream.

    We are indeed hopeful that spring just might arrive one day.

    My first date walked me to the door on a cold winter night and when he kissed me goodnight he had a snotsicle on his upper lip. Sorry, but you comment reminded me of that.

    Riot Kitty
    Instead of “go figure” why don't you “go home”. lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the idea of going straight to May.

    LL Cool Joe
    Like you, I am on top of a hill and when we have flooding around us, we are safe from the water except we can't leave home.

    Snaggle Tooth
    I definitely feel that I have been tested to the extremes this winter. My toes are just now thawing even after several days of warmer temperatures. I too have a small electric heater to take in my bathroom when I shower that helps so much.

    My Chicago family is still miserable with the cold but hopeful.

    At least in Colorado you are prepared for this weather and have all the necessities to deal with it. You should have seen the garb I tried to wear to stay warm and keep my face covered while feeding my chickens and carrying fresh water to them. It is good to thaw.