Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Remember my grand-dog Clancy?  Here is a link to his visit when he was seven months old and my dog Slim was seven years old.

Enjoy these pictures from last night when Clancy arrived for his visit at age one year.  They say he will continue growing until he is 18 months old.  Slim kept him in his place and Clancy knows that she is the alpha dog which is pretty funny because he is more than three times her size.
"Please come and play with me Slim."
"Aw Dad, Slim won't play with me."
"It's okay Clancy.  She might play with you tomorrow.  Slim is tired because she worked all day."
"Clancy, you are like the town mouse visiting the country mouse.  Things are different here. Tomorrow you and Slim will get to run around the property all day. Remember, no chasing chickens."


  1. What a cute face! And I bet he is a sweet dog. My son had a Great Dane. Buddy only lived 6 years but I don't think he ever stopped growing! My daughter-in-law was a slender girl and she could wear Buddy's collar for a belt!

  2. Aunt Betsy
    Oh dear, I did not know they have such short life expectancy. Did Buddy die of natural causes or from an accident? How funny that she could wear his collar for a belt. You can tell that my son cannot do that:) Clancy will always be a big old baby.

  3. Aw, Clancy looks like such a sweetie. I hope Slim can spare some time for him today. We once had a Chow and a Great Dane and the Great Dane followed the Chow everywhere.

  4. Oh, my, some dog!

  5. Awww! It is so cute - we have a small black lab mix whose 2 daughters come over regularly for "playtime". He is small and they are twice his size (the mother, who passed away, was large). He is the alpha dog and it is fun to see him enforce this on his larger daughters!

  6. Clancy is a cutie! My daughter had a Great Dane in her pack at one time. What a sweet dog. They are short lived, 6-8 years is the norm, I believe.
    Saw a guy exercising his five on the wide verge in Oregon once, looked like a herd of ponies...

  7. I'm terrified of dogs, always have been, but as dogs go he looks like a cool pooch!

  8. He's huge. I wouldn't want to have to pay for his food.

    I love dogs, but I prefer them under 25 pounds.

  9. Danes are awesome, I've had a few but sadly they do have a short lifespan. Eight to ten years average.

  10. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Gee, what a huge dog! Reminds me of my Lab in NYC back in the 1970s. Lol.

  11. Well Clancey just looks like a love.

  12. Anonymous12:04 AM

    The more time Molly spends with just me, the more alpha she tries to be with other dogs we meet on our walks. The other day, we saw a yellow lab pup who was so rambunctious and she was trying to make him sit and behave. It was cute.
    I love watching dogs play. I miss that about my acreage, I'd sit and watch the big dogs play for hours. Enjoy your grand dog!!

  13. What a sweet looking dog. Most of the dogs I see here are about the size of a large cat.

  14. Clancy is a beauty and he looks very well loved, too. He's lucky to be able to visit the country, and hopefully he'll ignore the chickens!

  15. He's gorgeous! He looks like he's got a lot of energy. He must be a going concern.

  16. Awe - - it is just like kids, when they need friends to play. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Awwww! So cute!! As you know I am a cat person, but there are some CUTE puppies!!

  18. Jeanie
    Slim would growl and snap and Clancy and then Clancy would lay his head gently across Slim's neck as if to apologize. That tender moment was only a moment.

    He is definitely “some dog” and then some more dog.

    Brite Mist
    That's the problem. He is 140 pounds of “cute”. It is hard to cuddle with such a large pup and he does want to be a lap dog. My much smaller dog Slim is definitely the alpha dog when Clancy visits.

    I cannot imagine anyone being able to feed five of these dogs. Clancy eats major amounts of food right now but I do know he will eat less as he gets older. It is a shame that their life span is so short. He is my son's best friend.

    LL Cool Joe
    I am afraid of strange dogs. It is interesting that twice dogs have bitten me and both times they have been the very small dogs, never large dogs like Clancy. His bark is definitely worse than his bite.

    Yes Clancy is expensive to feed. Having him here this weekend was like looking after a 140 lb toddler. He wants to romp and play and give lots of slobbery kisses.

    Arkansas Patti
    Great Danes are awesome dogs and they adapt well to city living. Clancy likes visiting the country but he is much happier in his house and on his own couch. They exercise hard for very short periods daily because their hearts can't take too much.

    Labs too are beautiful big dogs.

    He is that. A great big loveable clumsy goofy dog.

    Elephant's Child
    A cutie that pulled down anything and everything he could reach in my home from front to back. He didn't break or destroy, he just browsed.

  19. heartinhand
    Usually Clancy cannot figure out chasing the ball. He will run with Slim but doesn't know they are supposed to get the ball and bring it back. Slim is much faster than Clancy and always gets to the ball first. This time Slim brought back the ball and when she dropped it Clancy grabbed it and held it until my son told him to drop it. Slim never did figure out where the ball went for those few minutes. She didn't suspect that Clancy had it in his mouth.

    Oh yes, a very nice dog.

    He is sweet looking but he slobbers something awful. Plus my son has to take him to the dog wash to bathe him. Yes there is such a place. I had never heard of it. He says Clancy love it because the water is nice and warm and the area is very large and is especially for big dogs like Clancy.

    I decided to leave the chickens in the hen house this weekend and it worked very well. When I let them out and Clancy is here, I get very few, if any eggs. This time it was business as usual and the chickens didn't seem to be aware we had a rather large visitor.

    “Bigun” is right.

    Sparkling Red
    He is a gorgeous dog and has a lot of playfulness. He is not crazy about riding in the truck but my son has put down the back seat and made a nice roomy area for him which made this trip more comfortable. He is happy once he arrives here and knows he has ten acres to run free. Still he doesn't get out of sight of my son.

    Just like kids. Only difference is that I can get hold of a kid and keep them from running out the door. With Clancy, there is no stopping him.

    Riot Kitty
    You wouldn't think of Clancy as a dog. You would think of him as a person. I could dress him in jeans and a T-shirt and you wouldn't feel like you were betraying any cats when you were around him.

  20. Wow! What a difference- That's a tall puppy! I think dominance is all in the eye contact- plus Danes are so good-natured as a rule. And have great personalities. Clancy looks just like Marmaduke! I wonder if he chases kitties too...


  21. Snaggle Tooth
    He is so sweet and loving but when he swings around he bumps me hard and I have bruises from him knocking into me. It is shocking how stout he is. Plus he loves to stand on my feet. I think it is because I go barefoot a lot and my toenails are painted. He doesn't do that to anyone else so I must remember to wear shoes when he is around. Yes, you commented. WooHoo. Keep it up.

  22. I remember when I used to speak for Havoc - our corgi - and for some reason she had a strong Lancashire accent:)