Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, January 13, 2014


Question Of The Week 01-13-14
What excitement are you looking forward to?


  1. A new great niece or nephew coming this summer. A trip to Seaside, Florida scheduled for March. My sister coming to visit in a few weeks. Living life.

  2. I look forward to eating a Lindor truffle before bedtime now, n sleeping! Day Off is two work days away- That's all for this week- I have no longer range plans.

  3. Sort of looking forward to my Florida trip next week...just sort of, because I am jaded with travel to Florida. Really excited about a summer trip with grandson to Colorado and Arizona, though.

  4. Lynn
    WooHoo! More babies. You are going to have lots of good things to share.

    Snaggle Tooth
    Well just eating a Lindor Truffle is pretty exciting stuff.

    I don't think we can count "sort of" or "jaded" in the exciting category but "Really excited about a summer trip with grandson" definitely counts.

  5. I am looking forward to my sister-in-law's visit at the beginning of February.

  6. I'm easy and short sighted. I am looking forward to washing my hair today. Thanks to a bum wing, it has been way too long.

  7. Olga
    How is she your sil? Is she Mike's sister? I am hoping just to get to my sister's more often this coming year.

    Arkansas Patti
    I would have been happy to come over and wash your hair.

  8. I'm looking forward to watching (on tv of course) the women's figure skating as well as ice dancing Olympic competitions. I am looking forward to my 60th birthday at the end of the month. Really looking forward to planting flowers in May. I never go to see a movie in a theater but I want to see "Saving Mr. Banks."

  9. Oh, definitely hula classes, starting Jan 22.

  10. I am really thinking "small scale" right now. Every weekend brings a little excitement but sometimes it is the simple things like cuddling up for a late afternoon weekend nap together that we look forward to. Right now, we have put aside all projects to finish disassembling Christmas in our house! Then, we can plan more exciting ventures! (Rob)

  11. Two big things coming in the Spring. My daughter will graduate university with honors and my oldest son will be leaving the military. Yup. I'm excited! :)

  12. Cooler weather. In our current heat wave I am a sad and soggy mess. I would like some rain with it - but will settle for cooler weather. And if I wait long enough it will happen.

  13. Basically I'm glad that I'm still alive and kicking...

  14. Hearing the new cds I haven't had a chance to play yet. I had quite a few for Christmas and have only listened to 3 so far!

  15. I got nothin'. I try to take each day as it comes and be happy with the little surprises that pop up. We don't have any huge things going on this year, that I'm aware of. Well, we will have been married for 25 years this fall, but we've already need telling people we've been married for 25 years for a year now, so it's kind of anticlimactic.

  16. Looking forward to getting to see my son & his girls this spring. To air out the new ride by visiting the cousins in Oregon. Taking a trip to LV with all the SILs and their daughters. Learning to kayak. Opening a booth at the antigue mall. YeeHaw Bring It!

  17. Hmm. Not sure how exciting it will be, but the next trip! Somewhere. :) Most of the excitement here of late has been the kind that makes me think I will go prematurely grey, and then kill a certain kid right before I bump myself off.

  18. Bit hot here today (38c/ over100f) so I wouldn't mind a bit of cool overnight without having the cooling on!
    Big excitement for me this year will be seeing my ''little' sister in September then cruising The Black Sea afterwards. Have to get through winter first lol
    Take care

  19. Going next on a Temple Tour to Thanjavur in South India to see ancient temples there.See this site for details:

  20. my daughter's school day dance performance :)

  21. Trip to San Francisco soon and later in the year to Sweden.

  22. A new job I'm starting this summer. I'm so excited. Seems almost daft when you're my age. Maybe that's why I'm excited that someone has seen fit to employ an almost 70 year old in a totally new job. Amazing!

  23. Hi! I love reading your blog! I am looking forward to the birth of my twin Grandblessings this July!

  24. Aunt Betsy
    You are looking forward to some interesting things. Figure skating is a curious sport to me and takes a lot of skill. I have heard “Saving Mr. Banks” is very good but that it moves slowly.

    Glad to hear you will be taking your hula classes again. They make you very happy.

    Rob and Monica
    As long as Rob and Monica are planning Rob and Monica there will be excitement in the air.

    Hooray for you daughter. Hooray for you son. Double Hooray for Mom!!

    Elephant's Child
    You are wanting cooler weather and I am wishing for warmer weather. If only we could just trade.

    Me too! Me too you and Me too me!

    LL Cool Joe
    Can you listen to them as you write your blog entry?

    Isn't 25 the Silver Anniversary? You should start shopping for a nice antique silver tea service.

    YeeHaw! Can I go?

    Riot Kitty
    You've made it this far, don't kill the kid now. Besides we would all have to testify against you in court.

    Hooray! Another cruise coming up. I am the little sister so it makes me happy that you are eager to see yours. Sometimes I wonder if my sister is really happy to see me when she says she is.

    And you will share wonderful details about the temple with us no doubt about it.

    She is so pretty I just know she will be a delightful dancer.

    I hope you will write about those trips in your Travel Album blog?

    You are indeed a brave soul to take on a new job at 70. Our church wants me to head up the financial committee and I have been out of banking for 13 years. Not sure I can even add 2+2.

    Well thank you very much for reading my blog and you certainly have some excitement to anticipate in 2014.

  25. Yes, I will have something to write about again. It has been awhile since I have been anywhere.

  26. I'm going on a hike this morning with friends. I hope there won't be too many mosquitoes.

  27. I am looking forward to spring time when my husband and I can see our kids and grand kids.

  28. The visit next week-end of our French son. We have some legal business but there will be shopping galore in Taunton and lunch and dinner out, chocolate and champagne:) And always loving memories of our loved one.