Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Another re-post from my first blog:
December 29, 2004


Inspiration from morning meditation, “……then are we not permitted to believe that heaven is earth renewed?”

As we approach a new year, this phrase led me to dwell on thoughts of “heaven is earth renewed” in fleeting moments.

In the midst of a world of turmoil, death, destruction and the horrors of war, we can still glimpse bits of heaven on earth.

Visions of family in front of us, stirred memories of family gone but never forgotten and heavenly split seconds looking into children's eyes reflecting their links from the past and their promise of hope for tomorrow.

Dreams bring earth’s renewal, love is renewal, growth is renewal, spirituality is renewal, happiness is renewal in every heavenly second.

I look around our primitive home and rejoice in the solid structure that surrounds us. The old braided rug that warms our feet, the wall heater that clicks announcing each new flame as temperatures drop below freezing.

Minutes of nostalgic Christmas decorations, soon to be put away, but reflecting so many heavenly moments.

I listen to my flock of chickens that survived our absence and rejoiced at our return to this “be-it-ever-so-humble” home.

Heaven is earth renewed in accusations such as, “You’re just like Ma and Pa Kettle”. Oh, aren’t we though and isn’t it grand.

Even with colds and coughs and miserable travel through solid ice, we move forward in family and heritage and tradition that lets us know our Creator embraces us and gives us these glorious heavenly bits if we choose to recognize them.

A new year leaves behind another grand Christmas as we approach many opportunities to make lemonade out of lemons. I am ready to go into a whole new year, and strongly vow to spend time watching for heaven in seconds in my heart, mind and soul.


  1. And don't forget that these moments of clear wisdom are bits of heaven as well.

  2. Beautifully written and I can see that this could mean even more to you now than when you wrote it.

  3. Just beautiful and wise, Annie. Holding the past close, embracing the present and looking with hopeful eyes to the future.

  4. Looking at the glass as half full will always lead to believe that it will soon be filled....and it is sooner than we think.

  5. Finding the good - this is a great way to start 2014. A post that was true 10 years ago and is still true.

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  7. Thank you! I totally needed this. What a great thought. Too often we forget.

  8. Who says that wisdom is dry. It can be beautiful and heart warming like your post today. God Bless you.

  9. If only we open our eyes, our hearts, our minds there is ALWAYS beauty and comfort to be found. For which I am very grateful.
    I am not a believer, but the sentiments are not very different I don't think.
    Happpy New Year.

  10. Olga is right! I think once a person becomes attuned to them, moments of Heaven show up more often than you ever thought possible.

  11. I'm proud of you Annie for writing this. You are definitely on the right track. God bless.xox

  12. Nine years on and the sentiment is the same Annie - look and yee shall find!
    Take care

  13. Olga
    They are "moments of clear wisdom" and I do wish I had more.

    Changes in the wind
    It does seem to really be upon us doesn't it Monica?

    It is interesting how some previous thoughts mean even more now.

    My eyes are beginning to fill with hope. That is yet the hardest part.

    As I fill my days with activities and friends and reasons to move my glass begins to seem a bit fuller.

    Finding the good is finding the way.

    Riot Kitty
    No one I could wish to help more.

    It warmed my heart too when I came across it again. God bless you:)

    Elephants Child
    There is always beauty to be found and much of it is on your blog. Love of nature, love of books, love of beauty. You say you are not a believer yet you are a champion through your struggle with MS. A person can believe in nature and in themselves and in the power of the universe and there is wonder working power somewhere in all of that. It doesn't have to have a name.

    Olga is always right:)

    Thank you. I only wish I could stay on track. You guys will help keep me there.

    Constantly looking and constantly finding. Thanks!

  14. That is so beautiful Annie. Hope you have a wonderful year in 2014 with lots of new and happy memories.